6 Tips on Saving Money on Wedding Flowers

A wedding can be expensive and these days when virtually the whole world has been affected with the recession, everybody is looking to find ways to save money. It is the same for brides as most of the brides are finding creative ways to save money without compromising on quality. There is nothing which can stop you from getting the wedding according to your wishes. You just have to think a little out of the box and more imaginatively. Flowers are one of the major things in a wedding and in this article you will get some ideas which will help you to save money through wholesale wedding flowers.

wholesale wedding flowers
Wholesale Wedding Flowers

1. Plan to use wedding flowers that are readily available and in season. Although it may seem like a good idea at first, holding a wedding during February can be expensive as flower prices are very high due to Valentine’s Day. Instead, consider holding your wedding during the holiday season when most Churches are already decorated with beautiful flowers! You just have to find a church with wedding flowers of your choice

2. Before talking with your flower wholesaler, it is very helpful to have a budget in mind and figure out what exactly you require so you can be able to explain more effectively. That way they will not write a quotation using all expensive flowers and fillers for you. They can recommend things that go along with your colors and theme but are more cost effective.

3. Another money saving idea is to arrange your own flowers such as bouquets of simple roses tied together with a ribbon. If you are not entirely confident on how to do it, you can find simple guides on the web to arrange flowers on your wedding.

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers

4. If you have your heart set on tall centerpieces but having problems in managing its cost, then consider mixing it up with short centerpieces. Doing this you will get you double the pleasure of the choice of two styles to your wedding and can reduce the costs by skipping high arrangements on each table. Almost any flower can achieve this. Simply, trim the flowers to the desired length as needed. Even tall flowers such as Iris can be trimmed for the sake of using only their blooms.

5. Using the same arrangements more than once will undoubtedly save you money. What this means is that you can use your throw bouquet as a decoration or you can also use these bouquets as central to the head table. Also, you can simply use the floral arrangements that are already in the church for decoration. You may need help from your bridal party in moving the arrangements but many individuals are happy to oblige.


Buy Wedding Flowers

6. Using candles to decorate is relatively inexpensively. For this, it would be best if you can hit some discount stores during holiday sales periods or after Christmas for fabulous prices. Candles certainly look pleasing to the eye and they can really make your flowers widen when used appropriately. The fantastic thing with candles is that almost every color and shape can be purchased, and at relatively low prices. Consider using complementary colors and heights to bring the best out of your floral arrangements. For additional help, look to wedding floral arrangements used with candles for inspiration. Once you’ve found the look you’re needing, its simple and straight forward to create the floral look you’re wanting to achieve.

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