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Wholesale Flowers for Floral Designers
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Tie Dye Dual Color Popcorn Hydrangea

Tie Dye Dual Color Popcorn Hydrangea are one of the most spectacular flowers available on the wholesale flower markets. Popcorn hydrangea produces abundant, oversized clusters which are excellent for decorations. From birthday parties to anniversary dinners, floral arrangements full of fresh, beautiful flowers are the perfect complement. With such an abundance of petals, it's guaranteed that these popcorn hydrangea will brighten someone's day! Popcorn Hydrangeas are explosions of color and make a wonderful gift. Think of beautiful bunches of flowers and stunning flower Arrangements and we thank you for thinking of Whole Blossoms. We understand just how important it is that your choice of flower is delivered in perfect condition and with a smile - because you can't be there in person. We've focused on providing only the most beautiful fresh flower, which are carefully created by hand by our experienced florists, and backed up by excellent customer service. It's a winning combination that goes on prompting smiles of delight every day!
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15 Stems
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40 Stems
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60 Stems
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80 Stems
( $6.87 per stem )
100 Stems
( $6.20 per stem )
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