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How To Use Your Wholesale Rose Petals

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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Wholesale rose petals are a popular seller for weddings and special events at Whole Blossoms. Offering fresh rose petals, freeze dried rose petals and organic rose petals, you can be sure of finding the right petals for your wedding or special event at Whole Blossoms. Choose from a wide array of different colors and year round availability to complement your wedding flowers or design other wholesale flowers.

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Fresh rose petals are the long standing tradition for use in weddings. Its widely known appeal and compliment to fresh wedding flowers make this variety a top seller. Gaining in popularity, freeze dried rose petals have recently been recognized for its relatively long shelf life and suggested use at some venues. Its non-slip attribute and strong anti-stain properties have helped propel freeze dried petals to recognition with many florists, event planners and wedding sites.

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It is very important that you place your Rose Petals in a shaded, cool, not humid place out of sunlight until they are ready to be used. Keep them at a temperature under 60 degrees and over 35 degrees to ensure highest freshness. If you prefer, you can store them in a portable refrigerator to keep them cool but they cannot be stored with food since food gases might deteriorate the petals appearance.

When storing your flowers, make sure that they are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

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A Special Wedding

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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It is always a beautiful event to see two people that have struggled so much finally be able to have the wedding that they dreamed of.  I want to share a story with our readers of someone that is very special to me and her beautiful wedding. Ruth has struggled with Epileptic seizures since she was 14 years old. Many people think that because a person has Epilepsy they may not have a normal life. Let me tell you that this is not the case. She met her fiance and it was love at first sight. The love that they shared helped them conquer another obstacle in their lives. Her husband is deaf, but to them this was not going to stop them from having wonderful wedding flowers and breathe taking floral arrangements.  Finally the big day had come.

Her wedding flowers were red roses, long stem white calla lilies, greens and baby’s breath. Wholesale Roses are one of the most popular and yet finest choices for wedding and event decorations. Roses are one of the few flowers that can be used without other flowers or fillers in flower arrangements and they will make look weddings and events particularly exquisite.  White Calla Lilies are one of the most elegant cut flowers available. Calla Lilies symbolize charm, elegance, grace and beauty.  Calla Lilies enhance any setting bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication.  A perfect filler simple to use, Babies Breath, also known as Gypsophila, is used commonly to complement floral arrangements. She also had her flower girl throw fresh wholesale red rose petals on the floor while she walked down the aisle.

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They had a very beautiful and amazing wedding. At this time they have a little princess that is their little rose and when she gets married they will definitely use wholesale flowers for her wedding decorations and floral arrangements.  Who said that happily ever after is only for movies and TV programs?

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Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Your Wedding Centerpieces are some of the most important wedding flowers since your guests will be sitting next to them during a great part of the reception. Wedding Centerpieces need to express your wedding vision and match all the other wedding decorations. When choosing your wedding centerpieces, take into consideration the room and table size to determine if you need small or large centerpieces and whether you are going to need tall or short vases.

White Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces are gorgeous for table setups and vase work. Available year round, this gorgeous selection comes with 3 white hydrangeas and Star of Bethlehem accentuating flowers. Our wholesale white hydrangea centerpiece flowers can be used for easy customization.

Rose Wedding Centerpieces can be arranged just at the right height for both tall and short arrangements. Rose centerpieces can be made with Red Roses, Hypericum, Lily Grass & Greens.

Yellow mini calla centerpieces are made with Yellow Mini Callas, Green Button Poms, Hypericum and Green leaves. These are great if your wedding color is yellow.

Dark purple mini calla wedding centerpieces are ideal for modern and contemporary weddings. These beautiful centerpieces can be arranged just at the right height for both tall and short arrangements. Our centerpiece flowers are 11 inches tall so you can trim them to fit your vases.

Green Spider Mum Centerpieces can be used at the altar and to be placed all around the church where you are having your wedding. These centerpieces are made from Green Spider Mums, Green & White Callas & Mini Green Hydrangeas. They will look stunning in your wedding decorations.

If you are looking for mini centerpieces you can use the Red Rose Mini Centerpieces. These are made out of Red Roses, Hypericum and Green Leaves. You can spread on the table fresh white rose petals and make your wedding decorations look stunningly beautiful. If you prefer you can use the Orange Gerbera Mini Centerpieces and spread fresh rose petals on the tables.

Whole Blossoms is glad to be able to be a part of your wedding decorations and floral arrangements.

