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Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

21 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 61 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 71 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation

Wholesale Succulents for weddings and special events at discount prices! Many of our brides have been asking for Succulents which we are happy to offer. Many of our DIY customers already know that fresh cut succulent flowers make for gorgeous wedding bouquets and other special, native floral arrangements.

succulent horse 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 91 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 81 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation

Use bulk succulents with wedding flowers to create inspiring bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and many other floral arrangements. Succulents are no longer limited to the monochromatic green shades so there are endless possibilities of mixing in all sorts of colors together -burgundy, pink, black, purple, blue and yellow among others.

51 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 43 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation 31 150x150 Wholesale Succulents For Any Occation

You can have fun with these wholesale flowers and enjoy them not only for wedding decorations or floral arrangements but also for decorating your home and for any event you are planning.

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Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

pink anemones flower 150x150 Anemonesred anemone 150x150 Anemonesblue anemone flower 150x150 Anemoneswhite anemone flower 150x150 Anemones

Wholesale Anemones are excellent flowers for arranging wedding centerpieces and bouquets. A popular flower among DIY brides, florists and wedding planners, fresh cut anemones are popular as wedding flowers for wedding bouquets due to their large, gorgeous petals and ravishing centers.

One of the amazing things about the Anemone is that according to the Greek the word Anemone means “daughter of the wind”.  According to Greek mythology the goddess Venus sprinkled nectar on the blood of her dead lover Adonis thus creating the Anemone plant. The Anemone also indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken, but not all is sorrow it also means anticipation.There are about 150 different species of Anemones.

The Anemone is not only used for floral decorations but can be used for medicinal purposes.  This beautiful flowers is used for cramps, menstrual problems and emotional distress. Now there is a species of Anemones that is poisonous to humans, but it has been used in medicine.

Whole Blossoms bulk Anemones flowers come in white, purple blue, pink, burgundy, and red shades. While Anemones are seasonal flowers generally available from late December to late June, we offer these gorgeous wholesale flowers during the off-season months.

All flowers need care and handling, so please make sure to follow these steps:

  • Carefully unpack your fresh cut Anemones.  They will need to be hydrated upon arrival.
  • Place your flowers in clean, fresh, warm water (100-110F). Carefully remove leaves, thorns or foliage that fall under the water level (without tearing the stem skin) to avoid the build-up of bacteria. Cut one inch of the end of the flower stem in a 45-degree angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors) to allow water to be better absorbed through the stems.
  • After cutting the stem at an angle, quickly place the flowers in water since it only takes a minute for the stem to dry and seal up. Anemones are heavy drinkers so check their water level frequently when hydrating and arranging.
  • Keep flowers in a shaded, cool, relatively humid area (if possible under 45F). Avoid placing flowers near heat surfaces or environments.
  • Do not keep your flowers in the refrigerator overnight since many food gases can cause a negative reaction in the flowers.
  • Store Anemones vertically in plenty of water with heads bent toward the light. Do not arrange them with Daffodils unless Daffodils have been treated properly. Keep Anemones in a cool location to prolong vase life. Anemones will open in light and heat so be sure to keep plan appropriately for blooming purposes.

Enjoy your flowers and remember that Whole Blossoms offers you the best prices on wholesale Anemones.

anemone flower 150x150 Anemonesanemone burgundy flower 150x150 Anemoneswhite anemone green center 150x150 Anemoneshot pink anemone flower 150x150 Anemones

twitthis grey 72x22 Anemones


Friday, January 17th, 2014

Wholesale Hydrangea flowers are highly popular for weddings and used to create hydrangea bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces. Things you should know about Hydrangea:


HYDRANGEAS DIMENSIONS: Whole Blossoms Hydrangeas are 16in-26in long. Head diameter varies depending on the variety desired.

Antique Hydrangeas: 7.5-9.1in Diameter.

