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*The colors in the photos may not reflect exact color of flowers received due to lighting differences when photos were taken
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  • Novelty Bicolor Gerberas Orange and Yellow Flower has a vast head diameter, reaching anywhere from three to five inches across, as well as a tall, esteemed, durable stem and body; this flower is versatile, and holds with long vase life.
"Wow Gerberas!"
The 60 Gerbera stems arrived today and Wow! I've n...Read More
Jesse M
South Portland, Maine

Bicolor Yellow Orange Gerbera Daisy

Orange Wedding Flowers
Yellow-Orange Gerbera Daisy

  • Whole Blossoms offers a novelty Bi-Color Yelllow Orange Gerbera Daisy.

  • This variety has a combination of yellow and striking orange/red edges that offer a refreshing look to wedding bridal bouquets and floral arrangements.

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480 Stems$589.99             ( $1.23 per stem )
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Name:  Gerberas, Gerbera Daisies, Gerbera Daisy Flower

Colors:  Assorted colors- red, yellow, red, white, pink, hot pink, burgundy, creme, and more

Vase Life:  4-7 days, depending on care and handling

Availability:  Available year round

Length Size:  Gerberas length is approximately 14 to 20 inches

Head Size:  Gerberas head diameter is approximately 3 to 3.5 inches 

Packing:  Please note that Whole Blossoms gerberas coming from South America are packed in bunches of 10 stems with straws and nets. Gerberas coming from domestic farms could be packed in bunches of 5 or 10 stems with cups and sleeves.

Arranging Tips:  Gerbera stems are fragile and can break if not treated gently. If the gerbera heads fall while arranging, use floral wire to connect the stems with the gerbera heads. Gerberas look beautiful when arranged without fillers. However, we recommend mixing gerberas with roses, hypericum, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas since gerberas blend very well with these flowers.

If a chosen color and/or variety is unavailable at the time of shipping, Whole Blossoms will match the color and/or variety as closely as possible. Farm growing conditions, weather conditions, market demand, and other general forces may result in the unavailability of the flowers shown without notice.

While online photos shown are representations of flowers available for sale, actual colors and specifications delivered may vary somewhat since flowers are a product of Mother Nature, different brower types effect the outcome of displayed photos, and computer monitors may show differences in detail, definition, contrast, brightness, and color.

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