Saturday 20 Dec 2014

Propose with Wholesale Flowers

Propose with Wholesale Flowers
I stand here before you this beautiful day,
You are heavenly sent, an answer to all I pray,
Give me your hand, and forever I will keep,
Your love forever, only for it I’ll speak,
Surrounded by flowers in this wonderful place,
They decorate the radiance of your magnificent face,
From this moment, you are always in my heart,
My dear, it has been yours from the start,
If you could look inside it, you would see,
An image of you, forever priceless to me,
Caressed with the whispers of my endless love,
My lover and friend, from blue skies above…
The day has finally come that you want to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of days together with you. Imagine creating the perfect moment with the most beautiful flowers you can find. Isn’t the love of your life worth the entire splendor that nature can bring? Let Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers help you create this perfect moment. Not only are wholesale flowers more affordable, they are three times fresher. Please order your wholesale flowers today.

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