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Leon Roman Rochester Hills, Michigan
The descriptions for the roses made it difficult to understand exactly what color I would be getting, though the photo (at least for the one I got) was quite accurate. I would have prefer a lighter pink than what I got. I also ordered 150 carnations and only received 120. But wholeblossoms seems to not believe me. They gave me a store credit of $12.75, which is less than 25% of the cost of the 30 carnations I did not receive. The credit is useless to me--I could maybe get some wire for that price, which I don't need. My arrangements suffered for the lack of those 30 carnations, and the 120 I did receive had rather small heads. As a whole, it worked out, thankfully. But I would not recommend ordering from here for an important, time-sensitive event, unless you're okay with ordering extra and assuming you won't get everything you order.

Flower Used for Leon Roman's All Arrangements

Baby's Breath White Filler ( 5 Bunches | 50 Stems )

White Carnation Flower ( 150 Stems )

Pink Freesia Flower ( 5 Bunches )

Seeded Eucalyptus ( 5 Bunches )

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