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Red Wedding Roses

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

92 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 62 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 52 150x150 Red Wedding Roses

While bridal bouquets look stunning on their own, they are often chosen to accentuate the bride’s gown, height, body type, jewelry, and veil as well as the theme of the wedding in all its glory. As a wholesaler of wedding flowers, Whole Blossoms offers a wide variety of beautiful, pre-arranged wedding bouquets so you can choose the style that matches your wedding theme, color, style, and personality!

82 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 44 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 32 150x150 Red Wedding Roses

Red Roses have always being favorite flowers to express love, romance and passion. Red roses are favorite wedding flowers during the Fall and Winter. Red roses are also favorite wholesale flowers for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Red wholesale roses:

  • Have several red shades within the spectrum of color schemes
  • Have different shapes and opening cut points

Our red wholesale roses are carefully selected and harvested at our Colombian and Ecuadorian farms so you can enjoy the finest export quality roses farm direct for your most important celebrations.

72 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 22 150x150 Red Wedding Roses 1 150x150 Red Wedding Roses

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Happy Mother’s Day

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

red rose white lily flowers delivery 150x150 Happy Mothers Day

In 1908 Anna Jarvis while at Grafton, West Virginia held a special memorial day for her mother, soon after this she began trying to get Mother’s Day to be recognized as a holiday.  She was able to have this day recognized by 1914. Even though Jarvis took all the creative for herself there had been previous attempts to get Mother’s Day adopted as a holiday. In 1870 Julia Ward Howe’s attempted to establish a “Mother’s Day for Peace”. She also did not mention Mothering Sunday which is a Christian holiday celebrated throughout Europe.

Mother’s Day is such a beautiful tie to be able to show your appreciation towards your mother. Yes, you can show your love to your mother all year but this is the day when you buy her favorite wholesale flowers and make it an even a better day.

Whole Blossoms understands how it is important to show all your appreciation not only to your mother, but to your grandmother and all the women in your life that are mothers. I want to mention these wholesale flowers that Whole Blossoms offers and fantastic prices.

We will begin with our immaculate pure love flower arrangements are simply stunning, they are made of red roses, white carnations, white Asiatic lilies, white snapdragons, white alstroemeria, green tinted eryngium fillers, gold tinted ruscus fillers and white poms. The pure love flower arrangements are the perfect way to say thank you to your loved ones, these handmade arrangements are farm direct and made only with premium wholesale flowers!

Give the gorgeous, vibrant Mom’s Caring Love flower arrangement to express your love on Mother’s Day. The bouquet is made from 3 Pink Oriental Lilies, 2 White Oriental Lilies, 3 Pink Spray Roses, 3 White Button Poms, 4 Baby Blue Eucalyptus, 5 Green Israeli Ruscus, 3 White Snapdragons and 4 Million Star Gypsophilia.  This will leave your mother stunned.

If your mother enjoys more the yellow and orange spring looking flowers than the Mom’s Spring Love Floral Arrangement is what she needs. This is made 3 Orange Asiatic Lilies, 6 Premium Yellow Roses, 4 Orange Gerbera Daisies, 3 Green Button Poms, 3 Peach Mini Carnations, 3 Green Leather Leaves, 3 Green Israeli Ruscus, 4 Orange Carnations and 3 Orange Spray Roses.

Now these are just some flower arrangements that Whole Blossoms offers but you can choose your favorite fresh cut flowers among over 2,000 wholesale flower varieties to add sophistication and joy to your most important celebration. Whole Blossoms is here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have and we are here to make sure that you are satisfied with your wholesale flowers.

mothers day flower delivery 150x150 Happy Mothers Day mothers day flower arrangement 150x150 Happy Mothers Day

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Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

Friday, January 17th, 2014

I want to provide you with answers to frequent asked questions that our customers ask, this way you can get to know Whole Blossoms a little more.

Q: If I Want to Purchase Assorted Colors, Can I Select the Colors I Want?
A: Absolutely! There is a Comments box provided during the checkout process that can be used to specify colors you would like in your order. Let us know in your comments that you would like that item to be a different mix.

