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Kalie Kincaid St. Hudson, North Carolina
I ordered baby's breath and white and peach carnations from Whole Blossoms for my wedding. I had planned on all of my flowers arriving Wednesday (3 days before the wedding) so they would have plenty of time to open and be full by the time we began decorating. I started checking the delivery status of my flowers on Monday just to make sure they were coming and I noticed that the peach carnations had not yet shipped while all of the other flowers were on their way. The baby's breath came Wednesday morning but, sadly, they were the only ones that made it on that day. I contacted customer service on Wednesday (when I assumed my peach carnations were never coming) and was told that due to mother nature the flowers were not available this year (I completely understand that). I was also told that someone had been trying to get in touch with me to let me know this so I could substitute a different flower (this is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of a full 5 stars for my overall experience because I was NEVER notified in any way that the flowers were not coming. If I had not contacted customer service to see what was going on I would probably still be sitting here wondering where my flowers are). I spoke with a customer service representative and she was very helpful. We chose a replacement flower on Wednesday afternoon and she told me they would be overnighted and that I should receive them sometime the next day. I got the tracking number for the new flowers and began watching them to see when they would arrive. My white carnations made their way to my house the very next morning and still had plenty of time to open before the decorating began. The replacement flowers, however, never made it to my house at any time on Thursday. I started to panic because I knew I had to be at my house to sign for the flowers but we were leaving early Friday morning to go to our venue and begin decorating. I just knew the new flowers wouldn't be there on time and even if they were they would all be closed and unusable for the wedding. Luckily the replacements made it before we left on Friday morning. I had to unpack and prepare them at the venue and pray that they would open in time for the wedding. Most of the flowers did open in time. I am overall satisfied with my experience with Whole Blossoms, I just wish there was more effort put forth when a flower is unavailable. They had known for possibly weeks that my flower would not be available yet I was never contacted.

Flower Used for Kalie Kincaid's All Arrangements

Fancy White Carnations ( 200 Stems )

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