What Do You Know About Stock?

Stock 101

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Stocks are strong spikes of thick clusters of beautifully aromatic single or double flowers. Fresh stocks one-third to half of the buds are open; the remaining buds show excellent color and size. Older Stock has the lower third of the blossoms wilted and soft in look. Occasionally these blossoms are stripped and only the middle and tip stay behind. To verify if you are getting a fresh stock you can just count the blossoms. Stock Flower must be 6 or more blossom high.

Stock is helpful as a base for floral arrangements, seeing as the base part of the flower wilts foremost. Start with a base of stock, and then add other flowers around it to hide the bottom blossoms. Stock also appends an exquisite scent to any combination.

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What Do You Know About Snapdragons?

Snapdragons 101

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Snapdragons are vertical spiked and tall flowers with growing clusters of silky and velvety blossoms alongside the top of the stem. They are about 2 or 3 feet in height. A fresh snapdragon flower has few open blossoms at the bottom, and a number of growing buds closed on the middle and towards the top. These buds flaunt beautiful colors, and the tips are typically green with firm buds. Snapdragon flowers are rather upright. As compared to the fresh Snapdragons, the older ones have around two-thirds of their blossoms open. Several blossoms at the bottom might be sagging, wilted or really soft to the touch. The tip of the flower may begin to sag even at this stage your Snapdragons can last more than a few days if re-cleaned and cut down a little shorter. The flowers then restore and last for few more days.

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What Do You Know About Roses?

Roses 101

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Roses, have numerous layers of sweet-scented, velvety petals, are the most popular and cherished flowers. There are various varieties and types of roses available for growing purpose and as fresh cut flowers. Few of them types are the conventional tea rose, which are the popular as florist flowers having medium to large well formed blossoms and elongated stems; the traditional types, like the cabbage head rose or the English rose, is more fragile and aromatic than the commercial ones; the miniature roses which are around one inch across; and spray roses, which have of several small branching blossoms for each stem.

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What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

Ranunculus 101

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Ranunculus is small flower, it’s cup-shaped and looks like camellias and peonies in texture and shape. These flowers have a number of multilayer’s of petals that appear like tissue. All stems have several blooms on top of a fine, ferny foliage. They come in both single and doubling flowering types.

Buy or cut ranunculus only when the blossom is open however the petals are still curved inward and are cupping the middle portion of the flower. The blossom must feel firm to the touch and it should not shed when u hold it.

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4 Steps to Create an Amazing Centerpiece

Centerpiecing - Title

Long tables need linear arrangements for the center. They could be very constricted and narrow (a few are just 2 feet wide), that means once you have got the place settings on both sides of the table, you get very little room left for decoration. Designing an arrangement for such a long narrow table is perfect because it is has a neat structural design and suits this type of space completely. Making an arrangement for such a long narrow table needs a width of a regular block of floral foam, known as a rackette. It has a plastic base which is just right for tables. For edging the plastic and the foam Continue reading “4 Steps to Create an Amazing Centerpiece”

8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

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For most couples, the reception is the party of a lifetime. It celebrates their marriage and marks the culmination of many months of planning. They want the reception to be unforgettable, to bring them together with their loved ones, and to unite two sets of friends. When it comes to floral decoration, the possibilities are endless, and, whatever the budget you are working to, it’s possible to create a memorable and imaginative reception. Continue reading “8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception”

What Do You Know About Phlox?

Phlox 101

Phlox - Title

Phlox are huge bunches of pleasantly scented, disk shaped flowers on top of branching stems. Fresh phlox’s must be cut or bought when two-thirds of their florets are open and the closed buds demonstrate good color and size, the ones that are cut before time, in the tight bud phase, may not develop. Old phlox have all the blossoms opened and several are already dropped. Older phlox would shed once handled. Phlox, with large clusters of sweet-smelling flowers, are a good addition to arrangements of big jazzy flowers, like peonies or roses.

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Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and if you are planning for a wedding you can surely identify with this. Making initial and crucial decisions about the date, the site, and the timing can seem a bit daunting and more difficult than you first expected. Whatever the location or timing, fresh cut flowers are the perfect way of creating the right atmosphere and enhancing the ceremony. With a little planning, you’ll find the perfect floral arrangement to suite your needs. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service”

How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

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Many couples are seeking to include their pets on their special day and, now that a huge variety of ceremony sites are available, it’s becoming far more common to include a dog—even a horse—in the wedding celebrations. Making floral dog collars for our canine friends, as well as floral decorations for horse halters can be fun. Continue reading “How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details”