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Silver Wedding Flowers

Silver Wedding Flowers
Silver Flowers are rich exhilarating varieties that typically do not come out in a flower naturally so they need tint. Varieties tinted include hydrangeas, Eryngium, thistle, and roses.

Baby Eucalyptus Wreath
Wholesale Fresh Baby Eucalyptus Wreaths!
As Low as $24.00 each
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Lily Grass Metallic Silver Flower Filler
Great Choice for Wedding Flowers
Buy from $189.99
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Ruscus Metallic Silver Flower Filler
Seeded Safari Peppers Wreath
Fresh Hand Made Wreaths!
Buy from $27.00 each
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Silver Seeded Eucalyptus Flower Filler
Fresh Cut Flower
Buy 8 Bunches from $119.99
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Silver Thistle Dyed Flower
Silver Flowers
Buy Thistle FROM $129.99
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Hypericum Tinted Silver Flower
Silver Berries
Buy 60 Stems from $125.99
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Argentum Silver Tree Leucadendrum
Silver Leucadendron
Buy from $79.99
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Silver White Hydrangea Tinted