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wedding roses

Weddings are special occasions, indeed. Every woman on earth wants to have the most beautiful wedding; a wedding with everything as perfect as it has been in her dreams. Weddings are filled with emotions that involve extreme joy, uncontrollable happiness as well as happy tears.

All of us see weddings in movies and imagine ours to be something like those or to be honest; we try to find ways to make ours better than the ones we see! The expectations that we have to go high up and the reality might come out a bit different than our dreams. This is because there are factors which need to be taken care of. For example, the wedding roses, budget, venue, reception dinner, and many more things. However, does the reality always have to be a little lesser than what you expected? No, not really. In fact, it could be better than what you imagined it to be like, too. 

When we talk about décor, here’s how brides generally put it and how it turns out:

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