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*The colors in the photos may not reflect exact color of flowers received due to lighting differences when photos were taken
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  • Whole Blossoms offers Peach roses are prefered flowers for wedding arrangements due to their pretty and feminine look.
  • Peach Wholesale Roses are an excellent choice for Spring and Summer weddings.
  • These beautiful Wholesale Roses communicate calmness and balance.
  • Our peach wholesale roses are harvested under stringent quality control so you can enjoy the FINEST EXPORT QUALITY wholesale flowers for your most important events.
  • What difference will you find in our wholesale roses? Larger heads, consistency in colors, stronger stems and fresher flowers since your roses are cut-to-order and shipped following harvest so you can enjoy longer vaselife!
  • When you think of buying the highest quality wholesale flowers, think WholeBlossoms.com, because you deserve it!
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Peach Wedding Roses | Farm Choice Flower

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Wholesale Flowers For Wedding

  • If you need a specific wholesale rose variety, select wholesale roses from the Premium Rose Flowers by Variety section.  

  • Peach Wholesale Rose flowers are feminine soothing wholesale flowers that will communicate harmony and balance.

  • Our roses are export quality environmentally friendly flowers brought to the market at great prices!

  • If you are looking for roses for special occasions, weddings, fundraisings, school activities, or corporate events, Whole Blossoms Grower's Choice peach roses are the best flowers for your order.

  • FREE SHIPPING on all bulk roses.

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50 Stems | 16-20 in$79.99 $69.99 ( $1.40 per stem )
75 Stems | 16-26 in$114.99 $109.99 ( $1.47 per stem )
100 Stems | 16-20 in$139.99 $119.99 ( $1.20 per stem )
125 Stems | 16-20 in$179.99 $159.99 ( $1.28 per stem )
200 Stems | 16-26 in$199.99 $198.99 ( $0.99 per stem )
250 Stems | 16-20 in$254.99 $239.99 ( $0.96 per stem )
500 Stems | 16-20 in$499.99 $449.99 ( $0.90 per stem )
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Name: Ecuadorean Rose, Colombian Rose.

Colors: Peach roses

Vase Life: 8-14 days, depending on care and handling

Availability: Available all year round

Average Length: 40-70cm

Bloom Size: 4.0-4.8 cm/1.6-1.9 in

Flower Button Type: Normal

Packing: Whole Blossoms Roses are packed in bunches of 25 stems. When you receive your roses, only 12 to 13 roses are initially visible. Carefully, unfasten the packing to reveal the remaining roses.

Arranging Tips: Wholesale roses are one of the most popular flowers used for weddings

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