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How To Use Your Wholesale Rose Petals

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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Wholesale rose petals are a popular seller for weddings and special events at Whole Blossoms. Offering fresh rose petals, freeze dried rose petals and organic rose petals, you can be sure of finding the right petals for your wedding or special event at Whole Blossoms. Choose from a wide array of different colors and year round availability to complement your wedding flowers or design other wholesale flowers.

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Fresh rose petals are the long standing tradition for use in weddings. Its widely known appeal and compliment to fresh wedding flowers make this variety a top seller. Gaining in popularity, freeze dried rose petals have recently been recognized for its relatively long shelf life and suggested use at some venues. Its non-slip attribute and strong anti-stain properties have helped propel freeze dried petals to recognition with many florists, event planners and wedding sites.

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It is very important that you place your Rose Petals in a shaded, cool, not humid place out of sunlight until they are ready to be used. Keep them at a temperature under 60 degrees and over 35 degrees to ensure highest freshness. If you prefer, you can store them in a portable refrigerator to keep them cool but they cannot be stored with food since food gases might deteriorate the petals appearance.

When storing your flowers, make sure that they are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

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Wedding Cakes With Wholesale Flowers

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Floral wedding package 3 Wedding Cakes With Wholesale Flowers


Wedding Cakes with Wholesale Flowers

I am here to provide you with ideas on how to make the wedding cake just as important as all the other wedding decorations and floral arrangements. The decoration of a wedding cake with flowers depends on the color that you are using for your wedding.

We will start with square cakes. A four layer wedding cake will look beautiful with wholesale Pink LA Hybrid Lilies. Lily Pink Flowers symbolize beauty, charm, happiness, fondness and friendship. In addition you can add wholesale Dyed Blue Bom Dendrobium orchids to the cake. They can hang on each layer of the cake. This exhilarating and exotic Dendrobium is purple and specially dyed with a hint of blue to create the exciting colors.

Square cakes can also have five layers. If the cake is all white you can choose from Loose Bombay Dendrobium blooms or Loose Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium Petals. Dendrobium Orchid blooms has become some of the most desired decorative accents for weddings. Loose Dendrobium Orchid Blooms are exotic and have delicate texture and look. You can put the Dendrobium petals between tiers.

You will also be able to use wholesale roses in the decoration of your wedding cake. If you have a three layered round cake, you can place fresh cut roses between tiers and on the top. You can choose from a different variety at Whole Blossoms. You can choose from red, bicolor, white, cream, pink, medium pink, dark pink, lavender, purple, orange, yellow, green, peach and assorted roses. Whole Blossom’s roses have larger heads, and they are toxin-free flowers, as well as consistency in colors. These roses have significantly stronger stems and resistance to disease. The roses have increased brightness, especially in the red varieties, since there is no “darkening”. They are high resistance to harsh weather conditions, such as frost, greater endurance when packed and they are fresher flowers and have a longer vase life.

Fresh rose petals’ covering the base of the cake and in between the tiers looks amazing. Whole Blossoms sells wholesale Rose Petals direct from the farms for maximum freshness! They are available all year round. There are also freeze dried rose petals. Our wholesale freeze dried rose petals are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Because freeze dried rose petals are non-staining and non-slippery, some venues do recommend this type of petal for use at special events. Our bulk freeze dried rose petals come in many different colors and maintain a long shelf life that ranges from months to years depending on storage conditions. In addition to these unique rose petals, wholesale freeze dried hydrangea petals and peony petals are also available year round and all come with free shipping with your online order.

You can also have your wedding cake made in a heart shape. I would have two heart shaped cakes side by side.  Complement the cake surrounding it with beautiful wholesale sunflowers. Sunflowers are native to North and South America and symbolize loyalty, best wishes and pride. Whole Blossoms sunflowers are long lasting and come in beautiful and bright yellow with light or dark center.

Bulk flowers will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wedding cakes, but the advantage of this is that you can also order wholesale flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, bridesmaid, wedding decorations and all of your floral arrangements. Take your time to go to and see all the great variety of wholesale flowers we have to offer for that special day.