Q: If My Event Is On a Saturday or Sunday, When Should My Flowers Be Delivered?
A: It is recommended that you schedule delivery of your wholesale flowers to occur a few days prior to your event. For weekend events, we suggest a Wednesday or Thursday delivery. This will provide time to rehydrate your flowers and allow for some blooming as most wholesale flowers are shipped with closed buds.  Please note that while flowers are shipped from farms timely to ensure on-time deliveries, there is a remote possibility that orders may be delayed while in transit due to uncontrollable factors resulting from weather, flight delays, customs inspections, etc.

Q: If I Order My Flowers for Wednesday or Thursday Delivery, Will They Be Fresh for My Event?
A: Absolutely! Our flowers come directly from the farms to you and will be 5-10 days fresher than flowers purchased in local markets, or from online importers/wholesalers who store bulk flowers in coolers in Miami for 2-5 days prior to being shipped to you.

Q: How Long in Advance Can I Order My Flowers?
A: The sooner the better! To ensure availability, we recommend placing your order at least one month in advance. However, you can place regular orders up to 7 days prior to the delivery date and for an additional fee, place Rush Delivery orders by calling our toll Free number: 1-877-WOW-BLOOMS. Rush deliveries can be accommodated in as short as 1-2 days depending on farm location, delivery location and availability.

Q: Do Prices include shipping?
A: Yes. Where indicated, product pricing includes Free Shipping for deliveries made within the continental US. Deliveries made outside the continental US such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada are assessed a shipping surcharge.

Q: How Can I Check My Order Status?
You will receive an order confirmation via email immediately after placing your order. Later, 1-2 days prior to your delivery date, your order tracking number(s) will be emailed to you with instructions on how to track your order.

Q: Do I Need to Sign or Be Present for My Flower Delivery?
A: Yes, flower deliveries require a signature. Generally, FedEx will not leave boxes due to risk of theft or outdoor temperature which can prematurely wilt flowers. If you or someone will not be available, we recommend having the flowers delivered to your work, neighbor or local FedEx Kinkos station where an authorized signer will be available.

Q: What Day should I Schedule my Wedding Flowers to Arrive?
We recommend scheduling your delivery date to occur 2-4 days prior to your wedding or event since your wedding flowers will need to be hydrated and conditioned. The additional days will also provide some cushion to mitigate any delays while your order is in transit. Note that while flowers are shipped from the farms to arrive on your chosen date, delays with FedEx, USDA and US Customs may result in receiving your order 1-2 days before/after your intended delivery date.

Q: Can I Change My Order Once the Order Is Already Placed?
A: Yes. If you wish to change something on your order, please call and request changes at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled delivery date.

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Thursday, January 16th, 2014

The love of your life has just proposed and now you will have to begin planning your special day. Whole Blossoms can provide you with different types of flowers and different color of flowers. I will provide you with several options of wholesale flowers that you can use in your wedding decorations and your floral arrangements.

anastasia rose white 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS 

While most colors look their best during certain seasons, white flowers are one of the few wholesale flowers that combine well with other colors and are appropriate for every season. White wedding flowers have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. White wedding flowers suggest purity, serenity, and endless love. Our white wholesale flowers come in a mix of natural white, white-blush, ivory, and off-white shades to complement and enhance all and every wedding bouquet and flower arrangement.

blue hydrangea dutch 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Blue flowers are only available in a few flower varieties and most of the time true blues can only be achieved by tinting flowers. Blue flowers are an elegant choice and blend harmoniously with white, yellow, orange, red, cream, and different shades of blue.

Football Mums Bronze Flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Bronze Gold flowers are vivid exhilarating wedding flowers. Bronze Gold wedding colors do not come out in flowers naturally so they need to be tinted. Gold wedding colors can be achieved in hydrangeas, eryngium thistle, chrysanthemums, and roses.

chocolate sunflower1 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Burgundy chocolate flowers are some of the most desired wedding flowers due to their unique deep colors and their beauty. Burgundy chocolate flowers blend beautifully with white, red, green, cream, and orange flowers. Burgundy chocolate flowers are highly used as contrasting focal wedding flowers during the summer, fall, and winter.

