Fresh Cut Chrysanthemum Poms

Chrysanthemums are often called Pom Pons or Pom Poms, reminiscent of what cheerleaders use at sporting events. Pom pon flowers are fun and festive flowers perfect for a spring or fall wedding. Choose from our wholesale CDN (cushion, daisy, novelty), Button, Cushion and Daisy Poms for your Wedding Flowers! All of our wholesale chrysanthemum flowers are beautiful and resilient, and come in a mix of vibrant colors and style to accommodate your wedding or special event.

Fresh cut Pom flowers encapsulate cheerfulness and the promise of Spring and Summer! They are excellent to mix with hydrangeas, larkspur, and lilies in vibrant shades for a fun and eye-catching arrangement. In Asian cultures, chrysanthemum flowers are associated with meditation and many correlate Chrysanthemums with cheerfulness, love and truthfulness.

IF I WANT TO PURCHASE ASSORTED COLORS, CAN I SELECT THE COLORS I WANT? Absolutely! There is a Special Instructions box at the end of the last screen before placing your order where you can specify the colors desired.

We recommend ordering your chrysanthemum flowers at least two weeks before your wedding or event to ensure product and colors availability.

 IF MY EVENT IS ON A SATURDAY OR SUNDAY, WHEN SHOULD I ORDER MY FLOWERS? Order your flowers to be delivered the Wednesday or Thursday before your event. There is a remote possibility that orders may be delivered a day after the delivery date scheduled due to bad weather or delays in international flights so it is not recommended to schedule your flowers delivery date for Friday.

 IF I ORDER MY FLOWERS FOR WEDNESDAY OR THURSDAY DELIVERY, WILL THEY BE FRESH FOR MY EVENT? Absolutely! Our wholesale flowers come directly from the farms and they will be 5-10 days fresher than flowers purchased in local markets or ordered from online importers or wholesalers who have facilities in Miami and store flowers in coolers for 2-5 days before they are shipped to you.

FRESHNESS OVERNIGHT Whole Blossoms Flowers and Greens come directly from the farms to you. Our flowers are cut within 24 hours of delivery to ensure that you receive the freshest flowers available in the market.


Pompom - a spray Chrysanthemum that contains several blooms per stem

Button Pompon - a spray Chrysanthemum characterized by short fuzz that covers a medium sized button

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