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What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

December 5th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Ranunculus 101

Ran Title What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles.

There are 5 important things to consider with Ranunculus:

Ran 1 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?Ran 2 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

  1. Ranunculus is small, cup-shaped flowers similar in shape and texture to peonies and camellias. These flowers consist of several multilayers of tissue like petals. Each stem bears several blooms atop fine, fernlike foliage. Ranunculus’s come in single or doubling flowering types.
  2. Purchase or cut ranunculus when the blossoms are open but the petals are curved inward and still cupping the middle part of the flower. The flower should feel firm to the touch. The flower should not shed when handled.
  3. Older ranunculus has petals that are more separated from the center. The tissue like petals appears more transparent, with fading color. The flower is soft to the touch and may shed when handled.
  4. Ranunculus’s have thin, hollow stems that break easily, which can make them difficult to arrange. Try inserting a wire into the stem with a wire to support the flower.  Ranunculus also droops because they have large heads atop their stems. A wire will also straighten the flower for better use in arrangements.
  5. Two-tone or variegated types are called picotee ranunculus.

Here are some more facts to keep in mind with ranunculus:

Ran 3 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?Ran 4 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?Ran 5 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?Ran 6 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

Names: Ranunculus, French, or Persian Buttercup.

Varieties: Ranunculus asiaticus hybrids in single and double forms. The best variety for cut flowers is the tecolate strain, producing the finest and largest flowers.

Scent: Mild scent

Freshness: Purchase or cut when the petals are cupping the middle of the flower and still fold inward.

Vase Life: 7 to 10 days longer.

Availability: Winter through spring, the predominant season being spring.

Costs: Spring—moderately priced. Winter—moderately expensive.

Meaning: You are radiant!

Arranging Tip: Ranunculus stems break easily, making them difficult to arrange.

Growing Tip: Soaking ranunculus tubers for at least four hours before planting makes it easier for tubers to root. They resemble claws and are sometimes called crow’s feet. Plant them toes down. Ranunculus like cool nights and warm days with plenty of light. They can be grown as a garden flower and as a container flower.

Other: Ranunculus is heavy drinkers, so watch the water level.

Here are some varieties of Ranunculus we have available:

Ran Wedding 1 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?  Ran Wedding 2 What Do You Know About Ranunculus?Ran Wedding What Do You Know About Ranunculus?

Available Year Round

-          White

-          Pink

-          Yellow

-          Orange

-          Salmon Peach

-          Purple

-          Hot Pink

-          Red

-          Burgundy

-          Assorted

Available October through April

-          White

-          Pink

-          Yellow

-          Orange

-          Hot Pink

-          Red

-          Assorted

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4 Steps to Create an Amazing Centerpiece

December 4th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Centerpiecing Title 4 Steps to Create an Amazing Centerpiece

Long tables require linear arrangements for their centers. They can often be very narrow (some are only 2 feet wide), which means that once you have got place settings on either side of the table, you have very little room for decoration. Designing an arrangement for a long narrow table is ideal because it is a neat structural design and suits this kind of space perfectly. Creating an arrangement for a long narrow table requires a width of a standard block of floral foam, called a rackette. It has a plastic base—perfect for tables. To edge the plastic and the foam you can use Equisetum or any type of reed. Lavender and rosemary pinned all around the foam would equally work well; you could even use cinnamon sticks for winter weddings.

The choice of flower is more limited than the choice of plant material for the surround as, for this design to look sculptural; it needs to include flower heads of a uniform size. Even if you use roses as I have done, you need to make sure that the heads of a similar size to create the uniform bands of color. Small Germini Small Germini gerberas would work well or try dahlias. Choose vibrant colors—practically any combinations work, as long as you make sure that each variety of rose has the same depth of color. (Pastels can also work, with the use of white.)

How to Create a Centerpiece

Step 1 – Soak the block foam in water until the air bubbles stop rising. Bend the stub wires into two and then cut the long stems into three or four lengths, depending on the height, so that the Equisetum will be about 1 ¼ inch (2.5 cm) above the edge of the floral foam.

Step 2 – Pin the Equisetum into the foam, and work all the way round the block. Take care to pin the reeds in at the same height, so that this can later be concealed by ribbon.

Step 3 – Cut a length of ribbon so that it will fit around all four sides, and tie it and the end of the block. Take another piece of ribbon, and make three loops to create a bow at one end.

Step 4 – Cut the rose heads down to about 2 inches (5 cm) of stem, so their heads sit just above the edge of Equisetum and there is enough stem to take up water from the soaked foam. For the design to work, it is important that the lines of color are even. Think carefully about the order of the bands of color to create the most impact. Add the roses, and mist with a water spray.