Hot Pink Gladiolus Flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Hot pink flowers will bring a combination of elegance, modern, and trendy spark to your wedding flowers. Whether you choose a contrasting theme such as hot pink and black or a more formal look like hot pink, cream, and light pink for your wedding flowers, hot pink flowers will bring this finishing touch that will make your flower arrangements and your bridal bouquet stand out.

darcey david austin garden rose red flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Red flowers are passionate, vibrant, intense, and some of the most powerful flower colors to communicate romance. Red flowers are chosen for wedding flowers year round and continue to be one of the favorite wedding colors symbolizing love. Combine red flowers with green, burgundy, white, cream, and chocolate tones to achieve a natural earthy look.

calla lilies orange papaya flowers 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Orange flowers are characterized by their intense and warm tones. Orange flowers cheerful and uplifting shades make wedding flowers stand out and are usually combined with green, peach, purple and hot pink tones during spring, summer and fall weddings.

craspedia flowers 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Yellow flowers communicate cheerfulness and will bring a splash of sunshine to your wedding flowers. Rich golden yellow flowers contain warm red undertones and clear acid yellows have a distinct greenish tinge that will make your spring, summer and fall wedding flowers shine. Some yellow flower varieties may come with a green tinge that appears in flowers due to weather.

rainbow tulips 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Mixed and rainbow flowers are cheerful and colorful wholesale flowers ideal for weddings and other celebrations. Rainbow flowers are available for delivery year round. Wholesale flowers that can be tinted in multicolor include roses and tulips.

These are just a few colors that flowers can come in. We would have to spend pages and pages with all the colors that are available. I hope these colors will assist you with your wedding decorations.



Thursday, January 16th, 2014

wholesale peony flowers 150x150 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES Wholesale Peonies are a top seller for brides at Whole Blossoms. Usage depends on theme but fresh peonies are commonly used for weddings in bridal bouquets and focal wedding centerpieces. Peony flowers are some of the bestselling wholesale flowers for weddings and events. A resilient flower, their shape, simplicity and large size add elegance to any wedding decoration or floral arrangement.

coral peonies wedding flower 150x150 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES Peonies vary depending in the time of the month that you are getting married. The variety of peonies that are sold are hot pink, pink, white, Sarah Benhardt, blush, dark red, festiva maxima, hot pink fuchsia, coral, and assorted colors. Now these colors are available depending on the month, not only it depends on this but it also depends on Mother Nature and the weather at the time of harvesting.

peony flowers wedding bouquet 150x150 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES Peony wedding flowers are silky soft with their airy petals that beautifully bloom from tight, round buds. Stunning in size, peonies make a dramatic statement, bestowing a fresh garden feel in wedding bouquets and table centerpiece arrangements. Countless options exist on how to integrate these romantic, feminine flowers into your wedding day, from arranging stems to create hand tied bridal bouquets, to combining bulk peonies to arrange vase centerpieces. Fresh cut peony flowers evoke romance and sophistication, and perfect for weddings and other memorable occasions.

red peony flower 150x150 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES It is very important that when you buy Peonies you understand the care and handling of these flowers. When you receive them don’t just throw them in a bucket and go on your marry way. I want to give you some tips on how to take care of Peonies. Peonies need to be hydrated as soon as you receive them. Unpack your flowers as soon as you receive them and cut one-half to one inch off the stem at an angle (under water if possible) with a sharp knife, NOT scissors. Quickly place the Peonies into buckets filled with warm, filtered (de-chlorinated) water. Add floral preservative to the water if available. Remove any wilted foliage that could fall into the water to avoid the growth of bacteria. If the flowers are not going to be displayed immediately, try to keep them in a cool place (no cooler than 40F) and replace water and floral preservative frequently to ensure freshness.

