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Popular Wedding Flowers in 2012

December 23rd, 2012 by Karen

A new year is about to begin with the never ending gamut of weddings to take place in the new term. Many brides-to-be begin planning their wedding at least one year in advance which includes considerations surrounding their dress, decor, logistics, and wedding flowers among others, of course. If you have not yet decided what flowers to use for your wedding, we invite you to consider some of our top selling cut flowers from the current year. These flower varieties have been praised year over year by our DIY brides, wedding planners, and florists for their remarkable and beauty and ease in use.

wedding bouquet flowers 200x300 Popular Wedding Flowers in 2012

Popular Wedding Flowers

One of the top favorites, Garden Roses, is known for its old world elegance, with complex petals and full bodied blooms. Admired by countless DIY brides, Garden Roses display delicate and classic petals that unfurl beautifully to create gorgeous centerpieces and wedding bouquets. No other garden flower offers Victorian beauty with its perfume effervescence. The garden rose is a top seller and comes in a wide range of varying shapes and colors suitable for all customers. Classic brides can choose from among multiple shades of off-white, peach, cream, and white colors; modern brides might appreciate hot pinks, greens, purple, and bright yellow shades.

The second option for brides this year is a large, magnificent flower that many brides are familiar with and which is widely cherished: peonies. Highly revered by brides and florists owing to their fluffy, silk petals and full airy blooms, peonies are the epitome of a perfect flower. This tall, robust flower can be used semi-closed or fully bloomed to achieve that fluffy look. Peony flowers, when combined with Garden Roses, will leave you and your guests breathless! You can choose white, pink, hot pink, coral, and other colorful shades to add that unique and sentimental look to wedding bouquet and floral arrangements.

Another top seller for the current year is a trumpet shaped flower, mini calla lilies, adored by many due to their unique look and bright, enchanting colors. Owing to their different lengths and sizes, fresh cut mini callas offer flexibility in creating boutonnieres and corsages, as well as in arranging vase work. The dark purple, chocolate, flame, and bicolor shades are loved by brides for year-round weddings! Mini callas are a classic! It is not hard to find them at almost any wedding with their beautiful shades and classy touch.

Last but not least, hydrangeas have been a bride’s darling because of their small and filling petals that combine together to create one of the largest floral blooms available. Hydrangeas are adored by many because their size fills empty space and gives arrangements that fluffy look many find appealing. Hydrangeas stand out thanks to their natural and gorgeous shades that compliment well with almost any flower! If you are considering arranging mini callas for your wedding, you definitely want to consider using hydrangeas in your floral arrangements as well.

Garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and mini calla lily flowers are some of the more popular wedding flowers observed during the current year. As classics available throughout the year, these lovely varieties retain their outstanding beauty and work well as stand alone flowers or with accentuating blooms. For DIY flower brides, they make perfect options and will continue to enchant guests and bridal parties for many more years and seasons to come.

Wedding Flower Color Trends For 2013

December 12th, 2012 by Karen

bride wedding flowers1 Wedding Flower Color Trends For 2013

Wedding Flower Colors

The New Year comes full with new and renovated trends for your wedding flowers. Make sure you consider all your floral options before making up your mind. Even if you are a classic bride who loves monochromatic themed decor, you will fall in love with the captivating color palettes for 2013. You can go with a classy flower selection and choose vibrant shades, or you can select tropical and joyful flowers and play with a wide range of colors. No matter on which side you stand, vibrant contrasts of bright colors are all in for the upcoming year. They are simply a must!

Do not feel shy if you consider yourself a classy bride. You can still add a vibrant and gorgeous touch of color using classic flowers for weddings such as roses, hydrangeas, garden roses or mini callas. These wedding flowers have always been the top selection for classic and vintage weddings due to their beautiful off-white and creamy shades. However, new varieties are now popular for their bright hot pink, green, orange, and other stunning shades. Almost every color is possible for your wedding flowers thanks to dyes and floral paint that any bride can use to give to her classic flowers a contemporary touch.

For our bold brides, exotic and multi-flower arrangements are a MUST in 2013. Do not be shy of arranging several kinds of flowers as they will add texture and joy to your wedding decor. Bright colored anemones, ranunculus, orchids, and many other flowers are a must if you want to stay out of the traditional monochromatic wedding flowers. Additionally, large bloom-sized flowers will contrast beautifully with smaller sized bud flowers. Try to keep a distance from choosing single color shades and instead opt for elegant and exotic contrasts.

Hot pinks, bright greens, yellows, oranges and purples are an excellent option for 2013. You can pick one of this vibrant colors and combine different classic wedding flowers. You can also choose only one type of flower and benefit from a wide range of contrasting colors. If your flower wholesaler does not have the color you had in mind available, simply order white flowers and tint them as you desire! Don’t be nervous; wedding flowers will not wilt faster when floral paint is applied if they receive proper care and handling.

Whatever you choose to do for your wedding flowers, keep two factors in mind:

  1. Try to order samplers and create small arrangements so you can see how the flowers actually look together. You do not really want to order bulk flowers and try your ideas out two days before your event. Better ideas might jump in as you arrange your sample flowers!
  2. There is no manual or standard protocol for your wedding flowers. You are the bride; you choose what stays and what goes away. Don’t be afraid of celebrating this full-of-joy day with vibrant and unique colors that will definitely leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests’ hearts.