Dyed Hydrangeas: 4.3-6.0in Diameter
Elite Hydrangeas:
3.5-5.1in Diameter
Jumbo Hydrangeas: 6.0-9.1in Diameter
Mini Hydrangeas: 3.5-5.1in Diameter
Natural Hydrangeas: 4.7-7.0in Diameter
Super Select Hydrangeas: 5.0-7.5in Diameter

WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE THE DELIVERY FOR THIS FLOWER? We recommend scheduling the delivery of Hydrangeas at least 2 days prior to your wedding or event. If your wedding or event is on a Saturday, the best day to schedule delivery of your Hydrangeas is Wednesday or Thursday.

HOW LONG IN ADVANCE SHOULD I ORDER? We recommend that you order your Hydrangeas at least a month before your wedding or event to ensure product and colors availability.

WILL MY FLOWERS BE FRESH SINCE THEY WILL ARRIVE A COUPLE OF DAYS PRIOR TO MY WEDDING OR EVENT? Our Hydrangeas travel with individual water feeding tubes to ensure proper hydration from the moment they are cut to the time you receive them. Whole Blossoms Flowers and Greens come directly from the farms. Your flowers are cut within 24 hours following harvest to ensure freshness. Whole Blossoms flowers and greens are 100% freshness Guaranteed!

Many people that order Hydrangeas get frightened because they don’t know how to take care of them and they feel that the flowers are going to dye and they have wasted their money. Well my friends I am here to tell you the proper care and handling of Hydrangeas. Unpack flowers as soon as you receive them and cut about one inch of the stem at an angle under  water (with a sharp knife NOT scissors). Peel about 2‐3 inches of the stem around (as though peeling a carrot) and make some incisions at the bottom of the stem to further enable hydration. Remove foliage that could fall under water to avoid bacteria to build‐in and place the flowers in clean, fresh, warm, filtered water (100F‐105F). Rehydrate for at least an hour before using and add floral preservative. If the flowers are not going to be displayed immediately, try to keep them in a fresh place preferably (45F‐58F) and at least 80% humidity in fresh water with floral preservative.

Replace water and floral preservative frequently to ensure long vase life. When storing your flowers, make sure that they are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Well now you know a little more about Hydrangeas. Please keep in mind that the wholesale flowers suffer from dehydration and water stress. Keep these flowers in water at all times since they need continuous hydration and enjoy your flowers.

twitthis grey 72x22 WHOLESALE HYDRANGEAS

Wholesale Cherry Blossoms

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Fuji Japan   Cherry Blossoms and Mount 1024x768 Wholesale Cherry Blossoms

Whole Blossoms wants you to understand the meaning of the Cherry Blossoms. The Cherry Blossoms is also known as Sakura by the Japanese. A ritual started during the Nara Period of having a picnic underneath the Cherry Blossom tree. This ritual was only for the Imperial Court but it quickly moved on to the samurai society and eventually everyone was having a picnic underneath the Cherry Blossom trees. It is said that the Cherry Blossom is recognized for extreme beauty and quick death. Many people believed the Japanese warriors that died would reincarnate in the Cherry Blossoms. The Japanese 100 Yen con has a Cherry Blossom on one of its sides.

The Cherry Blossoms grows in many places around the world including Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, India, The Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. These blossoms are salted and pickled so they can be used as tea in wedding ceremonies, but they cannot be drank in large amounts because the leaves has coumarin that is highly toxic.

Whole Blossoms understand that these Cherry Blossoms can be used in wedding decorations and floral arrangements. Fresh cut cherry blossom branches are prized for late Winter and Spring weddings. Use Cherry Blossom branches to create and embellish a number of setups including table centerpieces, flower girl baskets, boutonnieres, topiaries, and more. While Whole Blossoms ships branches to bloom in sync with your event, actual blooming can no longer be guaranteed given the fickle blossoming nature.

Whole Blossoms carries two basic Cherry Blossom branch products for your shopping convenience. This beautiful selection of fresh cut Cherry Blossoms Branches is available only from February to March, packed in 5-8 stems bunches, and come in medium lengths only.

