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Happy Mother’s Day

January 30th, 2014 by Susan Whitley

red rose white lily flowers delivery 150x150 Happy Mothers Day

In 1908 Anna Jarvis while at Grafton, West Virginia held a special memorial day for her mother, soon after this she began trying to get Mother’s Day to be recognized as a holiday.  She was able to have this day recognized by 1914. Even though Jarvis took all the creative for herself there had been previous attempts to get Mother’s Day adopted as a holiday. In 1870 Julia Ward Howe’s attempted to establish a “Mother’s Day for Peace”. She also did not mention Mothering Sunday which is a Christian holiday celebrated throughout Europe.

Mother’s Day is such a beautiful tie to be able to show your appreciation towards your mother. Yes, you can show your love to your mother all year but this is the day when you buy her favorite wholesale flowers and make it an even a better day.

Whole Blossoms understands how it is important to show all your appreciation not only to your mother, but to your grandmother and all the women in your life that are mothers. I want to mention these wholesale flowers that Whole Blossoms offers and fantastic prices.

We will begin with our immaculate pure love flower arrangements are simply stunning, they are made of red roses, white carnations, white Asiatic lilies, white snapdragons, white alstroemeria, green tinted eryngium fillers, gold tinted ruscus fillers and white poms. The pure love flower arrangements are the perfect way to say thank you to your loved ones, these handmade arrangements are farm direct and made only with premium wholesale flowers!

Give the gorgeous, vibrant Mom’s Caring Love flower arrangement to express your love on Mother’s Day. The bouquet is made from 3 Pink Oriental Lilies, 2 White Oriental Lilies, 3 Pink Spray Roses, 3 White Button Poms, 4 Baby Blue Eucalyptus, 5 Green Israeli Ruscus, 3 White Snapdragons and 4 Million Star Gypsophilia.  This will leave your mother stunned.

If your mother enjoys more the yellow and orange spring looking flowers than the Mom’s Spring Love Floral Arrangement is what she needs. This is made 3 Orange Asiatic Lilies, 6 Premium Yellow Roses, 4 Orange Gerbera Daisies, 3 Green Button Poms, 3 Peach Mini Carnations, 3 Green Leather Leaves, 3 Green Israeli Ruscus, 4 Orange Carnations and 3 Orange Spray Roses.

Now these are just some flower arrangements that Whole Blossoms offers but you can choose your favorite fresh cut flowers among over 2,000 wholesale flower varieties to add sophistication and joy to your most important celebration. Whole Blossoms is here to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have and we are here to make sure that you are satisfied with your wholesale flowers.

mothers day flower delivery 150x150 Happy Mothers Day mothers day flower arrangement 150x150 Happy Mothers Day

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

January 23rd, 2014 by Susan Whitley

Your Wedding Centerpieces are some of the most important wedding flowers since your guests will be sitting next to them during a great part of the reception. Wedding Centerpieces need to express your wedding vision and match all the other wedding decorations. When choosing your wedding centerpieces, take into consideration the room and table size to determine if you need small or large centerpieces and whether you are going to need tall or short vases.

White Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces are gorgeous for table setups and vase work. Available year round, this gorgeous selection comes with 3 white hydrangeas and Star of Bethlehem accentuating flowers. Our wholesale white hydrangea centerpiece flowers can be used for easy customization.

Rose Wedding Centerpieces can be arranged just at the right height for both tall and short arrangements. Rose centerpieces can be made with Red Roses, Hypericum, Lily Grass & Greens.

Yellow mini calla centerpieces are made with Yellow Mini Callas, Green Button Poms, Hypericum and Green leaves. These are great if your wedding color is yellow.

Dark purple mini calla wedding centerpieces are ideal for modern and contemporary weddings. These beautiful centerpieces can be arranged just at the right height for both tall and short arrangements. Our centerpiece flowers are 11 inches tall so you can trim them to fit your vases.

Green Spider Mum Centerpieces can be used at the altar and to be placed all around the church where you are having your wedding. These centerpieces are made from Green Spider Mums, Green & White Callas & Mini Green Hydrangeas. They will look stunning in your wedding decorations.

If you are looking for mini centerpieces you can use the Red Rose Mini Centerpieces. These are made out of Red Roses, Hypericum and Green Leaves. You can spread on the table fresh white rose petals and make your wedding decorations look stunningly beautiful. If you prefer you can use the Orange Gerbera Mini Centerpieces and spread fresh rose petals on the tables.