hot pink peony flower 150x150 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES I want to let you know that Peonies look like golf balls when they arrive; this is why it is very important that you at least hydrated them for 24 hours before they can start to open. Make sure you follow step by step the care and handling of the Peonies and they will bloom and look stunning for your wedding.

twitthis grey 72x22 CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES

Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Created by Enzina Marrari & Whole Blossoms

Fresh flower gown 190x300 Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

At Whole Blossoms, we always try to deliver happiness to our clients by giving them phenomenal and breathtaking wedding flowers. We want to be able to provide joy and we are very glad to hear back from our valued customers. Today, I want to share with you the story of an extraordinary customer who is responsible for creating this beautiful wearable art and who is interested in merging fashion design and sculpture to create wearable art pieces. Her name is Enzina Marrari and she incorporates painting, drawing, craft, fiber arts and sculpture into two and three dimensional forms, this provides a different avenue for Marrari to investigate the connections between process and outcome, person and object. She turned to Whole Blossoms to assist her with making this dream come true, because of the convenient way to order wedding flowers. The experience she had with her wholesale flowers was great, she enjoyed the premium quality and the excellent customer service experience.

Enzina Marrari is a performance and visual artist whose work addressees themes of the social, personal and political elements of the human experience, which results in a sense of exposure and investigation that is consistent throughout her work. Enzina was born in Chicago, IL in 1980 and received her MA in Studio and Mixed Media Arts from New York University and her BA in Sculpture from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  She is currently the Art Director for Middle Way Café and she also volunteers for International Gallery of Contemporary Art where she is a studio resident. Marrari was awarded a residency through Proyecto Ace Artist Residency Program in 2011. She has also received two Best In Show awards in the No Big Heads National Self Portrait Competition through the University of Alaska Anchorage. She placed Top 5 for three consecutive years in Anchorage’s Object Runway placing first in 2010, fifth in 2011 and in 2012 she placed third in People’s Choice.

Enzina Marrari was creating three wearable art garments for the 2013 Object Runway Wearable Arts competition in Anchorage, Alaska. “Object Runway” is an art event put on every year by the International Gallery of Contemporary Art. The idea is a spin-off of the popular show Project Runway, and invites artists, designers, crafters, and any/everyone, to create pieces of art that can be worn on a body and down a runway. To star her project, she decided to use bulk flowers in order to create the amazing look she was trying to achieve. Enzina used different varieties of wholesale flowers such as: Organic Ecuadorian Roses, Multicolor Snapdragons, Blue Delphiniums, Baby’s Breaths, Alaska Wildflowers and grasses as you can see in the pictures and also in the explanations below which consisted of “Beloved”, “Wildflower”, “Drift”.

“Beloved” is a ball gown made entirely of wholesale roses and accents of Baby’s Breath. This gown consisted of about 1,000 fresh red roses on a base structure of elastic cotton fabric, wire hoop skirts and layers of petticoats. The completed garment weighed about 75lbs. The construction of this gown was extremely difficult and took about 20 hours to complete. This gown was intended to reflect a blooming of the heart.

Fresh flower gown 2 201x300 Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns Fresh flower gown 3 207x300 Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

twitthis grey 72x22 Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

Samantha’s Wedding

Friday, January 10th, 2014

I just lived one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. I said “I do” and now we are headed for a life time together. My wedding dress was spectacular and long. I decided to order online wholesale flowers to decorate the wedding chapel and for all the flower arrangements including the car. I chose to by the Multicolor Rose Cascade Bridal Bouquet. It had Pink, White, Dark Pink & Bicolor Red Yellow Roses, Baby’s Breath and Greens. I ordered six Dark Pink Posy Rose Bridesmaids Bouquets. They were dreamy small rose bouquets and very neat and light to carry. My bridesmaid just looked stunning. My husband, his father, my father, and his groom’s men used Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres. My mother, his mother, our grandmothers, and other special ladies in our life used beautiful fresh cut pink with purple cast wrist corsages.