When ordering wholesale Cherry Blossom branches, for Jan and Feb deliveries, it is recommended that delivery occurs 7 days before your wedding or event to permit adequate blooming. For Mar and later, a 4-5 day lead time before your wedding or event is suggested for proper blooming.

pink cherry blossoms 300x291 Wholesale Cherry Blossoms white cherry blossom 300x291 Wholesale Cherry Blossoms

twitthis grey 72x22 Wholesale Cherry Blossoms

Sweet Sixteen Flower Decorations

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

imagesCAY1YRGG Sweet Sixteen Flower Decorations

When a girl turns sixteen she looks forward to the best event ever. This is the time when she can share that special dance with her father and she gets to throw a big party for her and her friends to enjoy. It is a tradition that sixteen candles be given during the ceremony but fresh cut flowers also have a meaning. You can combine different wholesale rose colors, some white and some red ones.

The first rose is for the girl’s parents. The second rose is for the god parents. The third rose is for the siblings. (If there are no siblings, then this rose can represent the grandparents.) Roses 4, 5, 6, and 7 are for the rest of the family members. Roses 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 are for friends. Rose 15 is for the girl’s best friend. The 16th rose is for the boyfriend or a very close male/female friend.

These are the flowers that are given instead of the candles. The ballroom or party room that you want to use for this special day should also be decorated with wholesale flowers that are meaningful to the sweet sixteen birthday girl. The Celebration Centerpiece is a joyful arrangement boasting red and white gerbera daisies and a splash of evergreen. These centerpieces can go on the sixteen tables that will be used for your event.

In the entrance and throughout the ballroom you can have wholesale tulips because these fresh flowers are perfect to use for decorations. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness.

A beautiful decoration that you can give to your guest is putting loose, wholesale Bombay Dendrobium Blooms in a crystal bottle and adding a well-designed thank you for coming card along with it. You are not limited to only using Wholesale Bombay Dendrobium Blooms. You can also use different kinds of petals like the loose, wholesale Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium petals, freeze dried rose petals, or even assorted rose petals, this will make a gift to remember.

This is a very special moment for your sweet sixteen birthday princess to remember. Make sure that you make an event that she will always cherish in her heart, and that she will be able to share with her family and her friends.

long stem roses Sweet Sixteen Flower Decorations

twitthis grey 72x22 Sweet Sixteen Flower Decorations

Branches and Wholesale Greens

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

white cherry blossom 150x150 Branches and Wholesale Greens





Wholesale Pumpkin Trees are fun and a perfect addition to any floral arrangement. Growing on thick branches, these wonderful miniature gourds are delivered straight from our farms.  Many of our customers use fresh cut mini pumpkin trees for wedding decorations, seasonal events, offices parties and for dried floral arrangements. A perfect accompaniment to centerpieces, these lovely pumpkin branches can be used as standalone setups or filler for your yearend arrangements.

Wholesale Cherry Blossom branches are available from late January thru May. A unique flowering branch, cherry blossom branches are widely used by floral designers for their elegant portrayal of spring time beauty. Popular for table flower centerpieces, cherry blossom branches can also be tied together to create indoor cherry trees that add a bold and sophisticated statement. Due to seasonality, Cherry Blossoms branches are subject to availability. Please note that each bunch includes 6-10 branches. 

Manzanita Branches are 2 Ft tall and come packed with 1-2 branches per bunch. 1 bundle includes 10 bunches of 1-2 branches. Besides the Manzanita branches, Whole Blossoms sells Curly Willow. We have tips, medium and long Curly Willow. Our fresh Curly Willow tips are simply the tips or ends of Curly Willow branches. The shorter curly tip measures 28-40 inches long and the wholesale medium Curly Willow branches measure 40-60 inches long.  Our wholesale long Curly Willow branches measure 60-72 inches long. Any of these Curly Willow branches are perfect for creating tall floral arrangements and as an accompaniment to centerpiece flowers. They can also be used for wedding decorations and Christmas decorations. Fresh cut Curly Willow is harvested from the farm and shipped directly to you for maximum freshness.

Well let’s move past the branches. Greens are just as important. Bells of Ireland, also known as Molucella, are a tall spiky plant with cup-like leaves on their sides. Small spikes line the leaves and small blossoms grow inside the leaves.

Fiddlehead Ferns, also known as Fern Curls, are beautiful exotic fillers that make perfect additions to floral arrangements. Use them in bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower centerpieces to create unique and exotic looks. Bulk fresh cut fiddlehead fern curls are available year round. Reflecting an eggplant to matte shine, some varieties also bear a light brown fuzz and/or green hue. Farm direct wholesale Fiddlehead ferns are harvested for your custom order and carefully packed at the farm for delivery to you.

