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Wholesale Garland, Wreaths, Swags and Candle Rings are mostly used during holiday season, but some people use them for their wedding decorations and floral arrangements. Let’s begin with the Garland. Today, Garlands represent a meaningful way of welcoming the spring, fall and Christmas. The most common greens used for garlands have always been pine, spruce, and cedar trees. Nowadays, garlands include additional greens such as boxwood, laurel, holly, nagi, eucalyptus, ruscus, safari and ivy filled with the smell of nature and dried cones and fruits. You can find online carolina Sapphire, cedar and carolina sapphire, fresh boxwood, leyland cypress, magnolia and leyland, magnolia, magnolia green, nagi, pine and carolina, plumosus, plumosus green Ivy, ruscus, salal eucalyptus evergreen, salal, salal ruscus, and tree fern garland. Continue reading “Wholesale Garland, Wreaths, Swags, and Candle Rings”

Whole Blossoms

Many of our readers and diy brides ask what it’s like to spend a day at the farm where their flowers may have been grown. Well, it varies to say the least. Here’s an inside look at how farms operate and what you might expect when spending a day at one.

Flowers at farm
Flowers At The Farm

First, realize that not all farms are created alike. You have small farms and large farms, farms that grow one flower variety and others that grow many types of flowers, and farms that are located in cold climates and others in warm, tropical environments. Farms are also scattered globally. Some of our fresh cut flowers ship farm direct to you from Thailand, New Zealand, California, Florida, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Netherlands and other exotic locations.

When it comes to growing flowers, many farms opt to grow a certain class of flowers such as orchids, or roses, or succulents, or other types of flowers. This is due in part to the climate. Not all flowers can grow in all environments. Tropical flowers, for example, must be cultivated in warm environments. Exposure to cold weather would kill orchids, anthuriums, and other tropical blooms, for example. Additionally, many farmers find it easier to focus on certain flowers due to the complexity involved with growing certain flowers. Similar to how a physician might specialize, a farmer might decide to isolate his practice to one or a few cultivars. Continue reading “A Day At The Flower Farm”