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Whole Blossoms proudly sells only the finest wholesale flowers and wedding flowers to florists, event planners, universities, wedding planners, brides, and individuals. We differentiate ourselves by selling only the very best wholesale flowers at competitive prices and complement those efforts with outstanding customer service. We appreciate the business we receive and are always happy to hear from our customers!

I ordered two types of mini callas and spider mums. They arrived exactly on my due date and were absolutely stunning. Every single flower was perfect. The communication, packaging and customer service were above average. I will use Whole Blossoms for other events and nobody else. Thank you.
Theresa – Silver Creek, Washington
Living in Manhattan makes it difficult for people to be able to deliver what you want. I was so happy with Whole Blossoms because I ordered dyed blue Dendrobium Orchids and they arrived on time and they were amazing at my party. Thanks a bunch for making my day incredible.
Ruth Johnson – Manhattan, New York
I was amazed and how the customer service was with Whole Blossoms. They rushed to place my order and confirmed everything with me. The flowers I order are so so gorgeous. Against all odds I order flowers online and I tell you my wedding was MORE THEN AWESOME! Thank you all Whole Blossoms team, you are the best of the best.
Angelica Schwartz – Louisville, Kentucky
I had never ordered flowers online until this past October for my daughters wedding. We ordered the Picasso mini calla lilies. They were breathtaking. We ordered 200 of them and 40 of the dark night calla. They were still beautiful a week after the wedding. I would recommend Whole Blossoms to anyone who wants to save alot of money and do their own flowers.
Catherine Stevenson – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
I purchased 160 of the Gerberas for a rehearsal dinner. I specified 4 different colors and they were perfect!! I could use every one, no discards!! Shipping was right on time and I couldn’t have had a better experience! I would definitely recommend Whole Blossoms to anyone and have!!! Thank you so much for making “the night before” so beautiful!!
Robin – Millington, Tennessee
We took our chance and ordered peonies from WholeBlossoms. The flowers arrived on time and were so beautiful that we got tons of compliments. And the price was way cheaper than those at SF Wholesale Flower Mart offered. I was totally satisfied with my purchase!!
MH – Mt View, California
These are just a few of the testimonials that we have from our happy and satisfied customers.

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