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*The colors in the photos may not reflect exact color of flowers received due to lighting differences when photos were taken
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Kathy Seater
Molalla, Oregon

White Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

  • White Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces are gorgeous for table setups and vase work.

  • Available year round, this gorgeous selection comes with 3 white hydrangeas and Star of Bethlehem accentuating flowers.

  • Our wholesale white hydrangea centerpiece flowers measure 11 inches tall and can be used for tall and short centerpieces for easy customization. 

  • FREE SHIPPING on your order.

1. Choose Centerpiece Quantity:
  PricePrice per centerpiece
3 Centerpieces$149.99             ( $50.00 per centerpiece )
4 Centerpieces$169.99             ( $42.50 per centerpiece )
5 Centerpieces$189.99             ( $38.00 per centerpiece )
6 Centerpieces$249.99             ( $41.67 per centerpiece )
8 Centerpieces$299.99             ( $37.50 per centerpiece )
10 Centerpieces$359.99             ( $36.00 per centerpiece )
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White Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers Included: White Hydrangeas & Stars of Bethlehem

Diameter: 10.5 inches approximately

Length: 9.8 inches approximately

* Vases not included
* Flower changes for this package available upon request
* Changes in secondary flowers may apply
* If a different color is needed for your flowers, please specify color desired in the "Comments" section when checking out

If a chosen color and/or variety is unavailable at the time of shipping, Whole Blossoms will match the color and/or variety as closely as possible. Farm growing conditions, weather conditions, market demand, and other general forces may result in the unavailability of the flowers shown without notice.

While online photos shown are representations of flowers available for sale, actual colors and specifications delivered may vary somewhat since flowers are a product of Mother Nature, different browser types affect the outcome of displayed photos, and computer monitors may show differences in detail, definition, contrast, brightness, and color.

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