Bearing a mix of silver white color with subtle green, fresh cut Dusty Miller greenery makes for lovely table centerpieces and other floral decor. Many brides and their florists arrange Dusty Miller filler to accentuate wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. We especially love combining fresh cut Dusty Miller with succulents and garden roses.

Ti Leaves represent a tropical evergreen that is medium in width and native to the South Pacific regions where its leaves are used in clothing, celebrations and other cultural based events. Popular also in floral arrangements, Hawaiian Ti Leaves are excellent filler for floral arrangements and used in creating Ti Leaf Leis. For maximum freshness, your Ti Leaf order is custom harvested and carefully packed at the farm.

Last but definitely not least is the Baby Eucalyptus. This eucalyptus is a fragrant filler preferred for its unique blue gray color and it fragrance. Buy Baby Eucalyptus to design wedding bouquet flowers and wedding centerpieces.

Well these are just some names of greens and branches that can be used for different events. You can use these for wedding decorations, holiday decorations, and for many more events. Enjoy our wholesale prices, and free shipping on greens and fillers.


pumpkin tree 150x150 Branches and Wholesale Greens

twitthis grey 72x22 Branches and Wholesale Greens

Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

There is a big variety of flowers that are available all year round. These wholesale flowers can be used for wedding decorations, bouquets, flower delivery, flower arrangements, or any event that will use flowers. Since there are such a wide variety of flowers I will only mention the ones a find stunning and charming.

darcey david austin garden rose red flower1 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundpeach garden rose juliet 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundkeira david austin garden rose flower 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Rounddavid austin patience rose 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

Let’s begin with the David Austin Roses. The Darcey Red David Austin Garden Rose is an exclusive and sophisticated wholesale rose. Darcey Garden Roses symbolize romance and passion and will add a beautiful contrast to your wedding flowers. Kate David Austin Garden Roses have a hot pink shade that will blend well with pastel and vibrant colors to make your wedding flowers stand out. Last but not least in the David Austin Roses is the Keira David Austin Garden Rose. This rose has a very light shade of pink. The Keira David Austin Garden Rose can be used in bridal bouquets or any of you’re wedding decorations. All of the David Austin Roses are known for their fragrance.

Football Mums Bronze Flower 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundpurple football mum flowers 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundlavender football mum 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundred dark pink football mum 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

The Jumbo White Football Mum is also a flower that is available all year round. Jumbo Football Mum flowers represent some of the largest flowers within the mum family. The Football Mum flower is characterized by elongated petals radiating from a central bulb head. Popular at Texas Homecoming football games, football mums are also used in floral arrangements that evoke feelings of cheer and happiness.

Lavender Lisianthus Flower1 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year RoundRose Lisianthus 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year RoundPurple Lisianthus 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year RoundWhite Lisianthus flower 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

The Lisianthus are available for your event in different colors. The Lavender Lisianthus flowers makes a beautiful centerpiece or wedding bouquet accent. Bearing a royal look, lavender Lisianthus flowers show proudly with their rich green stems and accompanying buds. A relatively long-lived cut flower, Lisianthus is similar to roses, though with a delicate touch. The dark pink Lisianthus is reminiscent of a typical rose. With rich dark pink petals, the buds open gracefully to cup shaped blossoms perched on thin stems with rich, dark green leaves. The Champagne Cream Lisianthus is described as having rosettes of soft petals that open to reveal layers of neutral off-white tones. This variety is lush with quantities of ruffled green buds that continue to open on tall, smooth green stems.

cushion poms 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundgreen pom yoko onos 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundbutton pom chrysanthemum flowers 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundwholesale chrysanthemums flowers 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

A variety of Chrysanthemum, assorted colored Button Pom flowers are available year round. Our assortment includes white, green, and yellow button poms. Button Pom Chrysanthemums are resilient flowers that can endure hot weather and lack of water, and are perfect for outdoor celebrations. Cream White Stock flowers are commonly used to accent wedding bouquets, flower centerpieces and other floral arrangements. The Metallic Ruscus mix of pinks, purples and blues will adorn all spaces in your wedding decorations or special events. Metallic Ruscus will complement your wholesale flowers and make them radiate with love.

