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Brittany Holt belleville, Michigan
I love that our photos depict our wedding day in motion, we hardly posed anything. Being in the wedding industry I had such a strong vision of what I wanted my wedding to look like but with a very limited (in fact non-existent) budget. So I ended up doing everything myself. I (the bride) designed and put together all the bridesmaids bouquets, my bouquet, the boutonnieres, the corsages, my own floral crown, a bridal floral bracelet, and my flower girl's floral crown and I also designed the reception styling and centerpieces. I purchased all the vintage bottles and white fabrics used for the decor myself in the year leading up to the wedding, and I ordered some bulk flowers off Whole Blossoms and then the rest I grew in my own garden over the course of that summer. Everything about our day was such a huge undertaking and as a result some things didn't turn out exactly the way I would've liked (some of our lights at the reception were "cool" white instead of "warm" white, some of our flowers arrived or even grew different colors than what I ordered/expected, the look of the centerpieces once they were all out there and spread out didn't look quite as I imagined.) What I love about our photos is that is showed the atmosphere as a whole, and it showed me that how it all came together. While it didn't quite turn out how I envisioned and while it wasn't perfect(looking), it still turned out beautiful, and it certainly set the mood for one big beautiful celebration of two families coming together, so it that way the decor, the flowers, the food, everything completely did its job and it was perfect for us.

Flower Used for Brittany Holt's All Arrangements

Assorted Ranunculus ( 100 Stems )

Lavender Flower Fresh ( 6 Bunches )

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