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Bridal Shower With Wholesale Flowers

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

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We all want to have an unforgettable wedding. We are always looking to have the best dress, the best decorations , the best flowers and entertainment, but we often forget that in order for us to do things right every bride must have an unforgettable bridal shower. The bride to be will receive many gifts and will make many friendships. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. The custom originated in the 1890s and is today most common in the United States, Canada, and, by North American influence, Australia. Bridal
showers were originally arranged to present gifts to the bride since they commonly took care of the household needs.

Usually this is an event that can be hosted in the bride to be’s house or a relative’s house and every bride can decorate the place where they will be hosting the event as they wish. In a more personal matter, because I have had my own bridal shower, I enjoyed very much decorating with beautiful and different flower arrangements. Once you have the place figured out you can then jump to flowers and what you will be wearing. Be fabulous, be simple, be yourself. Everything will come together in your favor. Don’t complicate things. Don’t make things more complicated than they already are. I want to share with you some of my ideas for this amazing day.

You can decorate with yellow mini calla centerpieces. They can be arranged just at the right height for both tall and short floral arrangements. Wholesale centerpiece flowers are 11 inches tall so you can trim them to fit your vases. Yellow is a color that will bring radiance and good luck to your party. Let’s say you are a fan of green and you would like all your centerpieces in your bridal shower to have a green flower.The Green Spider Mums & Callas Centerpieces would be a great addition. The Green Spider Mum or Anastasia flower is a strikingly colorful variety with playful pointed ends. Premium Spider Mum Anastasias are resilient and long lasting flowers. The Calla Lily flowers are some of the most desired wholesale flowers in the market. Their long stems, trumpet shape and sophisticated look bring stunning elegance to your bridal shower. Green represents nature and can help you calm your nerves.

You have to confirm if the Peonies are in season, but I consider the Peonies to also be an elegant flower to be used during your bridal shower. Wholesale peony flowers are available in December and come in a lovely assortment of colors including dark red, white, pink, hot pink, and blush. Claude Brasseur represents single stemmed, lavender colored garden roses. With a natural perfume, this garden rose makes for beautiful decoration along with the Larkspur. Larkspur is a member of the Buttercup family and is known for its tall slender heights and colorful small blooms that are densely packed together. A fragile yet popular fresh cut flower, larkspur has a relatively short vase life not to exceed one week.

Now last, but I would say not least the wholesale burgundy Scabiosa flower is a petite and lovely flower. It bears a focal center button with a surrounding row of thin to heavy spaced petals. Also known as pincushion flowers, the Scabiosa grows a long thin stem and is easy for you to use in your bridal shower. Like I mentioned before, keep it simple and use wholesale flowers that can be arranged easily. To all you beautiful brides to be, may your love bloom brighter and your companionship grow sweeter with each passing year.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013


50 Golden Wedding Anniversary

It is such a wonderful event when you see a couple celebrating their Golden wedding anniversary. The golden wedding anniversary is celebrated when the couple have been married for 50 years. I want to be able to provide you with several wholesale flowers that can be used to decorate the ballroom or the wedding chapel where you will be celebrating this memorable day.

Let´s begin with different types of roses that will look beautiful in your celebration. Fresh cut Attraction bicolor yellow orange roses are popular for their long vase life and sense of color that they will bring into your party. We also have the Baby Romantica garden roses; while smaller than single stem peony garden roses they are a great choice when trying to fill space in wedding centerpieces and bouquets. Each spray stem includes 3-5 blooms. Baby Romantica are beautiful butterscotch peony shaped spray garden roses. Fresh cut Toulouse Lautrec wholesale Yellow Garden Roses are single stemmed perfumed roses that are yellow to dark yellow in color. Toulouse Lautrec yellow garden roses are cup shaped. Wholesale yellow roses are one of the few flowers that can be used as single stems. Last but not least in roses are the Yellow Spray Roses. The spray roses can be used by individuals requiring slightly longer stems and larger heads. Be sure to consider the 24 inch rose length. These spray roses can be used for wedding cakes, flower girl baskets and hair combs where petite sized blooms are perfect for creating elegant touches.

