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Ways to use Hydrangeas for your centerpiece on your big day

Hydrangeas are an absolute wedding flower staple.  Alone, they can create simple arrangements, full of volume and awash in color. With other hydrangea colors, they can add an abundance of texture, effectively amping up the value of the other flowers in the centerpiece.  As you can see from the centerpieces above and below, an arrangement that large full of just roses and orchids might end up being cost prohibitive, but by adding large hydrangeas, it has all the size and visual impact, without the increased price tag.  As florist Experts puts it, they are a good value flower for both centerpieces and bouquets.  While they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, they do take up a lot of space. In other words, although they might be more costly per stem than a daisy or carnation, you shouldn’t overlook the size of the bloom in your decision.
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