pink statice 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundyellow statice 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundstar of bethlehem flowers 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Roundwhite statice flower 150x150 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round

Star of Bethlehem Ornitoghalum flowers, also known as Ornithogalum are very popular for weddings and bridal bouquets. The Star of Bethlehem flowers contain 6 white petals with striking stamens. The phenomenal long-lasting Star of Bethlehem flower is one of the most delicate and sophisticated flowers available. This singular variety offers a fancy and cute touch to your wedding arrangements. With multiple blooms that slowly open to reveal a unique beauty, the Star of Bethlehem is an amazing complement flower for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and other wedding flowers.

Finally I will mention the White Statice filler flower that makes a wonderful addition for flower centerpieces and filler for wedding bouquets and other floral decor. Known for its paper-like feel, Statice flowers consist of a multitude of tiny blooms that rest upon a rectangular shaped bed on each flower stem. The Statice comes also in yellow, purple, pink, blue purple, lilac, and lavender. I hope that my mentioning these wholesale flowers will help you to be able to find flowers to use for that special day. Any of these wholesale flowers will be great for your wedding, Christmas, or just a present telling someone that you love them and that you are happy to have them be a part of your life.

twitthis grey 72x22 Wholesale Flowers All Year Round


Monday, December 23rd, 2013

flame calla lily flower 150x150 WHOLESALE CALLA LILIESdark schwarzwalder purple calla lily flower 150x150 WHOLESALE CALLA LILIES

Calla Lily flowers are many brides’ favorites and they are known to symbolize beauty. Calla Lilies are one of the most elegant cut flowers available. Calla Lilies enhance any setting, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication. The wholesale Calla Lilies bloom height is approx. 3.5 to 6 inches from stem to tip. When Calla Lilies arrive, the heads of the flowers are compressed and the beauty of the callas cannot be fully appreciated. Once Calla Lilies are hydrated, the heads will start to unroll. The diameter of a calla lily head is approximately 1.5 inches when closed and can open up to 3 inches after 3 to 4 days of hydration.

White Calla Lily bouquets and Calla Lily flower centerpieces are some of the popular traditional arrangements made with large Calla Lilies. Order our award winning premium white Calla Lilies for weddings and other special events. The grace and elegance of calla lily flowers has resulted in their popularity. Consider using White Calla Lilies for bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and other floral arrangements. Whole Blossoms offers fresh cut Calla Lilies direct from the grower to you for maximum freshness.

Open cut premium white Calla Lily flowers are wholesale flowers harvested to achieve a wide open cut. Contrary to regular white Calla Lilies, the open cut Calla Lily flowers come with the flower head opened. Calla lilies are favorite wedding flowers due to their size, shape, and breathtaking beauty. Premium White Calla Lilies are some of the most popular wedding flowers. Calla Lily flowers are easy to hydrate, easy to assemble, and will give your bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements a classy, beautiful look.

Our Green Goddess Calla Lily flowers are one of the most exotic flowers sold for weddings and other special events. Use Calla Lilies for vases, centerpieces and other floral arrangements to add an elegant look to your wedding. Their long stems, trumpet shape and sophisticated look will make heads turn. Consider using green calla lilies for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral arrangements.

Yellow Calla Lily flowers are found throughout the world and known for their striking color as a tall flower. Yellow Calla Lilies can be ordered from Whole Blossoms for memorable events such as weddings. Biologically known as Zantesdeschia Aethiopica, long stemmed yellow callas can easily be used in bridal bouquets or tall floral creations.