Whole Blossoms is glad to be able to be a part of your wedding decorations and floral arrangements.


January 23rd, 2014 by Susan Whitley

Fresh floral boutonnieres are traditional wedding flowers given to the members of the wedding party including groomsmen, fathers, grandfathers, the reader, the usher and other significant male guests. Boutonniere wedding flowers retain the same elements of the wedding colors and theme. The Groom’s Boutonniere, being the most important Boutonniere, generally is made to complement the bridal bouquet.

I want to make mention of the boutonnieres that Whole Blossoms offers our clients:

  • White Rose Boutonnieres
  • White Star of Bethlehem Boutonnieres
  • White Rose Wedding Boutonnieres
  • White Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • White Orchid Calla Boutonnieres
  • Pink Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Rose Boutonnieres
  • Lavender Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Green Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Blue Hydrangea Boutonnieres
  • Orange Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Orange Mango Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Bicolor Burgundy Red Yellow Mini Calla Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose Boutonnieres
  • Red Berry Boutonnieres
  • Red Rose & Hypericum Boutonnieres
  • Red Purple Mini Calla Rose Boutonnieres
  • Dark Purple Mini Calla Boutonnieres

I also want to provide you with the proper care and handling for boutonnieres. Make sure you follow these steps and your boutonnieres will be amazing for your wedding:

  • Unpack your boutonnieres as soon as you receive them and place the bottom tips in clean, fresh, filtered water to be hydrated. If bottom tip is covered with ribbon, refrigerate your boutonnieres until they are ready to be used.
  • Make sure that the boutonnieres are kept straight and upright while being hydrated and that the blooms do not touch or rub anything to ensure that their look and freshness remains intact. This will prevent the flowers from getting brown lines or bruises.
  • Use a small glass or container to submerge the end of each flower design to keep them hydrated until the wedding date.
  • Place your boutonniere flowers in a shaded, cool, not humid place out of sunlight until they is ready to be used. Keep boutonniere blooms at a temperature under 60 degrees and over 45 degrees to ensure highest freshness.
  • When storing your pre-arranged flowers, keep them upright in a glass vase filled with filtered water. Please ensure that none of the blooms in the bouquets, corsages, or boutonnieres are left over a surface where some of the blooms hold the arrangements or touch objects. This will ensure that your wedding flowers will look beautiful and will not get damaged.
  • Make sure that your boutonnieres are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Enjoy your boutonnieres and congratulations from Whole Blossoms on your wedding day!


January 23rd, 2014 by Susan Whitley

Whole Blossoms proudly sells only the finest wholesale flowers and wedding flowers to florists, event planners, universities, wedding planners, brides, and individuals. We differentiate ourselves by selling only the very best wholesale flowers at competitive prices and complement those efforts with outstanding customer service. We appreciate the business we receive and are always happy to hear from our customers!

I ordered two types of mini callas and spider mums. They arrived exactly on my due date and were absolutely stunning. Every single flower was perfect. The communication, packaging and customer service were above average. I will use Whole Blossoms for other events and nobody else. Thank you.
Theresa – Silver Creek, Washington
Living in Manhattan makes it difficult for people to be able to deliver what you want. I was so happy with Whole Blossoms because I ordered dyed blue Dendrobium Orchids and they arrived on time and they were amazing at my party. Thanks a bunch for making my day incredible.
Ruth Johnson – Manhattan, New York
I was amazed and how the customer service was with Whole Blossoms. They rushed to place my order and confirmed everything with me. The flowers I order are so so gorgeous. Against all odds I order flowers online and I tell you my wedding was MORE THEN AWESOME! Thank you all Whole Blossoms team, you are the best of the best.
Angelica Schwartz – Louisville, Kentucky
I had never ordered flowers online until this past October for my daughters wedding. We ordered the Picasso mini calla lilies. They were breathtaking. We ordered 200 of them and 40 of the dark night calla. They were still beautiful a week after the wedding. I would recommend Whole Blossoms to anyone who wants to save alot of money and do their own flowers.
Catherine Stevenson – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
I purchased 160 of the Gerberas for a rehearsal dinner. I specified 4 different colors and they were perfect!! I could use every one, no discards!! Shipping was right on time and I couldn’t have had a better experience! I would definitely recommend Whole Blossoms to anyone and have!!! Thank you so much for making “the night before” so beautiful!!
Robin – Millington, Tennessee
We took our chance and ordered peonies from WholeBlossoms. The flowers arrived on time and were so beautiful that we got tons of compliments. And the price was way cheaper than those at SF Wholesale Flower Mart offered. I was totally satisfied with my purchase!!
MH – Mt View, California

These are just a few of the testimonials that we have from our happy and satisfied customers.

Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus

January 21st, 2014 by Susan Whitley

hot pink ranunculus 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus ranunculus white 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus

Some people would not believe that when you use Ranunculus in wedding decorations or even to give them to someone you love it has a meaning. By giving these flowers you are saying that the person is radiant and that you are dazzled by their charm.

Ranunculus flowers are known for their multi-petal blooms that some say resemble a ladies ball gown skirt. An ideal choice for creating wedding bouquets, hot pink ranunculus flowers are an economical choice as DIY flowers for arranging into boutonnieres and mixed flower arrangements. Available in other bright attractive colors, our wholesale ranunculus and other wholesale flowers are priced right to help you save. Buy wholesale ranunculus and other fresh cut flowers and take advantage of free shipping direct from the fields for unparalleled freshness.

The Ranunculus are also known as  Ranunculas, Ranuncul, French or Persian Buttercup. They come in white, pink, hot pink, purple, cream peach, red, peach, orange, yellow, purple burgundy, and chocolate. The approximate vase life for the Ranunculus are 10 to 14 days, depending on care and handling. One of the great things about these flowers is that they are available all year round.  Wholesale Ranunculus flowers reach 10-16 inches in length. While bloom sizes vary from 1-2.25 inches in length, ranunculus harvested during the Spring (March-May) generally maintain slightly larger blooms than at other times of the year. Fresh cut Ranunculus are packed in 10 stem bunches.

Ranunculus are a great wedding flower choice for boutonnieres, corsages, bride bouquets, cake decorations and centerpieces. Wholesale Ranunculus are well combined in centerpieces and bouquets with roses, gerberas, calla lilies and chrysanthemums.

Make sure you carefully unpack your Ranunculus. They will need to be hydrated upon receipt. Place your flowers in warm, filtered water. Carefully remove wilted leaves that might later fall into the water to avoid the prevent the growth of bacteria. Cut one-half to one inch off the end of the flower stem in a 45-degree angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors) to allow water to be better absorbed through the stems.After cutting the stem at an angle, quickly place the flowers in water since it only takes a minute for the stem to dry and seal up.  Keep your ranunculus flowers in a shaded, cool, relatively humid area (if possible under 45F). Avoid placing flowers near heat surfaces or warm environments. Do not keep your flowers in the refrigerator overnight since fruit and vegetable ethylene gas can wilt or kill flowers.

If you follow these instructions on how to take care of your Ranunculus you will have beautiful flowers for your wedding decorations and all your floral arrangements.

cream peach ranunculus flower 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus purple ranunculus flowers 150x150 Enjoy Your Wholesale Ranunculus



January 21st, 2014 by Susan Whitley

pink anemones flower 150x150 Anemonesred anemone 150x150 Anemonesblue anemone flower 150x150 Anemoneswhite anemone flower 150x150 Anemones

Wholesale Anemones are excellent flowers for arranging wedding centerpieces and bouquets. A popular flower among DIY brides, florists and wedding planners, fresh cut anemones are popular as wedding flowers for wedding bouquets due to their large, gorgeous petals and ravishing centers.

One of the amazing things about the Anemone is that according to the Greek the word Anemone means “daughter of the wind”.  According to Greek mythology the goddess Venus sprinkled nectar on the blood of her dead lover Adonis thus creating the Anemone plant. The Anemone also indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken, but not all is sorrow it also means anticipation.There are about 150 different species of Anemones.

The Anemone is not only used for floral decorations but can be used for medicinal purposes.  This beautiful flowers is used for cramps, menstrual problems and emotional distress. Now there is a species of Anemones that is poisonous to humans, but it has been used in medicine.

Whole Blossoms bulk Anemones flowers come in white, purple blue, pink, burgundy, and red shades. While Anemones are seasonal flowers generally available from late December to late June, we offer these gorgeous wholesale flowers during the off-season months.

