What Is The Whole Blossoms Difference?

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At Whole Blossoms, we make every effort to bring you the finest quality flowers available from around the globe. Time and again our patrons wonder how we are different from their local florist or any other online stores. People say we have sensational roses; well, we can’t disagree with them as seeing is believing and we have 8 things that characterize us as different.

  1. Whole Blossoms offers a broad selection of flowers in different colors and varieties. Place an order of 6 dozen roses and you can see for yourself. If you compare us with others you’ll find that in another places the selection is limited compared to what we offer. We are also persistently on the lookout for new varieties to give you the most favorable flower shopping experience.

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An Easy Step By Step Checklist To Help You Plan Your Wedding Flowers

 Farms - Beautiful Contrast

Planning a wedding?? The first thing you need is a checklist. Any bride-to-be would find it exciting to brainstorm some ideas, prepare a checklist and then methodically execute it. The contentment you feel when carrying out your checklist is rewarding and more than worthwhile. At Whole Blossoms we wish to go beyond your expectations and bring you the finest quality flowers from our farms from all around the globe. We are also realistic and would like to give you several helpful checklist ideas to let you think and plan in advance about your wedding flowers. It is always a great idea to prepare in advance as your wedding is going to be the most significant event of your life. Planning a dream wedding takes a lot of effort; nevertheless, if you plan in advance, it will be rather easy to work out your wedding flower ideas. Are you ready for the checklist? Here we go…

1 Year before the wedding date:

Step one is to start compiling a scrapbook of different varieties and colors of flowers that you would prefer for you big day, you can tear off pages from different wedding flower magazines, in addition to that you can also visit our website wwww.wholeblossoms.com and bookmark your desired flower options.

9 Months before the wedding date:

Once you have picked out your dress and the bridesmaids dresses, add a sample of both fabrics in your scrapbook to refer to while deciding colors for your flowers. You can also take assistance from us through our website; we’ll be more than happy to suggest which flowers will look good with the colors of your outfits.

6 Months before the wedding date:

Now that you have considered your flower options, finally it’s time to place your flower order, along with the total number of arrangements required.

3 Months before the wedding date:

Order your flowers over phone or online through our website. Share your delivery details considered necessary.

Below you can see another checklist to that can help you in tracking of all of the wedding flowers.

On the Wedding Day

Church Flowers

  • Entrance
  •  Columns
  •  Altar
  •  Civil Ceremony
  •  Pew-ends

Civil Ceremony

  • Entrance
  • Reception Flowers
  • Registrar’s Table

Reception Flowers

  • Entrance
  •  Top Table, Other Tables
  •  Pedestal Arrangements
  •  Cars/ Transport
  •  Wedding Cake

A Closer Look At Our Flowers From Ecuador

Farm - Table of Flowers

Recently, I was able to travel to Ecuador to visit several of our farms and see for myself the climate and conditions for which our flowers grow in. The majestic Andes Mountains and fresh rain water overflowing from their towering mountain peaks into lush fertile valleys makes everything grow in a way you can’t find anywhere else. I took thousands of photos and hope to share a lot with you in upcoming articles and blogs. We are excited about our business and with confidence can say to you that you are getting the freshest flowers in the world. In the United States flowers have to grow seasonally in most areas, so the quantities and quality is somewhat limited. In Ecuador, which is on the equator, has a climate that never changes, is consistent and can produce the freshest flowers you can ever imagine.  I took this trip so I could see for myself how our flowers are produced, not to mention the feel of the atmosphere, which is tremendous. Continue reading “A Closer Look At Our Flowers From Ecuador”

Affordable, Fresh Cut Wedding Flowers

When deciding your wedding flowers it is a good idea to order the bright and fresh flowers. At Whole Blossoms our flowers are by and large more reasonably priced, and most notably, available. Flowers like daisies, gerberas, carnations and chrysanthemums, as compared to orchids and roses are very easy on the pocket. Pick daffodils, irises and tulips in spring. All through the year Whole Blossoms can help you save over 50% of your wedding flower costs in both bouquets and decorations.

Whole Blossoms cuts out the middleman to save you some a buck or two! As per the availability we can even make a handmade bridal bouquet for you. But, if you go through our collection of wedding blogs you will find that we have numerous articles that give details on how you can make wedding and bridal bouquets for yourself, how to create boutonnieres, and also how to decorate your wedding venue. You also use our YouTube videos to learn how to make them. Visit these two links, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC_tdZL8C3U and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vffyn1kA54.