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Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Fresh floral boutonnieres are traditional wedding flowers given to the members of the wedding party including groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, the reader, the usher and other significant male guests. Boutonniere wedding flowers retain the same elements of the wedding colors and theme. The Groom’s Boutonniere, being the most important Boutonniere, generally is made to complement the bridal bouquet.

I want to make mention of the boutonnieres that Whole Blossoms offers our clients:

  • White Rose Boutonnieres
  • White Star of Bethlehem Boutonnieres
  • White Rose Wedding Boutonnieres
  • White Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • White Orchid Calla Boutonnieres
  • Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Rose Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Green Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Blue Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Orange Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Orange Mango Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Burgundy Red Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose Boutonnieres
  • Red Berry Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose & Hypericum Boutonnieres
  • Red Purple Mini Calla Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres

I also want to provide you with the proper care and handling for boutonnieres. Make sure you follow these steps and your boutonnieres will be amazing for your wedding:

  • Unpack your boutonnieres as soon as you receive them and place the bottom tips in clean, fresh, filtered water to be hydrated. If bottom tip is covered with ribbon, refrigerate your boutonnieres until they are ready to be used.
  • Make sure that the boutonnieres are kept straight and upright while being hydrated and that the blooms do not touch or rub anything to ensure that their look and freshness remains intact. This will prevent the flowers from getting brown lines or bruises.
  • Use a small glass or container to submerge the end of each flower design to keep them hydrated until the wedding date.
  • Place your boutonniere flowers in a shaded, cool, not humid place out of sunlight until they is ready to be used. Keep boutonniere blooms at a temperature under 60 degrees and over 45 degrees to ensure highest freshness.
  • When storing your pre-arranged flowers, keep them upright in a glass vase filled with filtered water. Please ensure that none of the blooms in the bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres are left over a surface where some of the blooms hold the arrangements or touch objects. This will ensure that your wedding flowers will look beautiful and will not get damaged.
  • Make sure that your boutonnieres are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Enjoy your boutonnieres and congratulations from Whole Blossoms on your wedding day!

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Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

hot pink ranunculus 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus ranunculus white 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus

Some people would not believe that when you use Ranunculus in wedding decorations or even to give them to someone you love it has a meaning. By giving these flowers you are saying that the person is radiant and that you are dazzled by their charm.

Ranunculus flowers are known for their multi-petal blooms that some say resemble a ladies ball gown skirt. An ideal choice for creating wedding bouquets, hot pink ranunculus flowers are an economical choice as DIY flowers for arranging into boutonnieres and mixed flower arrangements. Available in other bright attractive colors, our wholesale ranunculus and other wholesale flowers are priced right to help you save. Buy wholesale ranunculus and other fresh cut flowers and take advantage of free shipping direct from the fields for unparalleled freshness.

The Ranunculus are also known as  Ranunculas, Ranuncul, French or Persian Buttercup. They come in white, pink, hot pink, purple, cream peach, red, peach, orange, yellow, purple burgundy, and chocolate. The approximate vase life for the Ranunculus are 10 to 14 days, depending on care and handling. One of the great things about these flowers is that they are available all year round.  Wholesale Ranunculus flowers reach 10-16 inches in length. While bloom sizes vary from 1-2.25 inches in length, ranunculus harvested during the Spring (March-May) generally maintain slightly larger blooms than at other times of the year. Fresh cut Ranunculus are packed in 10 stem bunches.

Ranunculus are a great wedding flower choice for boutonnieres, corsages, bride bouquets, cake decorations and centerpieces. Wholesale Ranunculus are well combined in centerpieces and bouquets with roses, gerberas, calla lilies and chrysanthemums.

Make sure you carefully unpack your Ranunculus. They will need to be hydrated upon receipt. Place your flowers in warm, filtered water. Carefully remove wilted leaves that might later fall into the water to avoid the prevent the growth of bacteria. Cut one-half to one inch off the end of the flower stem in a 45-degree angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors) to allow water to be better absorbed through the stems.After cutting the stem at an angle, quickly place the flowers in water since it only takes a minute for the stem to dry and seal up.  Keep your ranunculus flowers in a shaded, cool, relatively humid area (if possible under 45F). Avoid placing flowers near heat surfaces or warm environments. Do not keep your flowers in the refrigerator overnight since fruit and vegetable ethylene gas can wilt or kill flowers.

If you follow these instructions on how to take care of your Ranunculus you will have beautiful flowers for your wedding decorations and all your floral arrangements.

