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Samantha’s Wedding

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I just lived one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. I said “I do” and now we are headed for a life time together. My wedding dress was spectacular and long. I decided to order online wholesale flowers to decorate the wedding chapel and for all the flower arrangements including the car. I chose to by the Multicolor Rose Cascade Bridal Bouquet. It had Pink, White, Dark Pink & Bicolor Red Yellow Roses, Baby’s Breath and Greens. I ordered six Dark Pink Posy Rose Bridesmaids Bouquets. They were dreamy small rose bouquets and very neat and light to carry. My bridesmaid just looked stunning. My husband, his father, my father, and his groom’s men used Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres. My mother, his mother, our grandmothers, and other special ladies in our life used beautiful fresh cut pink with purple cast wrist corsages.

Now my flower girls had baskets full of fresh rose petals to throw while walking in, but I was so happy to know that I could buy 18,000 fresh rose petals to be put as a walkway for me to enter the chapel. I also bought online 6 feet roses, to decorate the corners of the chapel. The head sizes range from 4.6cm to 6.2cm depending on the rose variety. Since I wanted to have roses all over the place I order more roses. The minister had Ilse spray rose beside him.  Each Ilse rose stem had 3-5 buds that opened to beautiful blossoms.

For the pew decorations I used David Austin’s Rosalind (Austew) Garden Rose. They are described as a light pink rose that boasts fully, packed petals that together form peony shaped buds. Characterized as English Roses, Rosalind Garden Roses carry a light fruity fragrance and delicate beauty. I also mixed these roses with the white roses and Fiddlehead Fern, which is also known as Fern Curls. They are beautiful exotic fillers that made a perfect addition to the floral arrangements.

I am so happy that I ordered online wholesale flowers. They arrived on time and with special instructions on how to take care of them.  Many people told me not to order online but I called Whole Blossoms to see if they could answer some questions I had and they took the time to answer every single question I had, so ordered the flowers online.  I was very happy about this. Well I wanted to share this wonderful experience that I had with my online flowers so you don’t feel scared to order online. My wedding turned out just fabulous.

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