Just give us a call and solicit any advice you want for caring and preparing for your flower order. When you are making a floral arrangement, don’t forget to order ample amount of greenery to enhance flower volume in bouquets, they help in giving the impression of more volume.

Large flowers often fetch you more value for your money. Think lilies, hydrangeas and peonies, they are big and bold they take up more space and cut down the cost. Also, think about using filler leaves and ferns to add more volume and balance the floral arrangements.

Even though they look beautiful, still the bridesmaids don’t essentially require individual bouquets, in its place, give them one stunning bloom to pin and carry around. Another option for your bridesmaids is giving them boutonnieres, or wrist corsages are also a good option. These are more affordable options and this way the flowers become a part of their outfit and are not left behind on the table or bathroom after the ceremony.

Boutonniere looks wonderful for groomsmen and especially if the boutonnieres match the suits or outfits this really ties them together.

Instead of intricate centerpieces, why not, consider using small vases or traditional jars and fill them with smaller number of stems. Tulips can be a nice option for such an arrangement as they are colorful, compact and neat.

Few other suggestions are: Use ripened fruits as they symbolize fertility and abundance … also they are delicious, economical and colorful. Tomatoes look stunning and tempting in a country Italian exhibit. You can also incorporate red or green apples, vibrant lemons, peaches, pomegranates or grapes; stack them in a case or you can spray paint them, you can even stick name tags in them, try out different ways.

Candles build a tone of romance and you can buy them in all sizes and shapes. Collect different sized candles on a vintage tray or a plate. Place them in a vase filled with pebbles. You get the pebbles and candles from any dollar shop. You can also consider using a plain pillar vase or a hurricane vase, both look grand with candles inside them. Pebbles can be bought from any pet stores or nursery; they have a array of textures and colors (for fountains and fish tanks).

We Have a Flower For Every Season


These days, many flowers are imported and available year round. Some examples include alstroemeria, carnations, chrysanthemums, freesias, gerberas, lilies, orchids, and roses. Deciding which flower to use can be a challenge, or completely up to you depending on your occasion, style and taste. Whole Blossoms wants to give you its recommendation of flowers to use for all four seasons. Continue reading “We Have a Flower For Every Season”

The Beauty Of Hydrangeas

Green Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a very trendy and admired flower variety. I still remember watching my grandfather planting white hydrangeas for my grandmother; they used to sit in their lawn chairs by the garden, hand in hand and admiring at their marvelous floral display. Sadly they are not really appreciated as much these days because of the variety of other flowers available nowadays. Every time I look at hydrangeas I think of such fond memories.

One thing that always comes to mind when I think of hydrangeas is that they are far more within your means than most of the other varieties people plant or use for displays or events. New varieties can grow in cool climate and have deep and rich colors. Whole Blossoms has a number of varieties which are listed below for you. Certain hydrangeas can change color depending on which soil they are planted in. We see it a lot with few varieties that come from Colombia and California. Farms try to create new colors by experimenting with alkaline and acid conditions of the soil, also red hydrangeas are found to radically enhance by adding a layer of chalk or lime stone.

Planting and caring for hydrangeas is rather simple. They always blossom well when planted in an area that is sunny, has moist soil, and abundant room to grow without the need to be pruned very often. Excess of shade would cause a many problems, especially when if they are planted under a tree. Trees need the moist soil that hydrangeas provide and their roots can interrupt their ability to drink water.

They are also disease resistant, although at times they can be infected. Mildew occasionally forms in heavy shade and humid surroundings. Leaf spots, rust and root rot can come about if they are planted in the erroneous conditions. Hydrangeas make magnificent cut flowers and are ideal for bouquets, but one thing to bear in mind is the variation of colors that can occur caused by soil and climate conditions as mentioned earlier.

If you are planning to use hydrangeas for an event, we have some useful tips for you. At times customers worry that their hydrangeas would look wilted. Firstly, if they do appear wilted it’s because they need a lot of water to drink and miss it in their transport. We ask our customers not to worry, they are absolutely normal.