All flowers need care and handling, so please make sure to follow these steps:

  • Carefully unpack your fresh cut Anemones.  They will need to be hydrated upon arrival.
  • Place your flowers in clean, fresh, warm water (100-110F). Carefully remove leaves, thorns or foliage that fall under the water level (without tearing the stem skin) to avoid the build-up of bacteria. Cut one inch of the end of the flower stem in a 45-degree angle (with a sharp knife NOT scissors) to allow water to be better absorbed through the stems.
  • After cutting the stem at an angle, quickly place the flowers in water since it only takes a minute for the stem to dry and seal up. Anemones are heavy drinkers so check their water level frequently when hydrating and arranging.
  • Keep flowers in a shaded, cool, relatively humid area (if possible under 45F). Avoid placing flowers near heat surfaces or environments.
  • Do not keep your flowers in the refrigerator overnight since many food gases can cause a negative reaction in the flowers.
  • Store Anemones vertically in plenty of water with heads bent toward the light. Do not arrange them with Daffodils unless Daffodils have been treated properly. Keep Anemones in a cool location to prolong vase life. Anemones will open in light and heat so be sure to keep plan appropriately for blooming purposes.

Enjoy your flowers and remember that Whole Blossoms offers you the best prices on wholesale Anemones.

anemone flower 150x150 Anemonesanemone burgundy flower 150x150 Anemoneswhite anemone green center 150x150 Anemoneshot pink anemone flower 150x150 Anemones


January 17th, 2014 by Susan Whitley

Wholesale Hydrangea flowers are highly popular for weddings and used to create hydrangea bridal bouquets and floral centerpieces. Things you should know about Hydrangea:


HYDRANGEAS DIMENSIONS: Whole Blossoms Hydrangeas are 16in-26in long. Head diameter varies depending on the variety desired.

Antique Hydrangeas: 7.5-9.1in Diameter.

Dyed Hydrangeas: 4.3-6.0in Diameter
Elite Hydrangeas:
3.5-5.1in Diameter
Jumbo Hydrangeas: 6.0-9.1in Diameter
Mini Hydrangeas: 3.5-5.1in Diameter
Natural Hydrangeas: 4.7-7.0in Diameter
Super Select Hydrangeas: 5.0-7.5in Diameter

WHEN SHOULD I SCHEDULE THE DELIVERY FOR THIS FLOWER? We recommend scheduling the delivery of Hydrangeas at least 2 days prior to your wedding or event. If your wedding or event is on a Saturday, the best day to schedule delivery of your Hydrangeas is Wednesday or Thursday.

HOW LONG IN ADVANCE SHOULD I ORDER? We recommend that you order your Hydrangeas at least a month before your wedding or event to ensure product and colors availability.

WILL MY FLOWERS BE FRESH SINCE THEY WILL ARRIVE A COUPLE OF DAYS PRIOR TO MY WEDDING OR EVENT? Our Hydrangeas travel with individual water feeding tubes to ensure proper hydration from the moment they are cut to the time you receive them. Whole Blossoms Flowers and Greens come directly from the farms. Your flowers are cut within 24 hours following harvest to ensure freshness. Whole Blossoms flowers and greens are 100% freshness Guaranteed!

Many people that order Hydrangeas get frightened because they don’t know how to take care of them and they feel that the flowers are going to dye and they have wasted their money. Well my friends I am here to tell you the proper care and handling of Hydrangeas. Unpack flowers as soon as you receive them and cut about one inch of the stem at an angle under  water (with a sharp knife NOT scissors). Peel about 2‐3 inches of the stem around (as though peeling a carrot) and make some incisions at the bottom of the stem to further enable hydration. Remove foliage that could fall under water to avoid bacteria to build‐in and place the flowers in clean, fresh, warm, filtered water (100F‐105F). Rehydrate for at least an hour before using and add floral preservative. If the flowers are not going to be displayed immediately, try to keep them in a fresh place preferably (45F‐58F) and at least 80% humidity in fresh water with floral preservative.

Replace water and floral preservative frequently to ensure long vase life. When storing your flowers, make sure that they are not moved from cold to hot or from hot to cold temperatures since drastic temperature changes will burn flowers.

