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Anyone and everyone looking forward to making their special day the most memorable should definitely think of decorating the venue with innovative and uncommon flowers. Flowers are the most beautiful décor, and it is a must for weddings. They make weddings look vibrant and beautiful, they add colors and warmth and attract everyone. Weddings are also about clicking a lot of pictures, and flower décors provide the best backgrounds for beautiful pictures to be clicked.

In recent times, the theme of having photo booths which are decorated with flowers is a major part of weddings, and it adds to the mandatory importance of flowers at weddings. Nowadays, everyone is looking for flowers less known, flowers which are uncommon and beautiful. Meanwhile, the flowers ranunculus is doing rounds in the wedding; these come in a diverse variety. There are peach ranunculus, white ranunculus, and white ranunculus flowers. Make your favorite pick!

Let the ranunculus blooms enhance your wedding

These ranunculi are flowers which are found in several colors and sizes. They can be used in a pair, as a bunch or even an individual flower. Continue reading “An Innovative Décor For The Special Day”

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Weddings are beautiful occasions full of bliss. Every wedding is accompanied by a lot of pre-wedding preparations and tons of treasurable memories. Wedding decorations are indeed a tedious task to plan out. However, choosing the right flowers and wedding theme is an exciting process too. So, how does one go about it?
You can pick hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, roses or chrysanthemums to enhance your wedding arrangements, Or, you could instead go for a unique blooming bulb for your special day and pick white anemone flowers instead! Whether it is white anemone flowers or the elegant blue anemone flower blooms, these beauties make up for magnificent wedding decors due to their lovely appearance.

Anemones bring a spring-like feel

Unique flower varieties are usually seasonal in nature. Yes, there are beautiful blooms like roses and lilies which are generally available all the year around. However, a lot of flowers have a season associated with them. For example, mums signify a summer wedding affair while asters are all about the autumn season. Continue reading “A Captivating Wedding Decor With Anemone Flowers”

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Sunflowers are the best choices for spring weddings because of their cheerfulness which complements the season so well. The whole cheer that the seasonal backdrop and the sunflower setting provides adds to the beauty of the wedding day. Their combination gives a glow of positivity that supplements the aura of the occasion with a vibrant feel. Whole Blossoms gives you the platform to execute your ideas and turn your imagination into reality with its wide sunflower collection. It will help fulfill your dream of a bright sunny wedding with its pretty cost-efficient cheap sunflowers.

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The versatility of blossoms
They come in an assortment of colors with available options of dark as well as light centers. Apart from the traditional yellow sunflower, there is also the flaming red color and the chocolate-colored sunflower. Another interesting variety is the bi-colored sunflower with a tint of orange in the inner side of the petals and yellow on the outside with a large dark granular center. They have a good vase life and last long when met with proper care. Continue reading “Let Sunflowers Cheer Up Your Wedding”

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As the day of love comes near, we all are planning the perfect surprise and gift for our loved ones. There are multiple ways in which you can express your love and celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, gifting your partner a beautiful handcrafted Valentine’s Day bouquet is something that is obligatory.

Make your loved one’s day memorable with the perfect Valentine’s day bouquet of their favorite blossoms. Pick the flowers you feel they would love and next, opt for a theme of your choice. Whether you like it monochrome or a tinge of different pastels together, get your loved one the perfect bouquet!

Here, let us see the various bouquet options that we have to celebrate this beautiful day of love with the special one.

A Bouquet Full Of Roses

When we think about love, roses are the first thing that comes to our mind. These versatile flowers give us a lot of options to impress our partners. However, giving your girl a nice bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses is bound to make her feel special and loved. Continue reading “Gift Your Valentine A Bouquet Of Love”