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8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

December 2nd, 2014 by Paul Walls

Preparing Title 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

For most couples, the reception is the party of a lifetime. It celebrates their marriage and marks the culmination of many months of planning. They want the reception to be unforgettable, to bring them together with their loved ones, and to unite two sets of friends. When it comes to floral decoration, the possibilities are endless, and, whatever the budget you are working to, it’s possible to create a memorable and imaginative reception.

Step 1 – Consider Planning Your Reception

Preparing 1 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

Your Reception can be as unique as you want to make it—from an early wedding and superb simple brunch to a late afternoon wedding or a lavish and elegant dinner dance. Most people go for the middle of the day and have an afternoon reception. Certainly limiting the length of your reception will help to curtail the expense. One option is to have an afternoon tea reception. Instead of large round tables, you can hire smaller ones and use fewer table decorations and simple flowers for the table or even choose one striking plant such as an exotic orchid.

Traditionally the wedding reception was held in the bride’s family home. Over time this tradition has prevailed and it is still lovely to have a home wedding, if practical. You do need to have adequate space, though, and a home reception is a lot more effort and work for all members of the family. Providing services such as adequate toilets and parking can become a logistical nightmare and cause tempers to be frayed. Over the years, it became more common to hold the reception in a local hotel or hall, but more recently there has been a trend away from the traditional sites towards informal and varied locations—museums, mansions, even zoos! But whatever your choice of site the three basic elements that contribute towards a successful and enjoyable reception are the decorations, catering, and the entertainment.

Step 2 – Consider the Florist’s Role

Preparing 2 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

For the decorations, most florists today offer more than just flowers. Many can also advise you on the look of the tables, including details such as renting tablecloths, chairs, and seat covers to help you create the ambiance you have in mind. Florists work so frequently with caterers and other related industries that they can often be a great source of recommendation as to whom to call for an estimate and whom they enjoy working with. Florists will often work closely with the caterers in particular to confer on the canapé decorations, and to design the floral decorations for the buffet. Often they will meet you at your tasting to discuss the food and table decorations in more detail. They also liaise with cake decorators to ensure that the cake table perfectly complements the room.

A creative florist will meet you at your chosen site and will give you the best advice on where to place flowers and how many you should ideally have. Most often, florists advise their clients to have fewer, rather than more, flowers but go for the grander displays which will be more striking when the party begins and the room begins to fill with guests. You also need to consider the installation and setting up of the room and timings for this. Hotels may have more than one reception in a day, so you will be allocated a particular time slot that must be rigidly adhered to, or rented spaces may limit access times for your deliveries and services.

A florist’s mission is to take your chosen reception site
and change it into a room that is special and has correct ambience for your wedding day. The blander the room, the more you will need to spend on decorations, so think seriously about this when you are looking at your budget. Often a more expensive site needs a lot less decoration and this can, in the long run, work out cheaper. Really formal sites do, however, necessitate huge and costly arrangements. Unusual sites may be more complicated for your contractors to work in. Stately homes and museums often limit the hours of parking and may be open to the public for part of the day, making the lead time for the caterer and florist very limited! If this is the case, it may mean that your florist does not have much time for complicated on-site arrangements, and everything may have to be completed off site and positioned quickly.

Fragrance is very important to the reception, I think that it is essential to have some scented flowers, incense, or scented candles at the entrance for your greeting line at cocktail hour. This is so evocative and the scents will always remind you of your special day. Don’t forget to check out the restrooms, and add some lovely touches such as flowers and scented votives to make your guests feel pampered.

Step 3 – Consider Creating Your Theme

Preparing 3 300x162 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

Some of the best sites to decorate are marquees or tented receptions because they offer the florist a blank canvas to work on, but any room can be transformed to fit any theme with a little imagination and a lot of money!

If your room is very decorative to start with, lavish floral decorations may compete too much. Often the best schemes are monochromatic colors of cream and white flowers. This may seem like an obvious route to take, but it does work very well and that is the reason for its endurance as a theme. It is classic and very beautiful. It can be made to look striking and minimal or romantic and blowsy. Fruit can also make a monochromic display more striking and add interest.

Step 4 – Consider Lighting

Preparing 4 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

Your florist will also advise you on lighting—whether it is the addition of candelabras or votives to the table or getting an estimate for a party lighting expert for making the best of your decorations. This cannot be emphasized too strongly how important this is—the whole ambience of the wedding is determined by how comfortable and attractive the lighting is. Most ballrooms or spaces of a similar size have lighting that can be dimmed, and each centerpiece can be spot lit from the ceiling, which greatly enhances floral arrangements. Candlelight is flattering, and the right lighting level makes everyone feel more confident and relaxed. If you decide to appoint a lighting company, there are no limits as to what can be achieved, from uplifting floral arrangements to huge flambeaux for the entrance and a dramatic firework display for the finale. You will have an engineer on site all night to highlight your special moments, such as the cutting of the cake and the first dance. You may even choose to project images on stars and moons or decide to change the color of the room through the use of light gels. Often these companies can also provide amplification systems if you are planning a large event.

