Fresh floral boutonnieres are traditional wedding flowers given to the members of the wedding party including groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, the reader, the usher and other significant male guests. Boutonniere wedding flowers retain the same elements of the wedding colors and theme. The Groom’s Boutonniere, being the most important Boutonniere, generally is made to complement the bridal bouquet.

I want to make mention of the boutonnieres that Whole Blossoms offers our clients:

  • White Rose Boutonnieres
  • White Star of Bethlehem Boutonnieres
  • White Rose Wedding Boutonnieres
  • White Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • White Orchid Calla Boutonnieres
  • Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Rose Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Green Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Blue Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Orange Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Orange Mango Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Burgundy Red Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose Boutonnieres
  • Red Berry Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose & Hypericum Boutonnieres
  • Red Purple Mini Calla Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres

I also want to provide you with the proper care and handling for boutonnieres. Make sure you follow these steps and your boutonnieres will be amazing for your wedding:

  • Unpack your boutonnieres as soon as you receive them and place the bottom tips in clean, fresh, filtered water to be hydrated. If bottom tip is covered with ribbon, refrigerate your boutonnieres until they are ready to be used.
  • Make sure that the boutonnieres are kept straight and upright while being hydrated and that the blooms do not touch or rub anything to ensure that their look and freshness remains intact. This will prevent the flowers from getting brown lines or bruises.
  • Use a small glass or container to submerge the end of each flower design to keep them hydrated until the wedding date.
  • Place your boutonniere flowers in a shaded, cool, not humid place out of sunlight until they is ready to be used. Keep boutonniere blooms at a temperature under 60 degrees and over 45 degrees to ensure highest freshness.
  • When storing your pre-arranged flowers, keep them upright in a glass vase filled with filtered water. Please ensure that none of the blooms in the bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres are left over a surface where some of the blooms hold the arrangements or touch objects. This will ensure that your wedding flowers will look beautiful and will not get damaged.
  • Make sure that your boutonnieres are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Enjoy your boutonnieres and congratulations from Whole Blossoms on your wedding day!

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