Saturday 20 Dec 2014

Flowers Represent more than Love

Flowers Represent more than Love

Like a fresh green leaf,
I was nestled in a tree,
Feeling so secure, not needing any relief,
In the air, I thought I was free,

Then came a big strong wind,
Cutting away my tall, long stem,
Falling quickly, life seemed to end,
Finding no way to connect again,

I was lying on the ground,
And soon began to dry,
It seemed that I could not be found,
Having no more tears left to cry,

Soon, people began to walk on me,
Little pieces in tattered heaps,
Looking up there was nothing to see,
Waiting only to dissolve, in dirt and oh so deep,

Then one day, a woman standing near,
Began to pick up all my pieces,
I then began to fear,

She held me in her hand,
I felt so lonely and ashamed,
Reminding me God had a purpose and a plan,
New life was soon regained,

All my pieces were growing together,
Once again I began to see,
A beautiful flower for her to have forever,
For her I came to life and began to be,

With a love I’d never known,
For her I began to bloom,
Only hers to have and to own,
With her every morning, night, and noon

If you are soon to get married and considering purchasing flowers from Whole Blossoms, understanding that flowers can represent more than aesthetic beauty, but moral, can make this a richer experience. Love is a powerful thing that can heal many things. If you found the love of your life, having wholesale flowers represent the beauty of love sends a powerful message. Use flowers for every occasion, for every opportunity in life to say more, than just, I love you. If you have found the love of your life, you now are enjoying the life you love.
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