Step 5 – Considering Chairbacks

Preparing 5 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

In a previous article we describe this, but it is important to know that chairs are an important consideration too because there are so many of them in the room, and generally there are very few designs—rental chairs are the same all over the world! It is a good idea to personalize at least the top table using Chairback arrangements, tiny garlands of flowers, or even a simple bow.

Step 6 – Considering Centerpieces

Preparing 6 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

The practice of adorning tables with fresh cut flowers, herbs and pose petals dates back as far as ancient Greece and Rome and has endured to the present day. The newlyweds’ table, whether it formal or round, should be different and more opulent to differentiate the bride and groom from their guests, you may consider having some tall table arrangements to make the most of your space. It is currently very popular to have a mixture of half the tables set with tall arrangements, and the other half of low ones. If you are planning 300 guests you may even have three heights of arrangements. Tall arrangements are usually candelabras, topiary trees, or tall glass vases so the flowers are raised above the table. Usually a florist tries to raise these above the heads of the diners, and a thin stem of the candelabra, tree, or vase allows guests to see each other across the table. It is very difficult to hold a conversation with guests sitting directly opposite you on a round table, because such tables are normally 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) across and the ambient noise precludes this activity, but it is always more comfortable to be able to at least see across the table, so bear in mind when discussing the table flowers with your florist.

Step 7 – Consider Decorating the Table

Preparing 7 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

Table linen is very important. Most hotels offer white as a standard, but all caterers can hire in linen of many colors and shades. Standard colors and sizes are less expensive than cloths that fall to the floor in deep or rich colors. Your florist can help you choose a color that complements your flowers and may even rent the linen for you. Napkins are a similar consideration. You can have them trimmed with taffeta ribbon, make them into a folded bed for an orchid, or even use a sprig of herbs to decorate them and to scent your tables. Place cards are normally coordinated with the linen and flowers, as are the menu cards. Your florist and caterer will be able to recommend a calligrapher to help with these if necessary.

Step 8 – Consider the Wedding Cake

Preparing 8 8 Things to Consider When Preparing Your Wedding Reception

The cake is the centerpiece of the reception and another area where you can let your imagination run wild, commissioning any design. Sometimes it is common to have two cakes: the traditional white wedding cake and the groom’s cake, usually chocolate but sometimes a fruit cake. Often the choice is left to the groom, and this is a lovely way of including him in the arrangements. It is also a clever way of offering two cake options. The cutting of the cake normally happens towards the end of the reception; the bride takes the knife and the groom puts his hand on hers. A wish accompanies this and then traditionally they feed one another.

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4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

November 29th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Chairbacks Title 4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

A Chairback is essentially a tied swag of fresh cut flowers which usually includes foliage. They are beautiful when incorporated into weddings, as they add an informal touch to a ceremony. They are quite easy to make, especially if you use one type of flower, such as gerbera, daisies, or roses.

Chairbacks 1 4 Easy Steps to Make a ChairbackChairbacks 2 300x139 4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

A few pew end and decoration or for a Chairback for the center of a chair, you do need more skill to get a flat back to the display and a lovely elevated diamond shape for the flowers to look really good. The secret to success is choosing the right foliage and flowers. Typically it looks best to use at least five types of foliage. You need something flat for the back like a branch of aspidistra, Coontie, Ti Leaf, or large leaf like Monstera. When you add some textural foliage such as Hypericum berries, poppy seed heads, or rose hips, and some fluffy foliage like Spanish moss, grasses, or branches of flower blossom in the springtime, the arrangement will look spectacular. Add a selection of pointed or long flowers such as calla lilies, roses, and Lisianthus, and then add round larger headed flowers such as gerbera Germini, open roses, or dahlias, as well as some trailing blooms, like Amaranthus. Once you have made your decision on the choice of flowers, it is essential to clear any excess foliage from below the binding point. (This is where you hold the hand tie while making it and it becomes the tie point when completed.) It may help you to lay the flowers out in their groups before you start, to make it easier as you build the swag.

Chairbacks 3 4 Easy Steps to Make a ChairbackChairbacks 4 4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

Step 1

First arrange your foliage, starting with the flat leaves at the back and adding more interesting textural foliage at the front, to make a diamond shape. Feed some of the berries through to create some elevation to the swag.

Step 2

Starting with the calla lilies, place one towards the top of the hand tie to make the point of the swag. Feed in the other flowers at different heights within the design, alternating from left to right.

Step 3

Add roses in the same way, pulling them down to graduate through the swag. Spiral the stems in the binding point, but try to leave them long enough to stand proud and not appear squashed. The largest flowers should be the most noticeable and in the best position.

