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How To Make A Wedding Bouquet At Home

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Want to make your own bouquet? We have the steps list down for you.

But before that you have got to make some decision, which type of flower you want, what is the shape of the bouquet. There are different types of bouquet shapes, like Pageant, Round, Cascade, Posey, Nosegay, Pomander and Hand-Tied.

So, after you have decided the flowers, and type. We start the work, we will demonstrate a bouquet made out of Rose and Orchids:

For both the bouquet you will need following materials:

  1. Flower you want to use to make the bouquet
  2. Floral Scissors
  3. Stem Wrap or Green Tape
  4. Corsage Pins
  5. Ribbon
  • Once you have assembled these materials, take at least 8 Roses /Tulips /Orchids with long stem and thorns being removed of the Rose.

How to make a wedding bouquet

  • Hold it together, and for the tip sit in front of a mirror while doing the wrapping with  green tape, as you will be able to see the size and proportion of the bouquet and also how it will look.

How to make a wedding bouquet at home

  • After tying the flowers with green tape, add greenery for the touch up, it is optional.

make a wedding bouquet

  • Once the bouquet is sorted, take a ribbon with a contrast as it will give a classy and bold look to the bouquet. Also, it will hide the tape of the bouquet.
  • And this is how it will after you are done with the bouquet.

Make a wedding bouquet at home

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