Leaving the roses, let me suggest other wholesale flowers that can also be used. Fresh cut mini yellow calla lilies are gorgeous. Calla lilies are easy to hydrate, easy to arrange, and simply unforgettable! Flame and Mango Mini Calla Lilies are popular floral arrangements. These wholesale flowers can be used as standalone decor but are also commonly used in brides bouquets, and to accompany wedding flowers in floral centerpieces and boutonnieres. The flame mini calla lily is yellow and is characterized as having a dark orange red tip reminiscent of a flame. Fresh cut yellow Gladiolus flowers are dramatic with their tall stems measuring at least 2-3 feet in height and yellow funnel-shaped blossoms that open from bottom to top.

I will provide you with several fillers that can be used in your golden wedding anniversary. Dyed Yellow Baby’s Breath is a perfect filler that is simple to use. It is also known as Gypsophila and it is used commonly to complement floral arrangements and rose bouquets, fresh or dried. Cockscomb is the crested variety of Celosia. This flower texture looks like a coral head or brain. This unique and eclectic flower comes in attractive yellow, red, orange and green colors with long stiff stems. Celosia Cockscomb makes a perfect choice for fresh cut flowers even though some individuals purchase Celosia Cockscomb to be dried.

Any of the wholesale flowers that are mentioned above can be used in vases, bouquets, centerpieces, corsages or boutonnieres. Whatever you decide to use make sure that this event is unforgettable for the couple.

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DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Oregon Country Wedding 21 DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

A country wedding is beautiful because it is just you, the man you love and nature. Once you have chosen the area where you wish to have your wedding, it is time to begin planning the decorations. In country weddings nature will be a big aspect. I want to provide you with some  DIY wedding ideas. Wholesale flowers will be great in your DIY wedding if you take into account the colors that the bride has chosen. Let’s say she chooses to use white, beige and green. A lovely assortment of fresh cut jade, cream roses, green hypericum, dyed green hydrangeas, stephanotis and white tulips will make a marvelous bouquet.

Now if your event is very big you will definitely want to order the following:

This will provide enough flowers for you to take care of the entire wedding party.

Now if you prefer to use orange then you could use:

  • Gerberas (300st): Orange
  • Hypericum (200st): Green
  • Spray Roses (200st): Orange and White
  • Mini Hydrangeas (45st): Green
  • Tulips (100st): Orange

These are great flowers for a country wedding, but I must say that in looking through many flowers I found myself captivated by the simply remarkable DIY package that is exclusive at Whole Blossoms! By using this package you can enjoy a mix of fresh dark red roses, mini calla lilies, freesia, variegated lily grass and rose petals. It all depends on the sized ordered. This package can be used to create 20-50 flower centerpieces and 4-10 bridal party bouquets.  It is a convenient DIY wedding flower combo you can use to create floral arrangements at your leisure.

Each bride has a different experience, but it will be unforgettable. If you decide you just don’t have time to DIY, then my suggestion is that you get a package that includes everything that the wedding party is going to use.

These packages include:

Whatever package you decide to use for your DIY wedding, keep this in mind; your wedding is a one time event. You will be getting all this attentions from your family, friends and more important, the love of your life. Don’t pay attention to the little bumps in the road. Enjoy and cherish these beautiful moments.

garden rose bouquet DIY Country Wedding with Wholesale Flowers

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Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

imagesCA91M08S 150x150 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers long stem red roses 150x150 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers






Whole Blossoms understands that the engagement party needs to be as beautiful as possible being that you are lettingeveryone know the decision that you have made to spend the rest of your life with the one that you love. The engagement party helps future wedding guests to get to know one another and also for your guest to be able to know what the couple needs as a gift for their wedding. This is also a good time for the bride to start getting ideas of what flowers to use for the decoration of the church as well as the reception and of course let’s not forget the bouquets, bridalbouquets, mother corsages, boutonnieres, table centerpieces and even DIY wedding flowers.