Step 4

Attach the swag to the chair with a strong wire cord or binding wire, and then make a three-looped bow to cover the binding point.

Chairbacks 5 4 Easy Steps to Make a Chairback

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What Do You Know About Phlox?

November 28th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Phlox 101

Phlox Title What Do You Know About Phlox?

Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles.

There are 3 things to keep in mind with phlox:

Phlox 2 What Do You Know About Phlox?Phlox 3 What Do You Know About Phlox?

  1. Phlox are large clusters of sweetly scented, disk-shaped flowers atop branching stems. A fresh phlox should be cut or purchased when two-thirds of the florets are open and the closed buds show good size and color, those cut too early, in tight bud stage, will not develop.
  2. Aged phlox have all their blossoms open and many have been dropped. Older phlox shed when handled.
  3. Phlox, with their large clusters of fragrant flowers, are a nice addition to combinations of large showy flowers, such as roses and peonies.

Here are some facts about phlox:

Phlox 4 What Do You Know About Phlox?Phlox 5 300x158 What Do You Know About Phlox?Phlox 6 What Do You Know About Phlox?

Names: Phlox

Varieties: Garden phlox, phlox paniculata.

Colors: Shades of white, pink, purple, red, and orange. The centers or eyes may have a contrasting color.

Scent: Sweet, mild scent.

Freshness: Purchase or cut when two-thirds of the blossoms are open on the cluster, with the remaining buds showing good size and color.

Vase Life: Approximately 10 days or longer.

Availability: Summer

Cost: Moderately priced

Meaning: Agreement

Arranging Tip: Since they are a large cluster of blossoms, phlox can be the main showy ingredient in a combination, or an accent for other large showy flowers.

Growing Tip: Phlox are very easy to grow, but be sure to remove the spent flower heads, as the dispersal of seed will create undesirable plants and may crowd out main. Phlox also attract butterflies to the garden.

Here are some varieties of Phlox we have available:

Phlox Wedding 1 What Do You Know About Phlox?Phlox Wedding Flowers What Do You Know About Phlox?

-          Assorted

-          White

-          Pink

-          Lavender

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Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

November 26th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Choosing Title Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and if you are planning for a wedding you can surely identify with this. Making initial and crucial decisions about the date, the site, and the timing can seem a bit daunting and more difficult than you first expected. Whatever the location or timing, fresh cut flowers are the perfect way of creating the right atmosphere and enhancing the ceremony. With a little planning, you’ll find the perfect floral arrangement to suite your needs.

When to Choose the Site

Choosing 1 The Site Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

Having set your date, the next thing to do is to decide on the location and time of your ceremony. Traditionally the wedding was held close to the bride’s home, but if the bride and groom are arranging the wedding themselves, they may choose a place that is special or local to them, especially if the bride has been living away many years.

The ceremony is the soul of the wedding, where you and your fiancé pledge your love for and loyalty for one another. Wherever you choose the ceremony, there will, at some stage, be an exchange of vows, and this is the spiritual part of the day. The specifics of the ceremony will depend on your beliefs and preferences, and you may well have the opportunity to make this unique to you. Due to the immense range and style of wedding ceremonies, the choice of decoration also varies enormously. It may be that you have for a backdrop the hillside beside an old country church. No matter where you choose, flowers, such as fresh cut roses will enhance any site.  Whatever religious preference and budget, there are certain ways that you can make the service more spiritual. The use of candles outside the site in hurricane lamps or inside on stands adds ambiance. Even if you do not have a traditional place of worship you may wish to simulate an aisle or have your guests in a circle with you and your groom in the center.

Couples watching their costs may decide to forgo the expense of ceremony flowers and spend their resources on flowers for the reception, which will of course be enjoyed over a longer period. Alternatively, they may choose arrangements that they can take on to the reception and get the benefit of them for longer. There are limitations to this, as large flower arrangements do not travel well and you require your florist to move them there for you—this will incur added transport and labor costs on the day.

Choosing To Marry Outdoors

Choosing 2 1 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding ServiceChoosing 2 11 300x137 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

When planning an outdoor wedding it helps to think like an architect or theatre designer. Make sure that everyone can see and that there is adequate seating and protection from the elements. If you are on a limited budget, have one large arrangement on your altar or by the celebrant’s table or, for a Jewish wedding, decorate only the top edges of the huppah.

An example of an effective outdoor wedding might have a huge urn of pink hydrangeas and an aisle scattered with pink rose petals. The aisle could be closed off with ribbon until the bride and her father arrives, so that guests enter via the outer ends of the rows of chairs, making the rose-petaled path sacred to the bridal party. In civil ceremonies, flowers can be an important part of the proceedings, for example, being offered to your new family. Sometimes, roses are given to each of the parents, uniting them in joyous celebration. The custom has its origins in Asia, where neck garlands are offered as a symbol of unity.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Choosing 3 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

The color of your ceremony flowers may be determined by a number of influences. It may be that the location you choose—if your ceremony is outdoors in the full summer sun then you may opt for brightly colored flowers or rich colors that will stand up to the bleaching effect of the bright sunlight. In a temperature climate, the popularity of the all-white garden is reflected in the frequent choice of white-and-green color schemes for wedding flowers; both trends are influenced by a need to work with lower light levels. White and lime green are quite luminous together and work well in dark churches.

