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What are the Best Easter Flowers and Spring Flowers?

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purple tulip flowers with vase

We are in March already and before you know it, the first day of spring will be here and many couples and wedding planners will be jumping the gun and preparing their Spring Wedding Flowers and Spring Wedding Bouquet. In this blog, we will talk a little about Easter Flowers and how we have the best varieties of Flowers anywhere, as well as what the most popular Colorful Spring Flowers you might be interested in selecting for your spring wedding or special event.

When it comes to Happy Easter Flowers, Purple Easter Flowers and Yellow Easter Flowers are always the most popular. We will go through the several Types of Easter Flowers that are often purchased, as well as Easter Flowers For Church decoration ideas.

When it comes to spring this year, we have many couples and event planners placing their orders, especially after many were postponed from last year and are now ready to go ahead with their memorable events.

By far the most popular spring colors are Purple Spring Flowers, Blue Spring Flowers, White Spring Flowers, and Pink Spring Flowers.

When it comes to varieties, we will go through our top recommendations


Tulips have an incredible shape and energy, as well as fresh colors that everyone can associate with when thinking of spring. The varieties we have and recommend this year are:

  • White Tulips
  • Parrot Green White Tulips
  • Fringed Blush Pink Tulips
  • Flash Point Double Dark Pink Tulips
  • Santander Fringed Pink Tulips
  • Blue Diamond Double Purple Tulips
  • Pink Tulip Flower
  • Yellow Tulip Flower
  • Lavender Tulip Flower

The Tulip Flower has always been the traditional flower given as a gift on Easter Sunday and are the perfect sign that spring is finally here.


Lily Flower is often the most selected variety that is displayed as Church Flowers. They have a wonderful fragrance and have also served the traditional role as an Easter Symbol. At Whole Blossoms, we have some amazing recommendations for your consideration, such as

  • Asiatic Lily Assorted Flowers
  • Easter Lily Flower 2 Plus Blooms
  • White Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Easter Lily Flower 3 Plus Blooms
  • Asiatic Lily Cream Flowers
  • Orange Lily LA Hybrid Lily
  • Yellow Oriental Lily Flower
  • Pink Lily Oriental Lily
  • Pink Lily LA Hybrid Lily
  • Pink Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Orange Lily Asiatic Lily
  • Yellow Lily Asiatic Lily

Whatever color you select, this Flower can really capture the spirit of spring and make your Flower Arrangements look incredible.


Hyacinth in many cultures has also been closely associate with spring can come in soft pastel colors that really look fresh in Centerpiece Ideas. They also have an incredible aroma and you will certainly look this top pick of ours. The varieties we recommend are:

  • Hyacinth Blue Violet Flower
  • Hyacinth Lilac Lavender
  • Pink Hyacinth Flower
  • White Hyacinth Flower
  • Hyacinth Apricot Peach Flower
  • Hyacinth Yellow Flower
  • Hyacinth Lavender Purple
  • Hyacinth Purple Plum
  • Hyacinth Pastel Colors Collection
  • Hyacinth Blue Giant Flower

Hyacinth Flower can make a lovely assortment on its own, or as Filler Flowers.


Daffodil Flower was planted in domestic gardens for the spring as a resurrection sign for the Christian world. It is also a symbol of a life renewal and with the celebrations of Easter, a brand new hope. For your consideration, we have some beautiful varieties, such as:

  • Daffodils Assortment White and Yellow
  • Daffodils Assorted White and Yellow
  • White Daffodil
  • Daffodil White Flower
  • Yellow Daffodil Flowers
  • Daffodil White Flowers With Orange Center
  • Daffodil White Flowers With Yellow Lip
  • Daffodil Yellow Flowers
  • Daffodil Yellow Double
  • Daffodil Yellow With Red Lip
  • Pencil Daffodil Yellow Flowers

They are also celebrated in art and culture, so when you look for reflections of spring, you will always find pictures of this beautiful bloom.


Iris is one of my personal favorites when I think of spring. They have a lovely blossoming bloom that looks quite unique in Centerpiece Ideas. We have some of the best choices and are proud to let you know about them. Check out our….

  • Iris White Flower
  • Yellow Iris Flower
  • Purple Iris Flower
  • Purple Blue Iris Flower
  • Iris Flowers Assorted

Other varieties you might want to consider are Gardenia, Gerbera Daisy, Hydrangea, Lily of the Valley, and Carnation.

However you wish to celebrate spring, we have a really nice collection and get them to you directly from the farm to your doorstep with incredibly low prices, and premium quality.

Visit our website www.wholeblossoms.com or give us a call 1-877-259-2566.

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