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Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

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Whole Blossoms understands that the engagement party needs to be as beautiful as possible being that you are lettingeveryone know the decision that you have made to spend the rest of your life with the one that you love. The engagement party helps future wedding guests to get to know one another and also for your guest to be able to know what the couple needs as a gift for their wedding. This is also a good time for the bride to start getting ideas of what flowers to use for the decoration of the church as well as the reception and of course let’s not forget the bouquets, bridalbouquets, mother corsages, boutonnieres, table centerpieces and even DIY wedding flowers.

Every aspect of the wedding decorations is important but I personally think we should focus on the DIY wedding flowers. This is a great way for you to be able to put your ideas in order as to what colors and flowers you want to use in your wedding. Some of these DIY wedding flowers that Whole Blossoms offers come in packages which is even better.

Natural Beauty DIY Flower Combo

The Natural Beauty DIY Wedding Flower combo comes with a lovely assortment of fresh cut jade & cream roses, green hypericum, dyed green hydrangeas, stephanotis, and white tulips. This DIY wedding package can be used to create 20-50 Centerpieces and 4-12 Bridal Bouquets. The Orange Fantasy DIY wedding flowers packages comes with solid orange and green flowers for simple, elegant floral bouquets and centerpieces.

Premium Rose and Petal Happiness

The Premium Rose and Petal Happiness combo consists of wholesale roses and rose petals. A lovely combination that includes solid rose colors for simple and elegant wedding bouquets and flower centerpieces.


Roses Delight & Bells of Ireland

The Roses Delight & Bells of Ireland includes different shades of orange roses and Bells of Ireland to add elegance and sophistication to your bouquets and centerpieces. The Roses Delight wedding flower package can be used for 20-50 centerpieces and 4-12 bridal bouquets.


Simply Remarkable Flower Combo

The Simply Remarkable Flower combo lets you enjoy a mix of fresh dark red roses, mini calla lilies, freesia, variegated lily grass, and rose petals. Depending on size ordered, a package can be used to create 20-50 flower centerpieces and 4-10 bridal party bouquets. This DIY combo is very convenient because you can create floral arrangements at your leisure.

The Summer Extravaganza DIY Wedding package can be used to create 20-50 wedding centerpieces and 4-12 bridal bouquets. Wholesale DIY wedding flowers are available year round and available in different combo sizes to accommodate your floral needs.

Red Rose Mini Wedding Centerpieces

Whole Blossoms also gives great prices on centerpieces. If you are using red roses you can get Red Roses, Hypericum & Green Leaves to use as centerpieces. You can use transparent bowls and place the flowers in them. I sure think it saves a lot of time in choosing flowers, bouquets, centerpieces and everything that comes along with the decoration of the church, and reception where you are going to have this special event. Just keep in mind that whatever flowers you decide to use the most important thing is that you will be spending the rest of your life with that person that makes you smile, dream, and be happy.


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