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*The colors in the photos may not reflect exact color of flowers received due to lighting differences when photos were taken
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  • Wholesale Rose Petals are a great for wedding decorations.
  • See 7 different ways to use rose petals at your wedding, in our Flower Blog.
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Pink Rose Petals Freeze Dried

Wedding Flowers
Wholesale Flowers

  • Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers offers Freeze dried pink wholesale rose petals, which are wonderful for weddings and other memorable occasions.

  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable, freeze dried pink petals have recently caught on to popularity for its environmentally friendly benefits.

  • Choose from bulk pink wholesale rose petals or some of the other lovely colors including red, white, lavender and others.

  • Buy wholesale pink rose petals and save with free shipping farm direct to you.

1. Choose Cup Quantity:
  PricePrice per cup
30 Cups/1,200 Petals$109.99             ( $3.67 per cup )
60 Cups/2,400 Petals$138.99             ( $2.32 per cup )
90 Cups/3,600 Petals$177.99             ( $1.98 per cup )
120 Cups/4,800 Petals$319.99             ( $2.67 per cup )
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  • Rose Petal Information

  • Rose Care & Handling

  • Shipping FAQ

Name: Assorted Rose Petals

Colors: Mix of rich colors that may include white, yellow, lavender, hot pink, red, orange, and others

Vase Life: 4-8 days, depending on care and handling

Availability: Available year round

Pack: Approx. 3,000, 7,000 and 15,000 per box

Description: Whole Blossoms Rose petals are fresh rose petals treated to last up to one week as if they were just unplugged from the roses. Whole Blossoms rose petals come ready to be used. Beware of wholesalers who sell petals plucked off the heads of old roses. Rest assured our petals are taken off the heads of fresh cut roses and delivered to you the next day.

How Many Rose Petals Do I Need? One cup of Rose Petals comes with approximately 45-50 petals. Then use:

  • Light Coverage = 1 cup per square foot
  • Medium Coverage = 2 cups per square feet
  • Heavy coverage = 3 cups per square feet Light coverage is defined as lightly spread with petals spread apart by about 1 inch from each other. The ground beneath is 50% covered. Medium coverage is defined as rose petals spaced apart in some instance but touching in other. The ground beneath is 75% covered. Heavy coverage is defined as all rose petals touching one another and overlapping in many instances. The ground beneath is not visible.

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