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Halloween is well known for the candy and the decorations for children now days. Some of the things that many people do all around the word is  trick-or-treating, costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted house attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. I bet you didn’t know that this day is also known for All Saint’s Eve.  In many countries as a religious note they light candles on the graves of the dead. The amazing thing is that however people wish to celebrate this day they decorate with flowers in many different ways as well. Continue reading “Halloween Wedding”

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Using fresh cut flowers, foliage, branches to decorate reception chairs and aisle ends is a brilliant idea which is simple, economical and makes for a splendid statement for a little investment. Read these ideas and tips to learn how to create a perfect look for weddings and special events.

The first question that comes to mind is which flowers to use. Usually, tall stemmed flowers, foliage and branches are fitting for arrangements. For example tall, fresh cut calla lilies are very popular choice and go well with wedding bouquets made of hand tied calla lilies. These can be made more beautiful with hypericum berries and greenery tied with a silk sash to make a lovely arrangement. The best thing about using calla lilies is they come in many colors so picking your favorite shade isn’t complicated at all.

aisle wedding flowers
Aisle Wedding Flowers

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Dry flowers
To Dry Flowers

Many of our DIY brides ask how to dry their wedding flowers once used for their wedding. For some flowers, the process is easy. For others, not so great. Here is a quick guide in drying certain popular flowers that have been most asked about.

During the Winter and Christmas season, wreaths are a popular item to use as decor in your home and in businesses. One particular wreath made out of boxwood is used commonly, though, its vase life is relatively short. To prolong the shelf life from your boxwood wreath, first, soak your wreath in a sink or tub full of water for several hours. Glycerin (one part glycerin to two parts water) should also be added along with green dye (add enough to your liking). Without the dye, the leaves will turn a golden yellow. Once soaked for a few hours, your wreath can be removed and air dried. Locating glycerin may be difficult. Try contacting a large pharmacy or arts and crafts store that contains floral supplies. Continue reading “How To Dry Flowers”

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Many of our readers and diy brides ask what it’s like to spend a day at the farm where their flowers may have been grown. Well, it varies to say the least. Here’s an inside look at how farms operate and what you might expect when spending a day at one.

Flowers at farm
Flowers At The Farm

First, realize that not all farms are created alike. You have small farms and large farms, farms that grow one flower variety and others that grow many types of flowers, and farms that are located in cold climates and others in warm, tropical environments. Farms are also scattered globally. Some of our fresh cut flowers ship farm direct to you from Thailand, New Zealand, California, Florida, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Netherlands and other exotic locations.

When it comes to growing flowers, many farms opt to grow a certain class of flowers such as orchids, or roses, or succulents, or other types of flowers. This is due in part to the climate. Not all flowers can grow in all environments. Tropical flowers, for example, must be cultivated in warm environments. Exposure to cold weather would kill orchids, anthuriums, and other tropical blooms, for example. Additionally, many farmers find it easier to focus on certain flowers due to the complexity involved with growing certain flowers. Similar to how a physician might specialize, a farmer might decide to isolate his practice to one or a few cultivars. Continue reading “A Day At The Flower Farm”

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Weddings are expensive and in recent times when practically the whole world is affected with recession, everyone is looking for ways to save money. It is no different for brides either; most brides are discovering innovative ways to save money without any compromise on quality. There is nothing that could stop you from getting the wedding of your dreams. You just need to think more creatively and a bit out of the box. Flowers are a major part of any wedding and in this article we will give you some ideas that will be helpful in saving money on your wedding flowers.

6 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

wholesale wedding flowers
Wholesale Wedding Flowers
  1. Using wholesale wedding flowers which are in season and are easily available is a cost effective choice. Even though it seems like an excellent idea to hold a wedding in February, we strongly discourage it because can be really expensive because of high prices of flowers due to Valentine’s Day. Instead, think about holding the wedding ceremony during the holiday season when the Churches would be already adorned with gorgeous flowers! You just need to locate a church with the flowers of your choice.
  2. Before getting in touch with your flower wholesaler, it will be helpful if you have a budget in mind and work out what exactly you need so you can communicate more effectively with your flower wholesaler. That way you cannot be tricked into getting a quotation with all expensive flowers and fillers for your ceremony. They can suggest things that go well with your theme and colors and at the same time are reasonably priced too.

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This year, so many brides are considering buying their wedding flowers and wholesale flowers from online stores as an option to organize the wedding of their dream within a budget. With high prices charged by local floral shops, floral designers and wedding planners, it is rather challenging to find all the flowers required for the reception, the ceremony and the bride and her bridesmaids bouquets at a reasonable prices.
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Whatever event you may be organizing, don’t ever forget that flower arrangements give a classy look. Any corner will gain in importance when it is presided by flowers, even more when they’re fresh cut. The main thing is that the flowers become one with the whole decor. Floral arrangements, centerpieces, or small floral accents will allow you to add a touch of elegance and distinction to your event.

The floral tradition in North America is old and the love for flowers is ancient. Many are the times when you turn to flower arrangements. Wedding arrangements, for church ceremonies, festivals, events, baptisms, communions and anniversaries reaching even corporate meetings and parties. Continue reading “Tips for Floral Arrangements”