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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Wholesale Roses Choose Your Colors 200 Stems

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Wholesale Roses  Choose Your Colors 200 Stems is a collection of Roses from our Wholesale Flowers collection that is perfect for Mothers Day Flowers, Flower Bouquet, Wedding Decoration Ideas, Flower Arrangements, Happy Birthday Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Centerpieces and more. This assortment of colors is great for wedding planning and event planning as you can pick and choose the best colors needed to match your event or wedding theme. All our Roses are premium quality and we have many different Types Of Roses as well, such as Ecuadorian Roses, Garden Roses, Standard Roses, Dyed Roses, Spray Roses, Long Stem Roses, Organic Roses, Sweetheart Roses, and Preserved Roses. One some of the more popular wedding colors are White Wedding Flowers, Red Wedding Flowers, and Pink Wedding Flowers. You might even choose to make this selection to make a very special evening more memorable. Birthday Parties can also be more colorful and fun.
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200 Stems | 16-20 in
( $1.50 per stem )
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