Every aspect of the wedding decorations is important but I personally think we should focus on the DIY wedding flowers. This is a great way for you to be able to put your ideas in order as to what colors and flowers you want to use in your wedding. Some of these DIY wedding flowers that Whole Blossoms offers come in packages which is even better.

DIY wedding flower combo a 121713 300x291 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

The Natural Beauty DIY Wedding Flower combo comes with a lovely assortment of fresh cut jade & cream roses, green hypericum, dyed green hydrangeas, stephanotis, and white tulips. This DIY wedding package can be used to create 20-50 Centerpieces and 4-12 Bridal Bouquets. The Orange Fantasy DIY wedding flowers packages comes with solid orange and green flowers for simple, elegant floral bouquets and centerpieces.

DIY Flowers White Roses Petals 121713 300x291 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

The Premium Rose and Petal Happiness combo consists of wholesale roses and rose petals. A lovely combination that includes solid rose colors for simple and elegant wedding bouquets and flower centerpieces.


Roses Bells of Ireland flowers 121713 300x291 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

The Roses Delight & Bells of Ireland includes different shades of orange roses and Bells of Ireland to add elegance and sophistication to your bouquets and centerpieces. The Roses Delight wedding flower package can be used for 20-50 centerpieces and 4-12 bridal bouquets.


Simply Remarkable Roses 1 121713 300x291 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

The Simply Remarkable Flower combo lets you enjoy a mix of fresh dark red roses, mini calla lilies, freesia, variegated lily grass, and rose petals. Depending on size ordered, a package can be used to create 20-50 flower centerpieces and 4-10 bridal party bouquets. This DIY combo is very convenient because you can create floral arrangements at your leisure.

The Summer Extravaganza DIY Wedding package can be used to create 20-50 wedding centerpieces and 4-12 bridal bouquets. Wholesale DIY wedding flowers are available year round and available in different combo sizes to accommodate your floral needs.

mini wedding centerpiece red roses 121713 300x291 Engagement Party with Wholesale Flowers

Whole Blossoms also gives great prices on centerpieces. If you are using red roses you can get Red Roses, Hypericum & Green Leaves to use as centerpieces. You can use transparent bowls and place the flowers in them. I sure think it saves a lot of time in choosing flowers, bouquets, centerpieces and everything that comes along with the decoration of the church, and reception where you are going to have this special event. Just keep in mind that whatever flowers you decide to use the most important thing is that you will be spending the rest of your life with that person that makes you smile, dream, and be happy.


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How to Dye Flowers in a Simple Way

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

How to Dye Flowers Quickly and Easily

Though nature has provided us with brilliant flowers in different colors, patterns and designs, you still might have seen unique, dyed flowers in a florist shop or wedding with that would have seemed unusual and lead you to ask how they were dyed. Such flowers don’t grow that way naturally. Instead, they are dyed in different ways which give them their unique, beautiful look.  In some cases, it appears as if they are naturally colored that way.  If you want to know how to dye flowers and are thinking it might be a difficult task, then you are wrong. It is simple and best of all, inexpensive. You don’t need any special skills or tools for dyeing a flower.  Take a look at these steps and learn how to dye flowers.

  1. The first thing you need to do is order fresh cut flowers and upon delivery, fill your vases and buckets with several inches of clean water. You’ll want to make a note of how many cups of water are actually used to determine how much dye to apply.
  2. Next, add 20 to 40 drops of food color (any color you like) for every 2 cups of water in you vase or bucket. The number of drops you add also depend on the type of shade you want the flower to have (eg light blue vs dark blue).  If you want a light or mild color effect , then 20 drops will be more than enough.  If you want a vibrant shade then you can increase the number of drops of the food color.
  3. Make sure the cut flowers you use have long stems as the water will flow in from the roots, which will then change your flowers’ color.  Cut 2 inches diagonally off the end of these stems with floral shears or a sharp knife to make the stems pointed. Collect all the flowers with stems pointing downwards.
  4. Now, place your flowers into a vase or bucket and store in a cool place while letting them hydrate for about 24 hours.  The veins inside the stems will suck the dyed water, and continue to do so as it reaches the flower petals. At that point, you will see a change in color. More exposure to dyed water will lead to increased coloring of your flowers and petals.
  5. Once 24 hours have been past, check your flowers for additional change in color. If it’s the same color that you desired then great otherwise you can always add more food color.