As previously stated the Calla Lilies look terrific in centerpieces and brides’ bouquets. There are also mini Calla Lilies. The variety of Calla Lilies is amazing. The Swatchwalder Mini Calla Lily is a popular variety among the chocolate mini callas. Red Aranal Calla Lilies are characterized as being dark red-orange to burgundy in color. Fresh Orange Love mini calla lilies bring a hot and bright look to your wedding flowers. Whole Blossoms offers Orange Calla Lilies at wholesale prices! Our Orange Mango Calla Lily flowers consist of a blend of orange and light red coloring to produce its exhilarating effect. Mango Mini Calla Lilies add elegance and simplicity to your flower arrangements. Stylish mango premium wedding calla lilies are great flowers to use in your wedding decorations. Calla lilies are one of most beautiful and desired wedding flowers.  The wholesale Peach Wedding Calla Lilies are available year round and generally known as the Mozart variety.

Fresh cut mini yellow calla lilies are gorgeous flowers for weddings and other events. These intimate and stylish wedding flowers add beauty to any wedding bouquet or table centerpiece.  Our wholesale yellow calla lily flowers are perfect DIY wedding flowers and are available throughout the year for your shopping convenience. Whole Blossoms offers award winning calla lilies direct from the lily farms to you for maximum freshness.

cream calla lilies bouquet 150x150 WHOLESALE CALLA LILIESyellow serrada calla lilies wedding flowers 150x150 WHOLESALE CALLA LILIES

twitthis grey 72x22 WHOLESALE CALLA LILIES

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Christmas Centerpiece white snow 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers Akito White Rose 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers white mini calla lily crystal brush 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers

While most colors look their best during certain seasons, white flowers are one of the few wholesale flowers that combine well with all other colors and are appropriate for every season. White wedding flowers have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. White wedding flowers suggest purity, serenity, and endless love. Our white wholesale flowers come in a mix of natural white, white-blush, ivory, and off-white shades to complement and enhance  each and every wedding bouquet and flower arrangement.

I will mention some of these beautiful white flowers that Whole Blossoms offers. The Akito Rose is a popular white rose breed among florists and event planners. Akito is considered a pure white in the flower industry. Grown in Colombia and Ecuador, our wholesale Akito white roses is shipped directly to you from a rose farm. Our Akito premium roses are harvested under stringent quality control so you can enjoy the finest export quality wholesale flowers for your most important celebrations. At this time Whole Blossoms has these roses on sale.

The Crystal Blush variety is a beautiful white mini calla that has a pointed body and touches of off-white on its edges. There are a big variety of Calla Lilies; I am just refering to the mini Calla Lilies. If color dictates your wholesale flowers choice, crystal blush mini callas can be an option to consider! Crystal blush mini callas enable you to mix all the imaginative combinations possible since this neutral color blends with all other colors. Buy Crystal Blush calla lilies to arrange bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements for your most important occasions.

Irises have a fuzzy, brightly colored strip that runs along the fallen lower petals known as the beard. White iris signify sweetness, simplicity and purity. Irises are a great choice on wholesale flowers for weddings, events and everyday occasions.

Wholeblossoms offers are wide variety of white flowers for Christmas and for your wedding. You can go into our website and look for wedding colors and you will see all the white flowers that are available. You will also be able to to find the red flowers as well.

Let me mention some red flowers that will be great for Christmas or your wedding celebration. Stunning holiday centerpieces will complement your holiday decorations. The Christmas Joy Flower Centerpiece has a viariety of red, white, and green flowers. Our wide spectrum of colors and varieties will enable you to select the color or design that will complement your wedding reception or event. Our farms make every attempt to fulfill your order with the same flowers displayed in our photos.

Whole Blossoms premium Christmas centerpieces and bouquets are the perfect accent to decorate corporate events, end-of-year company parties and wedding dinner tables. Whole Blossoms Christmas bouquets come directly from our Colombian farms. Our bouquets will bring to your celebrations longlasting fresh and fragrant flowers that will complement your decorations.

Our French red tulips are wholesale flowers bred in Holland and domestic farms in the U.S, depending on the time of the year. The French red tulips displayed have a longer vase life than regular tulips and are phototropic, meaning that they react to light, producing energy and continuing to grow in the presence of light after they are delivered and placed in water. French red tulips are favorite wedding flowers.

