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3 unusual ideas of wholesale flowers online for your wedding event

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Want to make your wedding event special and unforgettable? One of the first things you need to do is to get rid of those tried and tested ideas of flower decoration. But, does that mean you have to forget about decorating your event? Well, that would definitely be unforgettable. But, that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about making some unusual decoration choices of wholesale flowers online that you can use to decorate the event and leave people in awe.

So, what are those choices? Well, let us have a look –

  1. A floral fountain

One of the mist unusual choices you will ever come across, but it surely works when we talk about catching the eye of the guests. Just imagine how beautiful it would look to welcome the guests outside with a floral fountain rather than the usual water fountain. Cascading greenery, with fresh hydrangeas as your wholesale wedding flowers in the fountain can create a beautiful setup that you are going to love!

  1. Hang those pomanders

Another pretty unusual but definitely worthy idea for decoration of your outdoor wedding event can be handing those colorful and beautiful pomanders right where the rituals are going to be held. Prepare the setup by dressing up a bare tree to hang these beautiful wholesale wedding flowers and create the most beautiful of scenes for your wedding ceremonies. And, it is going to be definitely a one of a kind event!

  1. Proteas and air plants for bouquets

To get a bouquet that’s no one has ever seen before, you can go ahead and do some odd pairings. For instance use king Protea as the main attraction in the bouquet along with an air plant and cluster of seeded eucalyptus. Or you can use kale, paired up with other greens and flowers to create the most mesmeric looking bouquets that are going to leave everyone spellbound.

As unusual as these ideas might sound, but the fact of the matter is that they are going to make your event worth cherishing forever. Get in touch with someone like Whole Blossoms that can help you with the supply of these flowers and be prepared to take the challenge of decorating the wedding event like it’s never been done before.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with the preparation and all the best your marriage event and celebrations!

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