Additional tips:

  • Make sure you choose those flowers that are fresh. Old and wilted flowers do not absorb the dye well and you won’t get the desired color. Sometimes, the flowers don’t get the color at all.
  • It is preferable to use white flowers for dyeing as they achieve perfect color.  This does not mean that you cannot dye colored flowers. A light colored flowered can also be dyed well and will create unique coloring as compared to using a white flower.
  • It is recommended to use a glass or ceramic vase instead of a plastic jar or glass. It will be easier for you to remove stains from such material.
  • Note that should you decide to place your dyed flowers into a new vase with clean, uncolored water, the dye remaining in the flower stems will leak and cause some dyeing of your clean water. This will gradually happen over many hours, however.
  • For special events, we recommend experimenting prior to your occasion to ensure you come out with the right “recipe”.  Then you can be sure you have the perfect diy wedding flowers at the right color.

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Aisle and Chair Floral Decor

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Using florals such as fresh cut flowers, branches and foliage to embellish aisle ends and reception chairs is a wonderful idea that is inexpensive, simple and make for a grand statement for such little investment. Continue reading for ideas and tips on creating that perfect look for your wedding or special event.

aisle wedding flowers 300x227 Aisle and Chair Floral Decor

Aisle Wedding Flowers

The first question becomes what flowers to use. Generally, tall stemmed flowers , branches and foliage are fitting for the arrangements. Tall, fresh cut calla lilies, for example, are a popular choice and compliment wedding bouquets made out of hand-tied calla lilies. These can be accented with greenery, hypericum berries, and tied with a silk sash to create a lovely arrangement. The good thing about using calla lilies is that they come in many different colors so finding that right shade isn’t difficult at all.

Other tall flowers and foliage that make for excellent aisle decor include snapdragons, liatris, delphinium (both belladonna and hybrid varieties), long stemmed roses, sunflowers, orchids, peonies, irises, curly willow, cherry blossom branches and many more. You might consider decorating aisle ends on the morning of your wedding to preserve the freshness of your flowers.

At the reception, chairs can be tied with ribbons accented with flowers of any size, short or tall. You might consider using chair covers to provide a complimentary color to help set the mood. What’s great about embellishing chairs with floral bouquets is that it quickly sets the tone for the event and is very simple and economical to do.

Ribbons and the right filler flower or greenery is the next consideration. Virtually every ribbon in any color, width and material is available from your local arts and crafts or fabric store. Greenery is also widely available in various sizes and color (ie green or variegated). The good news about green filler is that most of it is harvested year round in plentiful quantities.

Countless setups can be created to highlight aisles and chairs with the simple use of fresh flowers. When choosing reception and ceremony flowers for weddings, think size and color. Then take a look at the numerous flowers offered for the date of your event. Certain flowers like cherry blossoms, for example, are available at certain times of the year so be sure your florals will be in season for your wedding.

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Popular Wedding Flowers in 2012

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

A new year is about to begin with the never ending gamut of weddings to take place in the new term. Many brides-to-be begin planning their wedding at least one year in advance which includes considerations surrounding their dress, decor, logistics, and wedding flowers among others, of course. If you have not yet decided what flowers to use for your wedding, we invite you to consider some of our top selling cut flowers from the current year. These flower varieties have been praised year over year by our DIY brides, wedding planners, and florists for their remarkable and beauty and ease in use.

wedding bouquet flowers 200x300 Popular Wedding Flowers in 2012

Popular Wedding Flowers

One of the top favorites, Garden Roses, is known for its old world elegance, with complex petals and full bodied blooms. Admired by countless DIY brides, Garden Roses display delicate and classic petals that unfurl beautifully to create gorgeous centerpieces and wedding bouquets. No other garden flower offers Victorian beauty with its perfume effervescence. The garden rose is a top seller and comes in a wide range of varying shapes and colors suitable for all customers. Classic brides can choose from among multiple shades of off-white, peach, cream, and white colors; modern brides might appreciate hot pinks, greens, purple, and bright yellow shades.

