Aisle and Chair Floral Decor

Using florals such as fresh cut flowers, branches and foliage to embellish aisle ends and reception chairs is a wonderful idea that is inexpensive, simple and make for a grand statement for such little investment. Continue reading for ideas and tips on creating that perfect look for your wedding or special event.

aisle wedding flowers
Aisle Wedding Flowers

The first question becomes what flowers to use. Generally, tall stemmed flowers , branches and foliage are fitting for the arrangements. Tall, fresh cut calla lilies, for example, are a popular choice and compliment wedding bouquets made out of hand-tied calla lilies. These can be accented with greenery, hypericum berries, and tied with a silk sash to create a lovely arrangement. The good thing about using calla lilies is that they come in many different colors so finding that right shade isn’t difficult at all.

Other tall flowers and foliage that make for excellent aisle decor include snapdragons, liatris, delphinium (both belladonna and hybrid varieties), long stemmed roses, sunflowers, orchids, peonies, irises, curly willow, cherry blossom branches and many more. You might consider decorating aisle ends on the morning of your wedding to preserve the freshness of your flowers.

At the reception, chairs can be tied with ribbons accented with flowers of any size, short or tall. You might consider using chair covers to provide a complimentary color to help set the mood. What’s great about embellishing chairs with floral bouquets is that it quickly sets the tone for the event and is very simple and economical to do.

Ribbons and the right filler flower or greenery is the next consideration. Virtually every ribbon in any color, width and material is available from your local arts and crafts or fabric store. Greenery is also widely available in various sizes and color (ie green or variegated). The good news about green filler is that most of it is harvested year round in plentiful quantities.

Countless setups can be created to highlight aisles and chairs with the simple use of fresh flowers. When choosing reception and ceremony flowers for weddings, think size and color. Then take a look at the numerous flowers offered for the date of your event. Certain flowers like cherry blossoms, for example, are available at certain times of the year so be sure your florals will be in season for your wedding.

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