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Green Waterproof Floral Tape

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Green Waterproof Floral Tape is a must for the DIY Bride, or any other DIY floral projects. Isn’t it great to prepare for a big get together? One of the most important parts is getting your Wholesale Flowers ordered and prepared. To get the job done right, you will need some floral tape. This is a special biodegradable tape that has a floral green color that matches your stems perfectly. It also has a slight stretchy material that allows you to wrap around your stems and create a beautiful bouquet. You can now make a bridal bouquet or bridal bouquets with confidence. What kind of bouquet would you like to make? What kind of event are you preparing for? Is it a wedding, prom, homecoming, graduation, or something else? We have a wide variety of supplies to help you get your event just right. Please check out our catalog.
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