Now my flower girls had baskets full of fresh rose petals to throw while walking in, but I was so happy to know that I could buy 18,000 fresh rose petals to be put as a walkway for me to enter the chapel. I also bought online 6 feet roses, to decorate the corners of the chapel. The head sizes range from 4.6cm to 6.2cm depending on the rose variety. Since I wanted to have roses all over the place I order more roses. The minister had Ilse spray rose beside him.  Each Ilse rose stem had 3-5 buds that opened to beautiful blossoms.

For the pew decorations I used David Austin’s Rosalind (Austew) Garden Rose. They are described as a light pink rose that boasts fully, packed petals that together form peony shaped buds. Characterized as English Roses, Rosalind Garden Roses carry a light fruity fragrance and delicate beauty. I also mixed these roses with the white roses and Fiddlehead Fern, which is also known as Fern Curls. They are beautiful exotic fillers that made a perfect addition to the floral arrangements.

I am so happy that I ordered online wholesale flowers. They arrived on time and with special instructions on how to take care of them.  Many people told me not to order online but I called Whole Blossoms to see if they could answer some questions I had and they took the time to answer every single question I had, so ordered the flowers online.  I was very happy about this. Well I wanted to share this wonderful experience that I had with my online flowers so you don’t feel scared to order online. My wedding turned out just fabulous.

twitthis grey 72x22 Samanthas Wedding

Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

bicolor orange yellow sunflower 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations yellow sunflower 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations teddy bear sunflower 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

The Sunflower name derives from its shape. It is also known for capturing the sun. Sunflowers are native to North and South America and symbolize loyalty, best wishes and pride. Sunflowers are beautiful to use in wedding decorations, flower arrangements, anniversaries, holiday, or any occasion. Sunflowers have different varieties; these varieties will brighten up your event and will complete your bridal bouquet.

I am going to start off with the Yellow Dark Center flower. It comes in three different sizes. You will need to make sure to choose the right size for your floral arrangements and bouquets! The medium has a center diameter of 1.6″ & the Petal to Petal diameter is 4.0″ On the other hand the Large has the Center Diameter of 2.0″ & the Petal to Petal Diameter is 4.4″. Now if you want your bridesmaid to carry only one sunflower you can order the extra-large that has a center diameter of 2.4″-3.1″ & the petal to petal diameter is 4.8″-5.5″.

The ever popular mini sunflower is used for parties and special events. Create a fun ambiance with a playful display of fresh cut small sized sunflowers. Add to flower arrangements or leave as stand-alone for a cheerful display of bright yellow.

If you want to use a chocolate color for your wedding decorations you can buy online wholesale Chocolate Sunflowers. These sunflowers are grown in California. They are about are 24-32 inches long and come with medium to large sized heads. If you are looking for a red color then you will want the red sunflower. This wholesale red sunflower variety is imported from Colombia and Ecuador and is naturally tinted to create the red tint that adorns its petals. Used as an excellent contrast with inspiring floral centerpieces, red sunflowers are also perfect flowers for the Fall and Halloween season. Weddings inspire sweetness and happiness. The Teddy Bear sunflower is a novelty sunflower that grows a thick, furry coat of stems. Soft, fluffy and bearing only a small center,

I will give some ideas to use sunflowers for centerpieces and other wedding decorations. For example you can use Yellow Sunflowers, Green Button Poms, White Daisy Poms & Tree fern to create and outstanding centerpiece to decorate all of your wedding tables. You can also make a bridal bouquet with sunflowers, red and white roses, Queen Anne’s lace and aspidistra. Sunflowers are great also on wedding cake decorations, flower girl hair decorations, car, and to decorate your ballroom with.