Apart from the light and weather conditions, traditional or cultural beliefs may inspire your wedding color choice. In China, red and fuchsia are lucky and are the colors of marriage and good fortune. The luck associated with the humble shamrock in Ireland makes the green color of good luck and fertility. In India, where color is essential in the Hindu religion, brides are sprinkled with yellow turmeric; yellow and gold clothes are worn; and even yellow food is eaten to bring good fortune and health to the bride and groom. Or, the color you choose may be distinctively personal—you may think of red as the color of love—or you may just select your favorite color to make your day special.

Choosing Flowers for a Church

Choosing 4 1 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding ServiceChoosing 4 2 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

Many buildings can be magnificent buildings in themselves, and a few well-chosen flowers will increase the sense of occasion and pleasure. The flowers do not have to be costly or elaborate; a few pitchers of scented blooms in a country church can look charming. If you have a limited budget, when planning the decoration for a medium-sized church it is better to have one or two major displays, rather than lots of small arrangements dotted around the place which will tend to get lost in their surroundings.

The larger the church, the more important the scale of any flower arrangement you include is, so if you are planning to hold your nuptials in a cathedral, think grand! If you really want to go to town and have a very flowery ceremony, then list all the places you would like flowers and see what fits the budget. It is especially welcoming to greet the guests with flowers at the entrance. Some churchyards have metal archways across gates where flowers can be attached, or swags can easily be attached to the gates themselves. The doorway to the church is a great place to construct an arch of flowers, which then becomes a fantastic frame for photographs. But if the budget will not stretch that far, place some small flower arrangements in the alcoves to welcome the guests inside on top of trees either side of the door.

Most churches have flower arrangements of their own and you should have the opportunity well before the wedding to see what level of skill they have. Some churches have bands of very talented and enthusiastic flower arrangers, who can do wonders with a few flowers and are often very generous, cutting plant material from their garden. But others are very amateur and you may not want them for your decorations.

The Christian calendar may influence the color of the flowers displayed in a church. For example, yellow and white flowers are traditionally arranged in Easter. The only other considerations that might affect your choice of color are the altar cloth and any carpet. It is customary and polite to leave the wedding flowers for the enjoyment of the congregation for the Sunday service.

Choosing Flowers for Jewish Ceremonies

Choosing Huppah Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

Officiated by a rabbi, Jewish weddings can take place almost anywhere, so long as they are beneath a huppah. Some brides like to create their own huppah from tulle or embroided fabric. Others ask florist to create an arbor or floral canopy, and these types can work effectively for outdoor weddings.

Because the canopy is not fixed and is only set up in the synagogue on the day of the wedding, it is advisable to use a professional to decorate this. Normally floral decorations are hung at the top of the four poles. Sometimes the poles are garlanded, and they are occasionally totally covered with more elaborate decorations. If the budget allows, two larger arrangements may be placed at the arc of the synagogue and a trailing decoration included for the bima, where the register is signed.

Choosing Flowers for Civil Ceremonies

Choosing 5 Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Service

A judge performs a civil ceremony, and this can take place anywhere, except for a place of worship. In some countries, the area has to be licensed to hold such an event, but others (like the United States) are much more liberal about this, and you can get married wherever you like. Civil ceremonies can be just as spiritual and moving as religious ones, of course, and they can be more personal, as in some cases you have the freedom to write your own vows rather than be restricted to a prescribed wording.

The higher the ceiling in the ceremony building, the grander any flower arrangements need to be, especially in terms of their height, in order to make an impression. It is better to have one grand arrangement in a large space than ten small insignificant ones. It is always tempting to want an abundance of flowers all over the place, but always consider how the room will look when filled with people. One single, large arrangement that can be seen by everyone will say a lot more.

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How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

November 25th, 2014 by Paul Walls

 Dog 1 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

Many couples are seeking to include their pets on their special day and, now that a huge variety of ceremony sites are available, it’s becoming far more common to include a dog—even a horse—in the wedding celebrations. Making floral dog collars for our canine friends, as well as floral decorations for horse halters can be fun.