Wilted Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas that seem wilted, however this is normal

The stems of hydrangeas contain a liquid which seals the bottom so that the heads can’t receive water, even if you cut it they still won’t receive water. One solution is to peel the bottom of the stem with a kitchen peeler all the way around, the same way you would peel a potato. Then you make cuts all over the peeled part with the help of a knife. This would make the heads get really big because they would be able to absorb more water. To get hydrangeas to their maximum size on the heads, after peeling the stems, fill a tub with water at room temperature it’s better to use filtered water. Once the tub is filled then fully dip the stem and head, they shouldn’t be just floating, but completely submerged for four to six hours and it is phenomenal! You can see them come back to life. These flowers are tremendously sensitive to water. This is why hydrangeas shipped from a long distance may appear dying or wilted, they just require hydration, but the end result is a beautiful flower looking all fresh and perked up for arrangements. The heads look full enough that, you can even make a bouquet with just one stem.

Once more, keep in mind if your hydrangeas seem true blue, based on the pH levels in the rain in the farms, your hydrangeas might have a dash of purple and farms truly don’t have the means of predicting this sort of effect. At Whole Blossoms, we wish that this article was helpful to you and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in completing any order for hydrangeas or other floral needs you may have.

Hydrangea varieties currently available with us:




Natural Blue

Green Antique

Elite Shocking Blue

Elite Lavender

Elite Lavender Blue

Elite Purple

Tinted Black

Tinted Assorted

Tinted Lavender

Tinted Purple

Tinted Berenjena Dark Purple

Tinted Antique Purple

Tinted Jumbo Lavender

Tinted Green

Super Select Blue

Super Select White

Jumbo Light Blue

Jumbo White

Jumbo Lime Green

Jumbo Blue

Dutch Lavender

Dutch Blue


What Do You Know About Carnations?

Carnations 101

CN - Title

Are you searching for the perfect flower and getting ready for your next planned event or wedding? Sometimes there is no right or wrong flower but a matter preference as to what fits your needs or what fits your personality. The 101 series is a series of articles helping to educate everyone with the contrasts of various flowers. You may want to read the others in this series as well as many other helpful articles. Continue reading “What Do You Know About Carnations?”

What do You Know about Campanula?

Campanula 101

Cam - Title

Are you looking for the perfect flowers and getting prepared for your next event or wedding? At times there is no right or wrong flower when it comes to flowers it’s actually just a matter preference as to what suits your needs or what suits your personality. We share articles that can help in enlightening everyone with the difference and contrast of different flowers. You will find many other helpful articles in our collection.

There are 4 things you must know about Campanula:

Cam - 1Cam 2

  • The larvae of few Lepidoptera species counting Doth Moth, Common Pug, Limespeck Pug, Ingrailed Clay and Mouse Moth use Campanula species as food plants.
  • They have alternating leaves and frequently differ in shapes on a single plant, with large and broad leaves at the base of stem and small and narrow leaves higher up at the stem; the leaf margin might either be entire or ragged (at times both are found on the same plant).
  • Many species have white latex in their stems and leaves.
  • Several species contain a small added growth like a leaf called “Appendage” amid every sepal, and the absence or presence, comparative size, and manner of appendage is used to make a distinction between strongly related species.

Few additional interesting facts about Campanula:

Cam 3Cam 4

Names:  Campanula, Chimney bells, Bell Flower and Canterbury bells

Colors:  Purple, Lavender and White

Variety: Campanula

Scent:  The Campanula pleases your sense of sight and smell by its splendor and aroma.

Freshness: Best purchased when half of the buds are open and the other half still closed.

Vase Life: five to seven days.

Availability: Throughout the year

Cost:  Reasonably priced

Meaning: Their name is derived from Latin word Campana meaning –bell, hence the meaning is bell shaped flowers.

Arranging Tips:  First remove the foliage that might fall under the water line, now cut under water using a knife.  Keep it hydrated in a mixture of floral preservative/food and warm water for 2 hours ahead of storage or handling.

Here are some varieties we have available:

Cam - Wedding 1Cam - Wedding

We have two varieties available with us:

What do You Know about Baby’s Breath?

Baby’s Breath 101

BB - Title

If you are looking for the ideal flowers and getting prepared for your special events or wedding, remember sometimes there is perfect flower the choice of flower depends upon your choice and on the type and budget of the function. If you are looking for more information on certain flowers to help you make a decision then please go through this article for more details about Baby’s Breath.