Dark Red Hypericum flowers are a favorite during the winter and Christmas season for arranging festive flower centerpieces. Fresh dark Red hypericum berry flowers are available throughout the year and range in length between 18-26 inches. A commonly used green and filler, red Hypericum berries sit atop thin yet rigid stems. Each stems bears between 10-14 berries with each berry measuring 1 to 2cm in width. Choose from dark red hypericum berries or other festive colors for your creative floral needs such as red, white, green, chocolate and yellow. Hypericum flowers are packed carefully at the farm and shipped soon after harvest for maximum freshness upon delivery.

Whole Blossoms wishes you the best Christmas possible and we are glad to be able to be a part of your events and of your Christmas and New year celebrations. We will be more than glad to assist you with any questions you may have.  To all our readers, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Joy Flower Bouquet1 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers red tulip 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowersred hypericum berry filler 150x150 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers

twitthis grey 72x22 Celebrate Christmas and New Year with White and Red Wholesale Flowers

Orchids Elegance and Glamour

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

white phalaenopsis orchid 150x150 Orchids Elegance and GlamourRed Mokara Orchid 150x150 Orchids Elegance and Glamourpink mini cymbidium orchid 150x150 Orchids Elegance and Glamour


Did you know that Whole Blossoms offers different types of orchids? Well Whole Blossoms offers a wide variety of these beautiful plants that you can use for many occasions or even to have as your gardening project. Many people think that  orchids are very difficult to take care of because they are very sensible but if you follow the care and handling steps you can be on your way to have beautiful plants.

Let’s talk about orchids that you buy for any type of events. You may be choosing your flowers with your florist and came to the conclusion that orchids is what you want. The first thing you need to do is choose the color and the type of orchids keep in mind there are plenty to pick from. The most common orchids are the Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, and Dendrobium which in my opinion are the most commonly used. All of these orchids need to be hydrated while they get to your destination since they are very delicate if you order wholesale in other words they need to travel with water tubes but if you are having your arrangements done by a florist make sure they use fresh cut to ensure freshness that way you arrangements would look stunning.

You may combine your orchids with different types of flowers like hydrangeas, wholesale roses, calla lilies to make it look fuller since orchids can be expensive, but this does not mean that you are going to stop yourself from having what you really want in your wedding or event. My best suggestion is that if you are running a bit low on money get yourself to buy wholesale. Whole Blossoms are wholesalers and we will provide you with fresh cut orchids from our farms and believe me you can save a lot of money.

Now let’s talk about using orchids as your gardening project orchids are the type of plants that is a must have at
home since they are very easy to care of and are very trendy right now. One of my best recommendations is if you are in a tropical weather plant them outside if this is not the case you may want to  use a clay pot which it would help
create moisture. If by any change you are not too big of a fan on clay pots you may use the plastic ones be sure to open some whole around it to help the roots of your plant breathe. Keep your orchids in indirect sunlight and be sure to
hydrate them often.

To finalize I want to give you these tips on how to keep your wholesale Orchids beautiful. Keep Orchids in filtered water at all times. Ideal temperature to achieve long lasting blooms is 55F to 65F during the day and 60F to 62F at night. Do not sprinkle orchid blooms with water since this can damage blooms giving them a transparent look. DO NOT place orchids in the refrigerator since this will damage their blooms. If orchids are going to be arranged after 3 days of being received, cut about one inch of the stem at an angle under water (with a sharp knife NOT scissors). Remove foliage that
could fall under water to avoid bacteria to build‐in and place the flowers in clean, fresh, warm, filtered water (100F‐105F). Rehydrate for at least an hour before using and add floral preservative. If the Orchids are not going to be displayed immediately, try to keep them in a fresh place preferably (50F‐55F) and at least 80% humidity in fresh water with floral preservative. Replace water and floral preservative every other day to ensure freshness. Frequent misting of cut orchids will lengthen their vase life. Orchids are ethylene sensitive and need to be kept in cool places (50F‐55F). Do not remove the pollinia or anthers, remove damaged flowers, and keep away from excessive heat or cold, smoke, ripening fruit, or wilting flowers as this causes premature death.


orange vanda 150x150 Orchids Elegance and Glamourgreen cymbidium red lip 150x150 Orchids Elegance and Glamourblue dendrobium orchid dye 150x150 Orchids Elegance and Glamour

twitthis grey 72x22 Orchids Elegance and Glamour