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Friday, January 17th, 2014

Wholesale Hydrangea flowers are highly popular for weddings and used to create hydrangea bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces. Things you should know about Hydrangea:


HYDRANGEAS DIMENSIONS: Whole Blossoms Hydrangeas are 16in-26in long. Head diameter varies depending on the variety desired.

Antique Hydrangeas: 7.5-9.1in Diameter.

Dyed Hydrangeas: 4.3-6.0in Diameter
Elite Hydrangeas:
3.5-5.1in Diameter
Jumbo Hydrangeas: 6.0-9.1in Diameter
Mini Hydrangeas: 3.5-5.1in Diameter
Natural Hydrangeas: 4.7-7.0in Diameter
Super Select Hydrangeas: 5.0-7.5in Diameter

WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE THE DELIVERY FOR THIS FLOWER? We recommend scheduling the delivery of Hydrangeas at least 2 days prior to your wedding or event. If your wedding or event is on a Saturday, the best day to schedule delivery of your Hydrangeas is Wednesday or Thursday.

HOW LONG IN ADVANCE SHOULD I ORDER? We recommend that you order your Hydrangeas at least a month before your wedding or event to ensure product and colors availability.

WILL MY FLOWERS BE FRESH SINCE THEY WILL ARRIVE A COUPLE OF DAYS PRIOR TO MY WEDDING OR EVENT? Our Hydrangeas travel with individual water feeding tubes to ensure proper hydration from the moment they are cut to the time you receive them. Whole Blossoms Flowers and Greens come directly from the farms. Your flowers are cut within 24 hours following harvest to ensure freshness. Whole Blossoms flowers and greens are 100% freshness Guaranteed!

Many people that order Hydrangeas get frightened because they don’t know how to take care of them and they feel that the flowers are going to dye and they have wasted their money. Well my friends I am here to tell you the proper care and handling of Hydrangeas. Unpack flowers as soon as you receive them and cut about one inch of the stem at an angle under  water (with a sharp knife NOT scissors). Peel about 2‐3 inches of the stem around (as though peeling a carrot) and make some incisions at the bottom of the stem to further enable hydration. Remove foliage that could fall under water to avoid bacteria to build‐in and place the flowers in clean, fresh, warm, filtered water (100F‐105F). Rehydrate for at least an hour before using and add floral preservative. If the flowers are not going to be displayed immediately, try to keep them in a fresh place preferably (45F‐58F) and at least 80% humidity in fresh water with floral preservative.

Replace water and floral preservative frequently to ensure long vase life. When storing your flowers, make sure that they are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Well now you know a little more about Hydrangeas. Please keep in mind that the wholesale flowers suffer from dehydration and water stress. Keep these flowers in water at all times since they need continuous hydration and enjoy your flowers.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


50 Golden Wedding Anniversary

It is such a wonderful event when you see a couple celebrating their Golden wedding anniversary. The golden wedding anniversary is celebrated when the couple have been married for 50 years. I want to be able to provide you with several wholesale flowers that can be used to decorate the ballroom or the wedding chapel where you will be celebrating this memorable day.

Let´s begin with different types of roses that will look beautiful in your celebration. Fresh cut Attraction bicolor yellow orange roses are popular for their long vase life and sense of color that they will bring into your party. We also have the Baby Romantica garden roses; while smaller than single stem peony garden roses they are a great choice when trying to fill space in wedding centerpieces and bouquets. Each spray stem includes 3-5 blooms. Baby Romantica are beautiful butterscotch peony shaped spray garden roses. Fresh cut Toulouse Lautrec wholesale Yellow Garden Roses are single stemmed perfumed roses that are yellow to dark yellow in color. Toulouse Lautrec yellow garden roses are cup shaped. Wholesale yellow roses are one of the few flowers that can be used as single stems. Last but not least in roses are the Yellow Spray Roses. The spray roses can be used by individuals requiring slightly longer stems and larger heads. Be sure to consider the 24 inch rose length. These spray roses can be used for wedding cakes, flower girl baskets and hair combs where petite sized blooms are perfect for creating elegant touches.

