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Wholesale Flower Hydration and Care

Your fresh flowers will need to be hydrated upon receipt.

First, prepare buckets with filtered water to preclude the presence of chlorine. If flower food is available, mix the appropriate quantity into the water. Next, proceed to cutting 1/2- 1 inch off your flower stems at an angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors), and immediately place them into the water filled buckets. As a tip, cutting stems under water helps prevent bubbles from forming inside the stems.

Once all flowers have been trimmed,  keep your flowers at a cool temperature out of direct sunlight and in a location with  good airflow. Most non-tropical flowers do best in temperatures  hovering  near 45 degrees and when placed in shaded areas.  Tropical flowers, on the other hand, require temperatures above 45 degrees.

Hydrangeas, Iris, Gerberas, Rannuculus, Lisianthus, and Freesias: These flowers are water thirsty. Keep them in water as much time as possible since they require higher hydration levels than other flowers. Add flower preservative and change water periodically.

Snapdragons: Keep upright and away from warm surfaces.
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Wholesale Rose Hydration and Care

Carefully unpack your roses. They will need to be hydrated upon arrival.

Cut one inch of the end of the rose stem in a 45-degree angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors) to allow water to be better absorbed through the stems.

Place your roses in clean, fresh filtered water. Carefully remove leaves, thorns or foliage that fall under the water level (without tearing the stem skin) to prevent bacteria buildup.

Keep roses in a shaded, cool, relatively humid area. For storage purposes, keep roses as cool as possible down to 35F. Avoid placing roses near hot surfaces.

Some growers do not remove guard (outer, worn) petals developed by roses as a preservation defense during delivery. If you receive roses with guard petals, remove them carefully before arranging the roses.

Do not keep your roses in the refrigerator since many food gases can cause a negative reaction with flowers.



Wholesale Tropical Flower Hydration and Care (Anthuriums, Bird of Paradise, Heliconias & Orchids)

Unpack the flowers immediately. Cut the stems one inch at an angle with a sharp knife under water. Place flowers in warm to room temperature water for at least 10-15 minutes before arranging them. Tropical flowers need to be kept in filtered water at all times to ensure freshness.

Birds of Paradise: This tropical flower needs to be kept at temperatures over 45F. Soak the flower head in warm water for 20 minutes to help the flower open.

Anthuriums: Best if kept at temperatures over 65F. This tropical flower does not tolerate lower temperatures well. If you need to hydrate Anthuriums , place them in clean, fresh, warm water for no more than 12 hours.

Heliconias: This is a cold sensitive tropical flower. Keep at temperatures over 55F.

Orchids: Keep Orchids in filtered water at all times. Ideal temperature to achieve long lasting blooms is 55F to 65F during the day and 60F to 62F at night. Do not sprinkle orchid blooms with water since this can damage blooms giving them a transparent look. Whole Blossoms Orchids were just cut and hydrated. They come ready to be displayed and do not need to be processed before your wedding or event. DO NOT place orchids in the refrigerator since this will damage their blooms.

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