Spider mums, gerberas, Hypericum berry, White Bouvardia, and Freesia are some flower names and fillers that will just go fantastic with sunflowers. The white Anastasia spider mums are striking and playful Chrysanthemum flowers, they are larger in size than regular Fuji spider mums. Fresh cut Orange Gerbera Daisy flowers are a popular color to brighten any room through a flower centerpiece or as a striking display to a bride’s bouquet. With a positive and playful demeanor, orange gerberas are perfect for wedding centerpieces, bouquets, Halloween setups and other floral arrangements. Hypericum berries are a favorite filler for wedding flowers and events! Hypericum is a great choice if you want to add a finishing touch of beauty to your bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. Each hypericum stem measures between 18 to 26 inches.

Each stem bears between 10-20 off white berries with each berry ranging in size between 1 to 2 cm. White Bouvardia has a delicate fragrance and it comes with gorgeous star shaped blooms. This lovely and elegant flower is a perfect choice for weddings, special occasions or for any type of flower arrangements. The Freesia represents innocence, thoughtfulness, and trust. And there is no better way to communicate that with a fresh cut of assorted freesia flowers. Use freesia to brighten up any room environment or for other floral arrangements that demand an assorted color.

I have provided you with several names of sunflowers and in addition I have given you the names of some flowers that will make your wedding decorations, bridal bouquets and flower arrangements look just unbelievable. Enjoy the sunflowers and make the best out of your event.

red sunflowers tinted 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations mini sunflowers 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations chocolate sunflower 150x150 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

twitthis grey 72x22 Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

Be My Valentine Flower

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

valentine gift 24 bicolor pink roses BLO38385 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowervalentine gift 24 red roses BLO38383 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowervalentine gift 24 bicolor pink roses BLO38385 150x150 Be My Valentine Flower


Valentine’s Day has come and it is time to celebrate with your loved one, family members, and friends. When we think about Valentine’s Day we imagine stuffed animals, chocolates, candles, balloons and flowers.  I really can’t say much about stuffed animals, candles, chocolates, or balloons but I will be glad to talk to you about flowers.

I want to start off with exquisite red flower centerpieces made only with fresh cut flowers from South America that include green leather leaf, red roses, red carnations, red hypericum, and red gerberas. This centerpiece can be placed in your living room or dining room to surprise the one that you love. After this you can surprise her with a ravishing premium red rose floral arrangement. This floral arrangement is made with 24 premium red roses, 3 million Star Baby’s Breath, and 3 green Leather Leaves.

You can also give an arrangement to your mother or your mother in law. The bouquet can be made of 3 Leather Leaves, 3 Million Star Star Baby’s Breath, and 24 Bicolor Dark Pink Roses. If you want to really make her smile give her a ravishing pink floral arrangement. This is made out of 3 Pink Mini Carnations, 3 Tinted Hot Pink Spider Mums, 1 Tinted Lavender Million Star Baby’s Breath, 4 Green Leather Leaves, 2 Pink Spray Roses, 3 Purple Button Poms and 2 Pink Snapdragons.

If you want to tell your grandma that you love her and you are so happy she is a part of your life, you can give her a 24 White Premium Roses, 3 Million Star Baby’s Breath, and 3 Green Leather Leaves. She will also be delighted to get Berry Pink Roses. These roses are arranged to create a magnificent floral arrangement to express love and appreciation and best wishes on Valentine’s Day.

Bicolor Cream Red Rose Peta 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowerred white rose petals1 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowerred rose petals 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowerassorted rose petals 150x150 Be My Valentine Flower

You can buy fresh rose petals if you are planning a romantic dinner for your girlfriend, wife, or fiancé. You can use 3,000, 7,000 and 15,000 rose petals. They can be placed as a rug for her to walk into the dining room, patio, park, or where you have arranged the romantic evening. There is a big variety of fresh rose petals. You can use red and white, red, off white, pink, hot pink, bi-color cream red, lavender, peach, orange, green, yellow or assorted.

red blue rose 150x150 Be My Valentine Floweryellow red blue rose 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowerblue glitter rose 150x150 Be My Valentine Flowerrainbow glitter rose 150x150 Be My Valentine Flower


Using your imagination for this special day will be a great idea. You can buy novelty roses. These are very unique roses. Wholesale Novelty and Tinted Roses are offered in many different colors. Choose from any one of our rainbow roses that consists of multiple red, orange, pink, purple white and other colors, or if you prefer, choose a specific breed or solid color from our standard bulk rose lineup. Both bulk tinted and multi-colored roses are available year round and ship farm direct to you for maximum freshness. There is a mixture of red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, and glitter.