Leaving the roses, let me suggest other wholesale flowers that can also be used. Fresh cut mini yellow calla lilies are gorgeous. Calla lilies are easy to hydrate, easy to arrange, and simply unforgettable! Flame and Mango Mini Calla Lilies are popular floral arrangements. These wholesale flowers can be used as standalone decor but are also commonly used in brides bouquets, and to accompany wedding flowers in floral centerpieces and boutonnieres. The flame mini calla lily is yellow and is characterized as having a dark orange red tip reminiscent of a flame. Fresh cut yellow Gladiolus flowers are dramatic with their tall stems measuring at least 2-3 feet in height and yellow funnel-shaped blossoms that open from bottom to top.

I will provide you with several fillers that can be used in your golden wedding anniversary. Dyed Yellow Baby’s Breath is a perfect filler that is simple to use. It is also known as Gypsophila and it is used commonly to complement floral arrangements and rose bouquets, fresh or dried. Cockscomb is the crested variety of Celosia. This flower texture looks like a coral head or brain. This unique and eclectic flower comes in attractive yellow, red, orange and green colors with long stiff stems. Celosia Cockscomb makes a perfect choice for fresh cut flowers even though some individuals purchase Celosia Cockscomb to be dried.

Any of the wholesale flowers that are mentioned above can be used in vases, bouquets, centerpieces, corsages or boutonnieres. Whatever you decide to use make sure that this event is unforgettable for the couple.

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DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Oregon Country Wedding 21 DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

A country wedding is beautiful because it is just you, the man you love and nature. Once you have chosen the area where you wish to have your wedding, it is time to begin planning the decorations. In country weddings nature will be a big aspect. I want to provide you with some  DIY wedding ideas. Wholesale flowers will be great in your DIY wedding if you take into account the colors that the bride has chosen. Let’s say she chooses to use white, beige and green. A lovely assortment of fresh cut jade, cream roses, green hypericum, dyed green hydrangeas, stephanotis and white tulips will make a marvelous bouquet.

Now if your event is very big you will definitely want to order the following:

This will provide enough flowers for you to take care of the entire wedding party.

Now if you prefer to use orange then you could use:

  • Gerberas (300st): Orange
  • Hypericum (200st): Green
  • Spray Roses (200st): Orange and White
  • Mini Hydrangeas (45st): Green
  • Tulips (100st): Orange

These are great flowers for a country wedding, but I must say that in looking through many flowers I found myself captivated by the simply remarkable DIY package that is exclusive at Whole Blossoms! By using this package you can enjoy a mix of fresh dark red roses, mini calla lilies, freesia, variegated lily grass and rose petals. It all depends on the sized ordered. This package can be used to create 20-50 flower centerpieces and 4-10 bridal party bouquets.  It is a convenient DIY wedding flower combo you can use to create floral arrangements at your leisure.

Each bride has a different experience, but it will be unforgettable. If you decide you just don’t have time to DIY, then my suggestion is that you get a package that includes everything that the wedding party is going to use.

These packages include:

Whatever package you decide to use for your DIY wedding, keep this in mind; your wedding is a one time event. You will be getting all this attentions from your family, friends and more important, the love of your life. Don’t pay attention to the little bumps in the road. Enjoy and cherish these beautiful moments.

garden rose bouquet DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

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Whole Blossoms Roses

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

A flower that is known worldwide is the rose. Many people think that a rose is just a rose. But I am going to write to you about the different types of roses there are that can be used for wedding decorations, flower arrangements, office parties, Christmas and any holiday.

Red Roses have always being favorite flowers to express love, romance and passion. Red roses are favorite wedding flowers during the fall and winter. Red roses are also favorite wholesale flowers for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Red wholesale roses have several red shades within the spectrum of color schemes and different shapes and opening cut points. Some of these varieties are the typical red rose that comes from Colombia and Ecuador, freedom, charlotte, opium, red success, cherry love, love story, prestige red, night fever, forever young, black magic, black beauty, and the black baccarat rose.

The White rose also has different shades. There is the white wholesale wedding rose that is used for bride bouquets, and floral arrangements you may use during the wedding that uses white roses. The white roses that I have seen most mentioned are the Anastasia, Polar Star, Akito, Quicksand, Virginia, Creamy Pink Stephanie, Sweetnesse Rose, Alex Rose Creamy Pink, Creme de la Creme, and the Vendela.