Dog 2 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

The easiest way to make a dog collar is to take a fabric collar and bind your flowers around this. If you can’t find professional floral wires, you can create a very basic version by tying a few robust flower heads to some ivy vines and attaching these to the collar. For more sophisticated version you will need a variety of heavy wires and some gutta-percha tape as well as some sturdy flowers. Roses are most preferable, along with hydrangeas, orchids, gerberas, Amaranthus, berries, and mixed foliage, but you can also make them with gloriosa and ranunculus. The most important thing to do is to make sure that the floral collar is comfortable for your dog. The first thing he will do if he feels irritated is roll, and that certainly will crush the flowers. This is why it’s safest and best to create an arrangement like the one we are about to show you, by wiring it onto a collar that your dog is familiar with and that fits well. Once fitted, gently spruce up the flowers. Tell your dog how handsome/pretty he/she looks and instruct not to roll.

Dog 3 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral DetailsDog 4 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

Here are four easy steps to make a collar:

Step 1

Cut off each flower head and add supporting wire. Wire each rose by inserting a 22-guage wire through the stem and into the calyx and secure it onto the main stem wire. (Place one wire along the stem and wind the other leg over it three times.)

Step 2

Tape the gutta-percha from the top of the wire to the bottom. This helps to protect the flower, keeping in moisture.

Step 3

Measure one 20-guage wire around the dog’s neck, to tape the flowers onto. Cover the wire with gutta-percha tape first to hide any joins.

Step 4

Add the flowers and foliage, piece by piece, alternately using gutta-percha to secure; start at one end making a hook first. Cut off any unnecessary wires as you tape along. Finish the collar with another hook to act as a clasp, and secure it in place. Wire it onto the outside of the collar, adjust the fit, and talk sweetly to your dog!

Dog 5 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral DetailsDog 6 How To Include Your Pet in Your Floral Details

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Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy Steps

November 24th, 2014 by Paul Walls

Rose Pomander Title Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy Steps

Rose pomanders are becoming very popular for smaller bridesmaids because they are such a beautiful accessory. They look particularly pleasant when complementing rose nosegays, which are also a very popular trend. You can construct a pomander in many different ways, but the easiest method by far is to purchase a small ball of floral foam and attach a ribbon or cord. Then simply cut the roses with about ¾ inch (2cm) of stem, and push the soaked ball all the way around. Although easy to construct in this way, soaked floral foam can be very heavy. The downside to this type of pomander is that as the foam dries out some of the rose heads and may become dislodged, causing it to start to break up.

Rose Pomander 1 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy StepsRose Pomander 2 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy Steps

The best method for making pomander is to wire each rose head and place it into a ball of sphagnum moss. A simpler way is to use the method in which they are wired into a ball without any moss or foam. This is the lightest possible method for constructing a pomander. Traditionally, all bridal flowers were wired in this way, as it also makes the arrangement more secure and, therefore easier to hold. In recent years, there has been a preference for natural-looking flower decorations, and the widespread use of floral foam has changed the way florists construct floral accessories. Wiring flowers in this way takes practice, and is not recommended if you are attempting to make a rose pomander for your own wedding without practicing several times first!

Rose Pomander 3 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy StepsRose Pomander 4 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Cut off each rose head. Support each rose by placing a 70 stub wire up the middle of the stem and a 28 silver wire through the calyx to prevent it from twisting around the stub wire. After you have wired and wire each flower head tape with gutta-percha tape.

Step 2

Attach binding wire (32) to the first rose and start placing the rose heads together, binding around the wires as you go.

Step 3

Build up the pomander by bending each rose to its position and binding as you go. Work round the pomander building up layers, and then working in towards the base.

Step 4

When you have completed the pomander, and just before the last rose are in position, cut off any long wires and tapes over the exposed ends. Wire in the ribbon at this end and then finish off by adding the last rose, taping it to the other stems with gutta-percha into the middle of the pomander. Reposition all the heads to make the top perfectly round, and mist with water to refresh the blooms, and make them last longer.

Rose Pomander 5 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy StepsRose Pomander 6 Making Rose Pomanders in 4 Easy Steps

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The Day My Carnations Arrived

November 22nd, 2014 by Paul Walls

Carnations A Main Title 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

Recently I decided to order some carnations for my wife. I find people asking me all the time, since I work for a wholesale flower company, if I have flowers in our house all the time. The answer, of course, is yes. My wife and I are mostly partial to peonies, roses, and garden roses. We enjoy walking through our home and seeing them in about every room.  I can promise you that the vase life of these beautiful creations of God last for weeks. Occasionally customers will ask if their flowers will be alright for their wedding if they go ahead and have them delivered a few days ahead of time, and will full confidence we can assuredly tell them, yes! Not only will they last up to the time of their event date, they are sure to last many days, even weeks beyond their expectation (depending on the variety).

Carnations A Large Photo 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

I love flowers! They are living monuments of poetical musings that say more than human words can describe. One day, I decided to do some research on carnations, since I was planning on ordering them for my wife (All the photos in this article were from this particular order),  What I learned was that carnations have been mentioned in history for at least 2,000 years and are native to the Mediterranean region. Today, Colombia is the largest producer of these precious gems (the flowers in this article came from Colombia). In recent years (1954), though exotic to Australia, they have been producing them. They are the national flower of Spain and are the state symbol of Ohio.