The person that you are going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day will remember Valentine’s Day because you took the time to look for wholesale flowers that will take their breath way.

twitthis grey 72x22 Be My Valentine Flower

Flowers For A Valentine Wedding

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

ml302 0203 hrt flowers xl Flowers For A Valentine Wedding


A new year has come and the love of your life has just proposed. You say: yes and the start of a new chapter in your life will begin. You decide you will get married on Valentine’s Day. Wholesale roses and many other flowers will be great for your Valentine wedding. Let me give you several flowers that will just look marvelous in your wedding decorations and floral arrangements.

I want to mention several roses that are cultivated in the farms of Ecuador and Colombia. The traditional red rose can be combined with most flowers available in the market. Flower designers usually combine roses with alstroemeria, carnations, garden roses, peonies, tulips, asiatic and oriental lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, leather leaf, baby’s breath, solidago, statice, and limonium. We move on to the Freedom Red Rose. Freedoms are bright to medium red wholesale roses. Freedom wholesale roses have 90% aperture with normal opening and about 38 rose petals per bloom. The Charlotte Red Rose has a medium head that opens into a spectacular bloom. Bright red in color, our Charlotte wholesale roses are cultivated from the cool climates of Ecuador and Colombia. Opium Red Roses are a relatively new breed of flower that is known for its relatively larger head resulting from a higher petal count. One of our pure red wholesale roses imported weekly, many florists appreciate the resilience and full body look once bloomed. The Red Success rose reflects a deep red tone and boasts wide, full blooms that many find appealing for bridal bouquets and vase work.

Cherry Love wholesale roses speak without words. Red roses inspire and add contrast. When combining red roses with mini green hydrangeas you will be able to create inspiring floral designs that will captivate your guest’s attention. Cherry Love wholesale roses have a cherry red shade and 100% aperture. Cherry Love roses have fast opening and include about 34 rose petals per rose.

Love Story roses are pure red wholesale roses with 100% aperture and fast opening. On average a Love Story rose includes 23 rose petals per stem. Lush and glamorous, Love Story is a pure red rose that arrange beautifully for wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, boutonnieres and more.  Along with the Love Story roses is the Black Baccara Roses. This rose is one of the most desired wholesale roses for wedding flowers. Black Baccara has a unique dark red shade and beautiful opening. They will make your floral arrangements look astonishing!

These are only red roses but I am sure you will want to add a touch of white roses as well. White bulk roses look stunning when combined with hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies in wedding centerpieces and bouquets. White flowers emit a soothing and charming radiance that will enhance your wedding flower arrangements and decorations. There is also the Anastasia Rose; this rose is a large bloom white rose that has a tinge of cream in the center. A classic choice among brides, Polar Star white roses are known for their creamy white petals that form beautiful, star shaped blooms. Bearing a large head and high petal count, fresh cut polar star roses are fitting for bridal bouquets. The creamy white Mount Everest premium rose is recognized for its large blooms size, like the Akito Rose. The Mount Everest rose is considered a large rose when compared with other white rose varieties.

My beautiful brides these are just some names of roses that will look great in your wedding decorations. You will be able to use them in your bouquets or in any flower arrangements that you have. You can accompany them with other flowers or you can just use an all rose theme for your wedding. Roses only compliment your other wedding decorations; remember you are the most beautiful rose.

charlotte wholesale roses 150x150 Flowers For A Valentine Wedding white roses 150x150 Flowers For A Valentine Wedding black baccara rose 150x150 Flowers For A Valentine Wedding Polar Star White Roses 150x150 Flowers For A Valentine Wedding

twitthis grey 72x22 Flowers For A Valentine Wedding