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Mayra's Red Garden Roses

3.9 out of 5 with 2 ratings
Mayra's Red Garden Roses are a red variety Wholesale Fresh Flowers that opens into a perfect deep cup. They emit a low fragrance and look elegant in vase work. They glisten as a garden rose that will last longer than average for other single stem varieties. With proper hydration, the blooms will open up to larger bloom size. We have many varieties of Bulk Flowers that will help you in creating timeless Wedding Bouquets and centerpieces. We have been working with brides and event planners for many years now and have observed some really great examples of arrangements. One great style of arrangement with the red tone of this bloom is to arrange with Red Carnations, Larkspur, Pink Astilbe, and White Stock. The balance of colors makes it ideal for a fall wedding arrangement. You can add different colors and varieties to make it more your theme, or match season.
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