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Loose Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium Petals

Loose Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium Petals
5.0 out of 5 with 1 ratings
Loose Dyed Bom Blue Dendrobium Petals are beautifully dyed blue petals that embellish floral arrangements and spruce up weddings, parties, and more.
1. Choose Bloom Quantity:
Price per bloom
50 Blooms
( $6.67 per bloom )
200 Blooms
( $5.21 per bloom )
400 Blooms
( $0.44 per bloom )
What our customers say...
Anina Salerno-AitaAverill Park, New York, written on Dec 11, 2012
The Hydrangeas for Our Wedding Were Absolutely FANTASTIC!!
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