Wholesale Peonies Wholesale Peonies are a top seller for brides at Whole Blossoms. Usage depends on theme but fresh peonies are commonly used for weddings in bridal bouquets and focal wedding centerpieces. Peony flowers are some of the bestselling wholesale flowers for weddings and events. A resilient flower, their shape, simplicity and large size add elegance to any wedding decoration or floral arrangement. Continue reading “CARING FOR YOUR PEONIES”

Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns

Created by Enzina Marrari & Whole Blossoms

Fresh flower gown

At Whole Blossoms, we always try to deliver happiness to our clients by giving them phenomenal and breathtaking wedding flowers. We want to be able to provide joy and we are very glad to hear back from our valued customers. Today, I want to share with you the story of an extraordinary customer who is responsible for creating this beautiful wearable art and who is interested in merging fashion design and sculpture to create wearable art pieces. Her name is Enzina Marrari and she incorporates painting, drawing, craft, fiber arts and sculpture into two and three dimensional forms, this provides a different avenue for Marrari to investigate the connections between process and outcome, person and object. She turned to Whole Blossoms to assist her with making this dream come true, because of the convenient way to order wedding flowers. The experience she had with her wholesale flowers was great, she enjoyed the premium quality and the excellent customer service experience. Continue reading “Wearable Arts of Stunning Fresh Flower Gowns”

Wholesale Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms and Mount

Whole Blossoms wants you to understand the meaning of the Cherry Blossoms. The Cherry Blossoms is also known as Sakura by the Japanese. A ritual started during the Nara Period of having a picnic underneath the Cherry Blossom tree. This ritual was only for the Imperial Court but it quickly moved on to the samurai society and eventually everyone was having a picnic underneath the Cherry Blossom trees. It is said that the Cherry Blossom is recognized for extreme beauty and quick death. Many people believed the Japanese warriors that died would reincarnate in the Cherry Blossoms. The Japanese 100 Yen con has a Cherry Blossom on one of its sides. Continue reading “Wholesale Cherry Blossoms”

Samantha’s Wedding

I just lived one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. I said “I do” and now we are headed for a life time together. My wedding dress was spectacular and long. I decided to order online wholesale flowers to decorate the wedding chapel and for all the flower arrangements including the car. I chose to by the Multicolor Rose Cascade Bridal Bouquet. It had Pink, White, Dark Pink & Bicolor Red Yellow Roses, Baby’s Breath and Greens. I ordered six Dark Pink Posy Rose Bridesmaids Bouquets. They were dreamy small rose bouquets and very neat and light to carry. My bridesmaid just looked stunning. My husband, his father, my father, and his groom’s men used Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres. My mother, his mother, our grandmothers, and other special ladies in our life used beautiful fresh cut pink with purple cast wrist corsages. Continue reading “Samantha’s Wedding”

Wedding Cakes With Wholesale Flowers

Adorable Wedding Cake


Wedding Cakes with Wholesale Flowers

I am here to provide you with ideas on how to make the wedding cake just as important as all the other wedding decorations and floral arrangements. The decoration of a wedding cake with flowers depends on the color that you are using for your wedding.

We will start with square cakes. A four layer wedding cake will look beautiful with wholesale Pink LA Hybrid Lilies. Lily Pink Flowers symbolize beauty, charm, happiness, fondness and friendship. In addition you can add wholesale Dyed Blue Bom Dendrobium orchids to the cake. They can hang on each layer of the cake. This exhilarating and exotic Dendrobium is purple and specially dyed with a hint of blue to create the exciting colors. Continue reading “Wedding Cakes With Wholesale Flowers”

Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations

Bi-Color Sunflower Orange and YellowYellow Sunflowers Dark CenterTeddy Bear Sunflower

The Sunflower name derives from its shape. It is also known for capturing the sun. Sunflowers are native to North and South America and symbolize loyalty, best wishes and pride. Sunflowers are beautiful to use in wedding decorations, flower arrangements, anniversaries, holiday, or any occasion. Sunflowers have different varieties; these varieties will brighten up your event and will complete your bridal bouquet. Continue reading “Using Sunflowers For Wedding Decorations”

Valentine Day Wholesale Flowers

Valentines Day Beautiful Red Roses Arrangements On February 14th Saint Valentinus died North of Rome. He was put in prison for marrying soldiers and for preaching to Christians that the Roman Empire persecuted. During the 18th century in England the celebration of Saint Valentine Day began and we still celebrate this important day. Whole Blossoms wants to let our customers know that giving roses has a meaning. You see if you want to say: “I love you” just give one single red rose. The important part here is that the color that you give must be bright red, because if you give dark red it means that you are mourning. Now some think that by giving a dozen roses you are expressing that you really love that special someone, but actually what you are expressing is gratitude. This is a little secret that Whole Blossoms wishes to share with you, when giving 50 roses you are saying that your love is eternal and that you love that person unconditionally. Show your love with a bulk roses or flowers. Now just because it is Valentine’s Day it doesn’t mean that you only have to give roses. Whole Blossoms offers Calla Lilies, red Mini Carnation, Cushion Pom Chrysanthemum, Dark Red Hypericum Berries, Dark Red Oriental Lily, Dark Red Peony, French Red Tulips, Heliconia Dark Red, and many different varieties of flowers. Flowers are great when you are trying to express your love to that special someone. Continue reading “Valentine Day Wholesale Flowers”