Garden Roses come in many different colors and sizes and for some varieties, accompanied by a sweet, fragrant perfume. Please note that while beautiful and elegant, Garden Roses in general maintain a relatively short vase life of up to 5 days provided proper care and handling is administered. Off White Garden Rose with Green Eye Flower, Cream Garden Rose Flower Classic Woman Piaget, David Austin Patience, Cream Turtle Garden Rose with Yellow Cast, David Austin Juliet Peach, Caramel Antique Garden Rose Cream Peach Butterscotch Flower, Salmanazar Pink Peach Peony, Sweet Elegance Green Pink Tea, David Austin Miranda, Baronesse Samarcanda Red, Yellow Garden Rose with Green
Eye Flower, and the Green Garden Rose Flower are just a few of the garden roses.

There are also roses that are known as spray roses. Spray Rose flowers are offered in many different colors and lengths to meet all needs and tastes. Spray roses are pretty and feminine wholesale flowers for special events or everyday indulgence. The spray rose can have 3 to 5 blooms per stem. For individuals requiring slightly longer stems and
larger heads, be sure to consider the 50cm spray rose length. Spray roses are popular flowers for both wedding cakes and hair combs where a smaller sized head is perfect for creating elegant touches. Some of these are the white,
crème, yellow, green with yellow cast, pink, majolika, ilse, purple, hot pink, orange, and red.

If you are looking for long stem roses, the best are the wholesale long stem red roses that come in a 24 inch, or 60cm length. Wholesale long stem roses are one of the most popular flowers used for weddings, events and every day occasions. Roses are a great choice for wedding flowers. They can be used in boutonnieres, corsages, bride bouquets, cake decorations, church arrangements and centerpieces. These long stem roses have larger heads. They are toxin-free flowers, and they have significantly stronger stems and resistance to disease. The increased brightness is special in the red varieties, since there is no “darkening”. During winter these roses are high resistance to harsh weather conditions, such as frost, and they have longer vase life.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the roses come any many varieties. Roses can be used for wedding decorations, floral arrangements, holidays, anniversaries, Christmas parties, or even office parties.

garden roses 150x150 Whole Blossoms Roses  sweetheart roses 150x150 Whole Blossoms Roses  wholesale roses long stem 150x150 Whole Blossoms Roses

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Wedding Flower Color Trends For 2013

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
bride wedding flowers1 Wedding Flower Color Trends For 2013

Wedding Flower Colors

The New Year comes full with new and renovated trends for your wedding flowers. Make sure you consider all your floral options before making up your mind. Even if you are a classic bride who loves monochromatic themed decor, you will fall in love with the captivating color palettes for 2013. You can go with a classy flower selection and choose vibrant shades, or you can select tropical and joyful flowers and play with a wide range of colors. No matter on which side you stand, vibrant contrasts of bright colors are all in for the upcoming year. They are simply a must!

Do not feel shy if you consider yourself a classy bride. You can still add a vibrant and gorgeous touch of color using classic flowers for weddings such as roses, hydrangeas, garden roses or mini callas. These wedding flowers have always been the top selection for classic and vintage weddings due to their beautiful off-white and creamy shades. However, new varieties are now popular for their bright hot pink, green, orange, and other stunning shades. Almost every color is possible for your wedding flowers thanks to dyes and floral paint that any bride can use to give to her classic flowers a contemporary touch.

For our bold brides, exotic and multi-flower arrangements are a MUST in 2013. Do not be shy of arranging several kinds of flowers as they will add texture and joy to your wedding decor. Bright colored anemones, ranunculus, orchids, and many other flowers are a must if you want to stay out of the traditional monochromatic wedding flowers. Additionally, large bloom-sized flowers will contrast beautifully with smaller sized bud flowers. Try to keep a distance from choosing single color shades and instead opt for elegant and exotic contrasts.

Hot pinks, bright greens, yellows, oranges and purples are an excellent option for 2013. You can pick one of this vibrant colors and combine different classic wedding flowers. You can also choose only one type of flower and benefit from a wide range of contrasting colors. If your flower wholesaler does not have the color you had in mind available, simply order white flowers and tint them as you desire! Don’t be nervous; wedding flowers will not wilt faster when floral paint is applied if they receive proper care and handling.

Whatever you choose to do for your wedding flowers, keep two factors in mind:

  1. Try to order samplers and create small arrangements so you can see how the flowers actually look together. You do not really want to order bulk flowers and try your ideas out two days before your event. Better ideas might jump in as you arrange your sample flowers!
  2. There is no manual or standard protocol for your wedding flowers. You are the bride; you choose what stays and what goes away. Don’t be afraid of celebrating this full-of-joy day with vibrant and unique colors that will definitely leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests’ hearts.

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