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Why Flowers Are Important For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day will be here in a couple more weeks and are you ready? There many reasons to buy flowers for this lovely occasion, whether you are a church, a fragrance store, a hospital, a school, a caterer, a wedding planner, a business, a university, or an individual who simply wants to enhance the moment of the day with the wondrous beauty of flowers.

Why flowers on this momentous day? Its known history began in the 1800’s as a custom of sending non-verbal communications of love and adoration. Whether you realize it or not, it is possible to have an entire conversation without saying one word. We are naturally attracted to beauty and flowers are beautiful. They are full of life, colors, textures, and some even have fragrances.

Also, it’s not always about love, perhaps you know someone and have great appreciation and admiration for a person in your life, whether it’s a family member, employee, employer, secretary, leader, or anyone that has special placement or meaning in your life. Many Send Flowers For Valentine’s Day for many reasons.

On Valentine’s Day we sell all kinds of Wholesale Flowers, we over 3,000 to choose from, but there are flowers more popular than others and we will list the tops blooms here for your consideration.

Roses are the most traditional flowers to send for this special day. At Whole Blossoms, we get more orders for roses than any other variety. You may want to send or give an entire bouquet or centerpiece, or one single Red Rose. However you decide to do it, the message is always clear.

Valentine's Day Flower Arrangements with Roses and Lilies

Roses are beautiful and come in many popular colors that are highly requested for this day such as: Red Roses, Pink Roses, and Light Pink Roses. Roses bring messages of love and are a very strong response for the one you love or admire.

Iris Flowers are also a pretty popular variety for Valentine’s Day. Iris White Flower looks incredible with red roses and blend together in perfect harmony with one another. Purple Iris Flower also looks great with Red Tulips. The contrasting colors speaks volumes to a loving heart as it melts the boundaries surrounding every part of lives and allows the message of love, filtering into every one of our senses.

Lilies are also very popular and nothing sends love and warmth like White Lilies, Pink Lilies, and Red Lilies. In times past they have been a symbol of wealth, purity, and life. Sending lilies sends a message that someone is extremely valuable to you and enhances the purity of your love and life from the recipient and adds meaning that no words could ever express.

Believe it or not, we get many orders for Sunflowers. Sunflowers are bright and beautiful. They are nature’s way of sending bright sunshine and cheer to a soul that needs some life and emotionally lifted up. Life can often be difficult and stressful, causing pain and emotional damage. Not just sunflowers, but any flower and really do more than one could ever imagine to our inner beings and inner peace. According to Rutgers researchers, “flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods.” Rutgers further noted that, “study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers. They also demonstrated a greater sense of life satisfaction.” One more observation that is valuable for Valentine’s Day Rutgers noted was flowers effect on intimacy. They said, “Flowers created intimate connections. Giving and receiving flowers creates positive contact between family and friends.”

Roses for Valentine's Day

So if you went to get closer to someone, flowers will help knock down walls and barriers that are holding you back. They also solidify a relationship into a more meaningful one.

Orchids are another great variety for Valentine’s Day. Pink and Purple Orchids really convey some non-verbal messages. They can send meaning such as: delicate, virility, beauty and strength. Ancient Greeks used orchids and they are very charming and also arrange well with peonies and hydrangeas for soft and fulfilling filler for centerpieces and other arrangements.

Another great bloom you might consider is Tulips. We have many varieties of Tulips. You will really captivate the moment with a centerpiece of Pink Tulips and Light Pink Tulips. Some great messages they will convey is true love and worthiness. Everyone wants to feel worthy of someone’s love and we are able to help you sending the message. Our tulips come from Holland and are grown in an environment that attracts the love of tulips.

However you decide to celebrate this occasion, which is literally days away, we are here to help. Just explore our website www.wholeblossoms.com or even give us a call at 1-877-259-2566 and we will be glad to answer any question and offer our professional assistance.

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