The name carnation is derived from a couple of Greek and Latin words. Caro is Latin for flesh and the word carnation also comes from incarnation, which means God made flesh, making them a popular variety for churches.

When our flowers arrived, my wife’s face instantly began to glow with charmed excitement. Nothing makes her smile more radiant than when I create a centerpiece of flowers to decorate our home with. For the most part, carnations are rather less expensive and very affordable if you are on a tight budget. Their fragrance is mild, but breathtaking, they make you close your eyes and revel in their appreciation.

Occasionally we get calls from customers who are concerned, believing their flowers are dead or dying. A simple education in care and handling and they realize how perfect their flowers indeed truly are. They are a live product that have been in shipping for 24 hours or so, so when they arrive, they need to have their ends trimmed and placed in filtered water for about 24 hrs. The next day you can truly see the amazing fullness their heads employ, just be patient and do not panic. This is another reason for writing this article with proof in the photos.

When our fresh cut white carnations arrived, they came in a box and were packed very tightly. Please open you box right away.

Carnations A 1 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

When you open your box, take your bundles of flowers and lay them aside from the box

Carnations A 2 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

Take the flower stems and trim just enough off the bottom to make them fresh and to enjoy the water you are getting ready for them.

Carnations A 3 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

Carefully place each stem in a container, preferably a vase and keep them in a cool place. As you can see, after they are unpacked, they look ok, but the heads are a little tight and not fully open.

Carnations A 4 169x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

24 hours later, you can see the difference water and tender-loving care will produce.

Carnations A 5 Title 225x300 The Day My Carnations Arrived

The love of my life looks radiant next to the purity of these carnations; her smile is worth every effort!

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7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

November 21st, 2014 by Paul Walls

Creating Title 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

In addition to having her own bouquet, a bride may plan on several other floral accessories, both for herself and for certain members of the wedding party. The outfits for the groomsmen, ushers, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring-bearers, and, of course, the immediate family all go toward creating the total look for her wedding day. Their clothes need to harmonize with the bride’s dress and complement the overall theme of the wedding, and this is equally true of any floral accessories they wear. They should enhance but not outshine the bride.

Here are seven things that can accompany a bride:

Step 1 – Adding Flowers in the Hair

Creating 1 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 1 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

Flowers worn by the bride in her hair on her wedding day can be one of the most exquisite accessories. Wearing a ring of flowers is a tradition that dates from Ancient Greece. This is the most popular floral accessory, and it should be planned in conjunction with your bouquet and will involve collaboration between your hairdresser and your florist. Your choice of headdress will also be influenced by how you decide to wear your hair and whether or not you are going to wear a veil.

Bride’s can choose to wear a single large flower, a number of small wired florets (individual rosebuds or stephanotis, for example), a full headband, a floral circlet or a tiara, which is usually made from very delicate florets (such as hyacinths, stephanotis, or tuberose). A headband or comb of flowers is most often worn in front of the veil and this is the clever technique for adding a little more to your height if you need to.

Fresh flowers near your face can make you look younger, your skin rosier, and your eyes brighter. It is, after all, probably the only time you are going to be able to wear flowers in your hair, and there is something wonderfully indulgent about bedecking yourself with fresh flowers. However, if you are planning a headdress it is important that you have a run through with your hairdresser and it is certainly worthwhile asking your florist to make a trial headdress for you, as you do not want any snags or surprises on the day!

Some brides may choose to wear a hat, and this can also be decorated with fresh flowers and foliage. Ideally, flowers should be placed on a wider brimmed hat and deliver the two together on your wedding day. Sometimes the mother of the bride or groom may choose this accessory instead of wearing a corsage. Matrons-of-honor may also prefer this, and some of your guests will like the idea, too.

Step 2 – Adding Florals in Necklaces and Bracelets

Creating 2 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 2 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

It is customary in India to wear floral garlands around the neck or wrist and is often made in weddings with mixed cultures. At a Hindu wedding, the bride and groom exchange sumptuous garlands, mainly of red and white flowers decorated with silver, assembled by threading the flower head into wire. Carnations work well for these, as they are relatively inexpensive (a factor when so many flower heads are needed) and are durable.

Some brides like to break with convention and wear something more unusual, such as a floral boa or a necklace of flowers. If you choose a necklace, you need to have a good elegant neck, so experiment first! Wrist corsages can also add glamour to a bridal dress and look fabulous on more mature bridesmaids or matrons-of honor. Some brides choose to have their shoes adorned with fresh cut flowers which peep out from under the gown when they walk. If you are planning something out of the ordinary, it is worth spending a little bit more money and asking your florist to make you a prototype to try out. That way you can be sure you are happy with your ideas. If you wish to sew flower heads onto your dress, you will have to ask your florist to wire them, so that the stem is removed, making it easier for you to attach them to your gown. A few miniature rose heads sewn to the veil can look very romantic.

