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Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

1> No Advance Planning:

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Bouquets look so elegant when given along with the presents on various occasions, however, there are times when the bouquets available in the market don’t exactly suit our needs or maybe they are just too expensive!

Here we’ll demonstrate for you – How to make a bouquet of flowers in few simple steps… read more to learn more!

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Aren’t flowers absolutely adorable, whether in the garden or in a vase, flowers spread their magic everywhere. Let’s help you figure out, how to make flower arrangements, so that you can also make the arrangements you always desired for!

How To Make Flower Arrangements

How To Make Flower Arrangements: The Basics

  1. Plan The Arrangement:
  • Before trying your hands directly on creating random floral arrangement, you need to first thoroughly plan about what kind of an arrangement you are in need of.
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Wedding..Your big day!! Wedding gives both excitement and stress. If I will talk about excitement then you can understand, so many guests, a new journey, dresses etc. But at the same time weddings are stressful as well for many reasons. Not only you want to invite all of your kooky friends and family to celebrate your big day but also you want to do everything within your budget constraints.

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Making your wedding bouquet is good idea as it will save a lot of money. If you have ever estimated prices of wedding flower and especially of  bridal bouquet you would realize how much cost effective it would be. Buying a bridal bouquet is not only about buying a single it’s about buying a lot of bouquets for different occasion, which can be a huge expense. A single bouquet will cost around hundreds of dollars.

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Hi so you want to cut your roses nice..!! Have you decided why you want to do it? No worries. In this blog I will tell you the entire methods to cut roses so that you can do according to your purpose. There are many reasons for rose cutting. You might want to do for décor or for pruning or to remove dead part to save the entire plant.

Here in this blog I will go ahead with every reason to cut roses along with its method. If you are an absolute beginners do not know anything about gardening or roses then also do not worry about it, I will tell you step by step procedure for every method which you can follow as it is and get your work done.

Let the journey of rose cutting begins:

For Vase decoration:

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Dried rose petals are of great importance. From pot-pourri to confetti for wedding and bridal showers and from card making to organic soaps and candles, dried rose petals are used everywhere. There are various things you can do these dried rose petals.

Now the question is How to dry rose petals? Well, there are many ways to dry these rose. You might have even herd about some the ways. Here, I am going to tell you a list of methods which you can use to dry petals. You can choose one or more methods according to your convenience and availability of material.

List for the number of methods to dry rose petals is provided below. You can go through the complete list and choose accordingly:-

1. Microwave Method:

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Roses..Hmm..It reminds me of romance, beauty, serenity, love. But if you think roses are only used romance for than you are wrong. You can do anything with rose petals. From eating to using it in your skincare products and from sleeping to décor purposes. Roses can be used everywhere, in each and every activity of your life. Let’s Start our journey of what to do with rose petals.

Not only are the fresh roses even the dried one also useful.

Let’s begin with some of the things you can do with rose. I would suggest you to go through it and then decide what you want to do with rose petals.

For skin care purposes

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White is a synonym to beauty, innocence, purity, modesty, humility, appreciation, truthful, clean and open heart. White flowers give soothing effect to the eyes. White flowers are used in every situation from wedding to funeral depending on the types of white flowers. White flowers symbolize peace, spirituality. A list of types of white flower is given below; you can choose one which suits your choice best.

  1. Rosa

Types of White Flower Rosa