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Jo Nell Grover Lone Tree, Colorado
I was very happy for the most part! Beings my first time doing a wedding I over ordered but I guess that is to be expected. The one thing I was very disappointed about was the amount of the sala greens that were eaten by bugs. There were a large portion I was unable to use due to this fact. Thankfully I had over ordered so It didn't effect the outcome, but I would thing they could. Heck that better before shipping. Also I was very disappointed that they were not able to get the white wax flowers I had ordered, but the purple still looked very nice. I wo definitely order from here again and everything came out beautiful! I thank you that you called to make sure we received everything. You talked with my daughter but I did appreciate that! It is always scary ordering flowers on line but I was very happy with the experience. Thank you so much.

Flower Used for Jo Nell Grover's All Arrangements

White Hydrangea Flower ( 10 Stems )

White Hydrangea Flower ( 60 Stems )

Blush Peonies ( 100 Stems )

Ilse Spray Roses ( 100 Stems | 16-24 inch )

Wax Flower Pink ( 42 Bunches )

Seeded Eucalyptus ( 10 Bunches )

Off White Rose Petals ( 6,000 Rose Petals )

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