There are four essential things to ought to know about Baby’s Breath:

Baby’s breath is a genus of Gypsophilia that started off in the Eastern and Mediterranean Europe. This flower has several petite flowers growing on the stem which gives it a lacy, delicate and snowflake-like look. Baby’s breath is found in pink and white variety, these can also be tinted. Re cutting the stems promotes full blooming. Ensure to keep them away from any external source of ethylene, like fruit, decaying plant substance or carbon monoxide. Baby’s Breath is mainly used as fillers to enhance greenery and fill up the empty space between the flowers. Using them in arrangements and bouquets can create more volume. Gypsophilia are extremely popular when it comes to Victorian arrangements and also in wedding flowers.

Here are few other interesting facts about Baby’s Breath:

BB - 3

Name:  Baby’s Breath, Gyp and Gypsophila

Colors:  White and pink (though pink is rather uncommon)

Variety:  Gypsophila

Scent:  A charming, distinctive aroma that is only coupled with this flower, thus its name.

Life:  Five to seven days.

Freshness:  Very sensitive

Availability:  All through the year

Cost:  Economical

Meaning:  Baby’s Breath is named so because of its smell.

Arranging Tip:  they are very chic and popular filler flowers, small bunch of blossoms also look good in corsage designs and wedding decorations

BB - Wedding 1BB - Wedding

Varieties available with us:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red-Dark Pink Cast
  • Pink
  • Assorted


What Do You Know Aster?

Aster 101

Aster - Title

Asters bloom in areas with cool and moist summers. They have white, blue or pink flowers in late summer and fall. The Plants height varies from 8 inches to 8 feet, depending on type. Tall varieties create excellent back of the border plants and they look attractive when planted in naturalized pasture.

They are prone to powdery mold and rust problems, so it’s better select diseases resistant variety.

Few important things to know about Aster:

Aster - 1Aster - 2

Name: Scientific names – Aster Dumosus, Aster Patens, Aster Vimineus and Aster Praealtus.

Variety: There are almost 600 species in North America and Eurasia.

Colors: White, purple, lavender and yellow.

Scent: Their scents vary depending on the species.

Freshness: They need to be hydrated immediately upon arrival.

Vase Life: Seven to ten days.

Availability: All through the year.

Cost: Easy on the pocket.

Meaning: Star.

Aster - 3Aster - 4

Arranging Tip: When you receive your order of asters or while using them in a floral arrangement, follow these instructions to ensure your flower heads are protected while you place them in a vase. These instructions are helpful for your flowers to blossom bright over the coming few days.

1) Carefully eliminate any protective plastic or paper that might be wrapped up around your bouquet.

2) When the stems are below water, cut off one inch at an angle. Cutting the stems would open the pores of the flowers so that they can drink more water. We recommend cutting them beneath water because that eliminates any possibility of occurrence of air bubbles, which prevents the flower from consuming water. The angle enables easier water absorption.

3) After that, fill the flower vase with water which should be at room temperature. Mix a pack of flower food with water. You might have received flower food with your bouquet. In case you haven’t, then ask your local florist for some.

4) If any surplus foliage on stems has fallen underneath the water level, take it out. Excess foliage will muddy the water, in addition to sucking up much of it leaving the actual blossoms short of water to drink.

5) Preserve your cut asters from direct sunlight, drafts and heat. Keep them in a room with cool temperature.

6) Re-cut the stems, Keep changing water and add on day 3 second packet of flower food or do the same if water is turning yellow and hazy. If the water is changing color, it means bacteria are growing in it, which can cause the flowers to wither faster.

7) Remove dead heads and spent leaves to keep your bouquet fresh for longer period of time.

Growing Tip:  Apply a lean layer of compost on each spring, followed by applying 2 inch layer of mulch to preserve moisture and avoid weeds. Pinch back young shoots to promote bushiness. Water them during the summer if rainfall is below 1 inch per week. Stake tall ones to keep them upright. After the first frigid frost, cut back the stems to 1-2 inches above soil. Divide the plants every 3 to 4 years as new growth commences in spring, lifting the plants and dividing them in clusters having 3 to 5 shoots.

Aster - Wedding 1Aster - Wedding

Few varieties available with us:

–          White

–          Purple

–          Lavender

–          Solidago