The second option for brides this year is a large, magnificent flower that many brides are familiar with and which is widely cherished: peonies. Highly revered by brides and florists owing to their fluffy, silk petals and full airy blooms, peonies are the epitome of a perfect flower. This tall, robust flower can be used semi-closed or fully bloomed to achieve that fluffy look. Peony flowers, when combined with Garden Roses, will leave you and your guests breathless! You can choose white, pink, hot pink, coral, and other colorful shades to add that unique and sentimental look to wedding bouquet and floral arrangements.

Another top seller for the current year is a trumpet shaped flower, mini calla lilies, adored by many due to their unique look and bright, enchanting colors. Owing to their different lengths and sizes, fresh cut mini callas offer flexibility in creating boutonnieres and corsages, as well as in arranging vase work. The dark purple, chocolate, flame, and bicolor shades are loved by brides for year-round weddings! Mini callas are a classic! It is not hard to find them at almost any wedding with their beautiful shades and classy touch.

Last but not least, hydrangeas have been a bride’s darling because of their small and filling petals that combine together to create one of the largest floral blooms available. Hydrangeas are adored by many because their size fills empty space and gives arrangements that fluffy look many find appealing. Hydrangeas stand out thanks to their natural and gorgeous shades that compliment well with almost any flower! If you are considering arranging mini callas for your wedding, you definitely want to consider using hydrangeas in your floral arrangements as well.

Garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and mini calla lily flowers are some of the more popular wedding flowers observed during the current year. As classics available throughout the year, these lovely varieties retain their outstanding beauty and work well as stand alone flowers or with accentuating blooms. For DIY flower brides, they make perfect options and will continue to enchant guests and bridal parties for many more years and seasons to come.

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Planning Weddings In 2012 For DIY Brides

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

This year, more and more brides are turning to purchasing wholesale flowers and wedding flowers from online stores as an alternative option to organize their dream wedding within a budget. With premium prices charged by floral designers, local floral shops, and wedding planners, it is challenging to get all the flowers needed for the ceremony, the reception, and the bride and bridesmaid bouquets at a reasonable price.

wedding flowers Planning Weddings In 2012 For DIY Brides

Wedding Planning

With a recession at stake and many details to think about when preparing a wedding, brides are involving their moms, bridesmaids, grandmothers and aunties to help arrange centerpieces and bouquets so they can cut corners and enjoy the premium flowers desired for their wedding. Centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres are very simple to make when following DIY wedding flower tips and instructions.

Whole Blossoms is an online flower wholesaler that specializes in selling premium flowers for DIY weddings. Whole Blossoms flowers are shipped direct from the farms in Colombia and Ecuador to you so you not only save on your wedding flowers but also get the freshest cut flowers available in the market for you to have the most memorable day of your life.

Factors to consider when buying and processing Wholesale Flowers for your Wedding or Event:

  • Order your flowers at least one to two months prior to your wedding or event. If you place your order a couple of weeks before your event, it is possible that the flowers you want are not available or you may need to pay a premium price to find the desired colors and varieties
  • If your wedding is on Saturday, schedule your flower delivery for Wednesday or Thursday. This will enable the flowers to open nicely and will ensure that you won’t have last minute delays due to weather or flight cancellations
  • Fill a sink or bathtub with several inches of filtered warm water to hydrate your flowers. Carefully remove the flower wrapping and stand the flower bunches in the water until you make the arrangements. Make fresh cuts on all stems before arranging, and make your rose cuts underwater. This will ensure that the flowers will be hydrated properly and will look radiant for your wedding or event
  • If you need a last minute order, Whole Blossoms can ship you flowers within 48 hours depending on the flower variety needed

For additional advice or help with the selection of your DIY wedding or event flowers, give us a call at 1.877.WOW.BLOOMS. We are here to help you!

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