Well now you know a little more about Hydrangeas. Please keep in mind that the wholesale flowers suffer from dehydration and water stress. Keep these flowers in water at all times since they need continuous hydration and enjoy your flowers.

Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

January 17th, 2014 by Susan Whitley

I want to provide you with answers to frequent asked questions that our customers ask, this way you can get to know Whole Blossoms a little more.

Q: If I Want to Purchase Assorted Colors, Can I Select the Colors I Want?
A: Absolutely! There is a Comments box provided during the checkout process that can be used to specify colors you would like in your order. Let us know in your comments that you would like that item to be a different mix.

Q: If My Event Is On a Saturday or Sunday, When Should My Flowers Be Delivered?
A: It is recommended that you schedule delivery of your wholesale flowers to occur a few days prior to your event. For weekend events, we suggest a Wednesday or Thursday delivery. This will provide time to rehydrate your flowers and allow for some blooming as most wholesale flowers are shipped with closed buds.  Please note that while flowers are shipped from farms timely to ensure on-time deliveries, there is a remote possibility that orders may be delayed while in transit due to uncontrollable factors resulting from weather, flight delays, customs inspections, etc.

Q: If I Order My Flowers for Wednesday or Thursday Delivery, Will They Be Fresh for My Event?
A: Absolutely! Our flowers come directly from the farms to you and will be 5-10 days fresher than flowers purchased in local markets, or from online importers/wholesalers who store bulk flowers in coolers in Miami for 2-5 days prior to being shipped to you.

Q: How Long in Advance Can I Order My Flowers?
A: The sooner the better! To ensure availability, we recommend placing your order at least one month in advance. However, you can place regular orders up to 7 days prior to the delivery date and for an additional fee, place Rush Delivery orders by calling our toll Free number: 1-877-WOW-BLOOMS. Rush deliveries can be accommodated in as short as 1-2 days depending on farm location, delivery location and availability.

Q: Do Prices include shipping?
A: Yes. Where indicated, product pricing includes Free Shipping for deliveries made within the continental US. Deliveries made outside the continental US such as Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada are assessed a shipping surcharge.

Q: How Can I Check My Order Status?
You will receive an order confirmation via email immediately after placing your order. Later, 1-2 days prior to your delivery date, your order tracking number(s) will be emailed to you with instructions on how to track your order.

Q: Do I Need to Sign or Be Present for My Flower Delivery?
A: Yes, flower deliveries require a signature. Generally, FedEx will not leave boxes due to risk of theft or outdoor temperature which can prematurely wilt flowers. If you or someone will not be available, we recommend having the flowers delivered to your work, neighbor or local FedEx Kinkos station where an authorized signer will be available.

Q: What Day should I Schedule my Wedding Flowers to Arrive?
We recommend scheduling your delivery date to occur 2-4 days prior to your wedding or event since your wedding flowers will need to be hydrated and conditioned. The additional days will also provide some cushion to mitigate any delays while your order is in transit. Note that while flowers are shipped from the farms to arrive on your chosen date, delays with FedEx, USDA and US Customs may result in receiving your order 1-2 days before/after your intended delivery date.

Q: Can I Change My Order Once the Order Is Already Placed?
A: Yes. If you wish to change something on your order, please call and request changes at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled delivery date.

Why Buy Wholesale Flowers from Whole Blossoms

January 17th, 2014 by Susan Whitley
  • Whole Blossoms, flowers are cut within 24 hours prior to delivery. Thus, your fresh cut flowers will have a longer vase life than those purchased at a local supermarket, local flower wholesaler, or florist.
  • Our flowers travel through cold chain management while in transit from the farm which promotes flower quality and vase life. This also helps to ensure that you receive all your flowers and they do not suffer damage due to drastic changes in temperature.
  • We work with farms that meet high quality and environmental standards within the flower industry. In fact, a significant portion of flowers offered by Whole Blossoms are organic and eco-friendly, having been certified by Veriflora, Rainforest, FlorVerde and other environmental groups.
  • Free shipping on orders delivered within the continental US. Please note that surcharges apply for rush orders, and orders to be shipped outside the continental US.
  • Free advice and floral consultation via email, chat and over the phone, we help you choose your wedding and event flowers.
  • We ensure you receive your flowers! All flowers delivered by Whole Blossoms have a signature request upon delivery to ensure that you have received your flowers and they do not sit unattended by your door.
  • Whole Blossoms works assiduously with a dedicated team of logistic professionals to ensure that you know the status of your order while in transit. We track your orders on your behalf.
  • If you prefer to place your order over the phone our floral representatives will be happy to assist you at no additional cost to you!
  • Do you need a last minute order, your local florist or wholesaler failed to deliver as promised? Whole Blossoms will try to accommodate your order and ensure that you receive the flowers needed. We have your back!
  • If you need a mixed box of flowers, would like a midst of colors for your order or need a flower that is not listed on our website, we will do our best to customize your order to fit your flower needs! Call us for information on customized orders.
  • By registering from, you will be among the first to hear of upcoming specials and receive exclusive offers through our newsletter which are designed to help you save.
  • Whole Blossoms provides you with premium, fresh cut wholesale flowers at prices lower than flowers offered online or in local markets. At Whole Blossoms, you pay less for better quality wholesale flowers. Whole Blossoms is able to offer low prices since bypass the importer, the wholesaler, and the retailer from the floral distribution channel thereby passing on the savings to you.