Step 3 – Adding Floral Accessories for the Young

Creating 3 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 3 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

Younger bridesmaids, flower girls, and young ring-bearers are often dressed more seasonally than the bride, with more attention to the time of year. In winter, bridesmaids may wear fake muffs decorated with flowers. How you decide to dress your attendants will depend largely on their ages, the time of the year, and any theme you are planning for the wedding. Your contemporaries are not going to speak to you again if you dress them in a sugar-almond pink tutu and give them a set of iridescent wings and a floral wand, but your three year old niece will undoubtedly think it the highlight of the year! Floral headdresses are best for the younger bridesmaids, and there are two types that are suitable for young children with especially fine hair—a circlet that goes all around the head and sits on the crown or a headband, where the flowers are wired onto a frame. It is a good idea to give your florist a size for the circlet as a guide. This measurement will depend on the bridesmaid going to wear it; however they are usually framed with a hook, which can be adjusted on the day.

Sometimes a headband can be the most practical option since you can ask your bridesmaid to break one in before having your florist attach the flowers and deliver it on the day. You may even ask your dressmaker to cover a band with fabric to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. Some bridesmaids are more stoical than others about wearing headdresses, and it is worth spending a little time thinking about this to avoid having a floral headdress cause a high drama just before your big moment. If you are lucky enough to have a hairdresser with you while you are dressing ask them to fit the floral headdresses for your attendants.

Step 4 – Adding Baskets of Flowers

Creating 6 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 6 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

Baskets filled with fresh cut flowers are a very popular bridesmaid’s accessory. One of the main advantages of a basket is that it allows the bridesmaid to put down her flowers when necessary, whereas a bouquet if constantly handled can become damaged around the edges and start to droop. Baskets of petals are also very popular, and attendants can sprinkle petals on the floor before the entrance of the bride to create a gorgeous scent. Alternatively, rose petals can be put into pretty paper cones and handed to all the guests to scatter at the end of the ceremony.

Step 5 – Adding Flowers to Your Attendants

Creating 7 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 7 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

When choosing flowers for your attendants to carry, remember that they should complement your overall scheme and be appropriate to your attendants’ outfits and size, as you do not want to overburden them. An experienced florist will advise you on this. Most often bridesmaids carry smaller bouquets, as this is the least expensive option. The flowers are usually more colorful than the bridal bouquet and are made in proportion to the size of the person carrying them, so be sure to let your designer know their ages. Make sure that your chief bridesmaid shows the smaller attendants how to hold their flowers, and to keep their arms relaxed so that they look their best as they walk into the ceremony.

Step 6 – Adding Floral Boutonnieres

Creating 4 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 4 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

As well as other wedding flowers it is customary to order special boutonnieres for your fiancé, his father, and grandfather and your father, the best man, and all the ushers. The boutonnieres usually chosen to suite men’s ties and other flowers, so white are often the safest and easiest option, though you might pick a special color for your own father and fiancé. Although it is a lovely idea to want to give all your guests a floral accessory such as a boutonniere it is quite expensive and can be needlessly extravagant. In my experience, very often people do not want to pin a flower onto their outfit, so these gifts are passed by. If you are going to make this gesture, make sure you appoint an usher to offer them to each guest as they arrive at the ceremony, and make sure your florist has labeled any special flowers so that they can be offered to the appropriate person.

Step 7 – Adding Floral Decorated Bags

Creating 5 1 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect WeddingCreating 5 2 7 Floral Steps towards the Perfect Wedding

It is traditional for mothers and grandmothers of the happy couple to have larger boutonnieres or corsages to wear. These are usually chosen to suit their outfits and may be pinned onto handbags to protect their clothes. If you want a florist to do this, it is essential to check that the bag is suitable; it works best if the bag is rigid, rather than of soft fabric. Leave it with the designer and ask them to have it delivered decorated on the day. For a handbag corsage, it is best to use gardenias or roses, which can be wired onto the strap or across the front if it is clutch style. Single orchids or smaller sprays of blooms are perfect for corsages, as they are durable and long lasting and come in a huge range of colors. For a sweetly scented corsage, you can choose freesias, stephanotis, garden roses, or gardenia. If a bag corsage isn’t appropriate, a flower to trim a hat is a good alternative to wearing a corsage or boutonniere. A flower wired into the hair is another possibility, and for sleeveless dresses a wrist corsage is also an option to consider.

You can adorn all parents, grandparents, siblings, and special guests with flowers as a symbol of unity with your new family and as a way of letting all the rest of the guests know who is special.

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