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Patricia Wild Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
Our order was small, 24 stems of finicky hydrangeas. Our bridal shower was on a Sunday afternoon, in a small town. My initial communication from Fed Ex had a delivery listed as the day after the event. Panic. I called and emailed customer support after the close of business for the day. Within 30 minutes I received a call from Sandy at Whole Blossoms. A simple explanation and a promise that she would oversee the delivery restored my confidence. The flowers arrived on time, in perfect condition, especially considering how far they had traveled, from Columbia, the country. The colors of the flowers were unlike any hydrangeas we had ever seen domestically, a vivid, breathtaking deep blue. I have a black thumb but managed to keep the hydrangeas healthy for four days before the event and a few days after. We were so impressed with the quality of the product and the customer support we will certainly order from Whole Blossoms again.

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