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Spray Roses Flower Crown Tutorial

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Spray Roses

Creating a Spray Rose Flower Crown is surprisingly straightforward, making it a perfect DIY project for wedding ceremonies, parties, or even just a fun craft day. The elegance of spray roses transforms a simple floral crown into a stunning accessory.  

Flower crowns, also known as floral garlands or wreaths, have a rich history, dating back to ancient times. In Greek mythology, flower crowns were often depicted as a symbol of love, fertility, and celebration. The Romans adopted this tradition and turned it into a symbol of power and victory. During the Medieval period, flower crowns fell out of favor as they were associated with pagan rituals. However, they made a powerful comeback in the Victorian era, signifying purity in young brides. Furthermore, the 1960s and 70s saw a resurgence of flower crowns as symbols of peace and love in the hippie movement. Today, flower crowns such as the Spray Rose Flower Crown are popular accessories in various events, including weddings, music festivals, and themed parties, serving as a connection to nature and expression of personal style. 

To make a Spray Rose Flower Crown, you will need the following: 

  1. Spray Roses: These small, multi-headed roses are perfect for a flower crown due to their size and the variety of colors they come in. For a single crown, you will need approximately 15-20 stems, depending on their fullness and your desired look. 
  1. Greenery: Choose a few varieties for texture and volume. Baby’s breath (Gypsophila) adds a light, ethereal touch, while ivy lends a classic, earthy feel. Ferns or eucalyptus can also be used for their unique shapes and shades of green. You will need enough to go around the length of your crown. 

Please note, the quantities may vary based on the size of the crown and personal preference. Always have a bit more than you think you’ll need to allow for any adjustments. 

Below are a few additional items you’ll need in order to create a stunning spray rose flower crown. 

  • Floral Wire: This will serve as the base of your crown. You’ll need about 22-24 gauge wire, which is sturdy yet flexible enough to be comfortably molded into a circular shape. Depending on the size of the crown, you would need roughly two to three feet.  
  • Floral Tape: You’ll use this to wrap around your floral wire, giving it a green, stem-like appearance. It will also be used to affix the flowers and greenery to your crown. 
  • Wire Cutters: These will be used to cut your floral wire to the right length, as well as to trim the stems of your flowers and greenery. 
  • Ribbons: You can choose any shade or material that fits with your color scheme. The ribbons will not only add a decorative touch to your crown, but they’ll also allow you to adjust the size for a perfect fit. 

Remember, safety comes first. Always be careful when handling sharp tools such as wire cutters. 

Now that you have all your materials ready, let’s start creating your Spray Rose Flower Crown. 

  1. Prepare the Base: Cut a piece of floral wire long enough to fit around your head. Shape it into a circle that fits comfortably and secure the ends by twisting them together. Wrap the entire wire circle with floral tape to give it a green, stem-like appearance. 
  1. Prepare the Flowers and Greenery: Trim your spray roses and greenery to about 2-3 inches in stem length. Make small bundles of a rose with a bit of your chosen greenery, and secure them with floral tape. 
  1. Attaching the Bundles: Start attaching the bundles to your base. Position a bundle on your crown base and wrap the floral tape around both the base and the stem of the bundle until it is tightly secured. Repeat this process, placing each new bundle so that the flowers cover the stems of the previous one, until the entire base is covered. 
  1. Check Your Crown: Once completed, take a moment to inspect your flower crown. If there are any gaps, you can fill them in with extra roses or greenery. 
  1. Attach the Ribbon: Finally, measure two lengths of ribbon long enough to create a bow with long trailing ends. Attach them to the ends of your crown with floral tape. 

Congratulations! You’ve created your own Spray Rose Flower Crown! Remember, the design can be adapted to fit your personal style. You can experiment with different kinds of flowers and greenery, add glitter or other decorative elements, or even weave in some fairy lights for a magical touch. The possibilities are endless! 

Choosing the color of spray roses for your flower crown largely depends on the occasion and your personal style. A classic choice is white, which conveys purity and elegance and is ideal for weddings. For a romantic look, consider soft pinks and peaches. If you’re attending a summer festival or a fun outdoor event, vibrant hues like red, yellow, or purple can add a pop of color and make a bold statement. For a sophisticated, modern look, you could even opt for monochromatic shades of grey or black roses. Ultimately, the best color for your spray rose flower crown is the one that makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. 

Creating a DIY Spray Rose Flower Crown may seem daunting at first, but once you gather all the necessary materials and follow the steps outlined above, you’ll find the process straightforward and enjoyable. The key to a successful DIY project lies in meticulous preparation and patience. Once you start, you’ll see that arranging the flowers and greenery on your crown base is an intuitive and rewarding process, and the final product – a beautiful, personalized accessory – is well worth the effort. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to design your crown; it’s an expression of your unique style and creativity. So, have fun with it, experiment, and you’ll see that making your own flower crown is easier than you think! 

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