January 16th, 2014 by Susan Whitley

The love of your life has just proposed and now you will have to begin planning your special day. Whole Blossoms can provide you with different types of flowers and different color of flowers. I will provide you with several options of wholesale flowers that you can use in your wedding decorations and your floral arrangements.

anastasia rose white 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS 

While most colors look their best during certain seasons, white flowers are one of the few wholesale flowers that combine well with other colors and are appropriate for every season. White wedding flowers have been popular since the time of Queen Victoria in the 1800s. White wedding flowers suggest purity, serenity, and endless love. Our white wholesale flowers come in a mix of natural white, white-blush, ivory, and off-white shades to complement and enhance all and every wedding bouquet and flower arrangement.

blue hydrangea dutch 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Blue flowers are only available in a few flower varieties and most of the time true blues can only be achieved by tinting flowers. Blue flowers are an elegant choice and blend harmoniously with white, yellow, orange, red, cream, and different shades of blue.

Football Mums Bronze Flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Bronze Gold flowers are vivid exhilarating wedding flowers. Bronze Gold wedding colors do not come out in flowers naturally so they need to be tinted. Gold wedding colors can be achieved in hydrangeas, eryngium thistle, chrysanthemums, and roses.

chocolate sunflower1 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Burgundy chocolate flowers are some of the most desired wedding flowers due to their unique deep colors and their beauty. Burgundy chocolate flowers blend beautifully with white, red, green, cream, and orange flowers. Burgundy chocolate flowers are highly used as contrasting focal wedding flowers during the summer, fall, and winter.

Hot Pink Gladiolus Flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS


Hot pink flowers will bring a combination of elegance, modern, and trendy spark to your wedding flowers. Whether you choose a contrasting theme such as hot pink and black or a more formal look like hot pink, cream, and light pink for your wedding flowers, hot pink flowers will bring this finishing touch that will make your flower arrangements and your bridal bouquet stand out.

darcey david austin garden rose red flower 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Red flowers are passionate, vibrant, intense, and some of the most powerful flower colors to communicate romance. Red flowers are chosen for wedding flowers year round and continue to be one of the favorite wedding colors symbolizing love. Combine red flowers with green, burgundy, white, cream, and chocolate tones to achieve a natural earthy look.

calla lilies orange papaya flowers 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Orange flowers are characterized by their intense and warm tones. Orange flowers cheerful and uplifting shades make wedding flowers stand out and are usually combined with green, peach, purple and hot pink tones during spring, summer and fall weddings.

craspedia flowers 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Yellow flowers communicate cheerfulness and will bring a splash of sunshine to your wedding flowers. Rich golden yellow flowers contain warm red undertones and clear acid yellows have a distinct greenish tinge that will make your spring, summer and fall wedding flowers shine. Some yellow flower varieties may come with a green tinge that appears in flowers due to weather.

rainbow tulips 150x150 WHOLESALE FLOWERS AND COLORS

Mixed and rainbow flowers are cheerful and colorful wholesale flowers ideal for weddings and other celebrations. Rainbow flowers are available for delivery year round. Wholesale flowers that can be tinted in multicolor include roses and tulips.

These are just a few colors that flowers can come in. We would have to spend pages and pages with all the colors that are available. I hope these colors will assist you with your wedding decorations.