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*The colors in the photos may not reflect exact color of flowers received due to lighting differences when photos were taken
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Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers offers Princess Grace Lavender Wholesale Rose Centerpieces are available year round. Popular for weddings, this variety floral centerpiece comes with 12 lavender wholesale roses and Ruscus filler. Each bridal bouquet centerpiece comes pre-assembled and packed in its own floral grade plastic wrap. In limited instances, Ruscus filler may be substituted with other comparable greenery or foliage. Please order your wedding flowers and wholesale flowers today.

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Princess Grace Lavender Rose Flower Centerpiece

Wedding Flowers
Wholesale Flowers
Whole Blossoms Wholesale Flowers offers Princess Grace Wholesale Flower centerpieces, which include a dozen lavender wholesale roses paired with ruscus filler to create elegant centerpieces for weddings and special events. A fabulous diy wedding flower arrangement, these pre-assembled rose centerpieces are convenient for individuals with little time on their hands. FREE SHIPPING on all wholesale flower centerpieces. Please order your wedding flowers and your wholesale flowers today.
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30 Centerpieces$609.99             ( $20.33 per centerpiece )
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Name: Princess Grace Flowers Collection

Colors: Lavender

Vase Life: 7-10 days, depending on care and handling

Composition: 2 Lavender roses & Israeli Ruscus

Availability: Available all year round

Average Length: 40-60cm/16 to 24 inches

Ideal Vase Selection: Vases are not Included with centerpieces or bouquets. Vase selection depends on how tall you would like your floral arrangements. If you would like tall arrangements, we recommend getting vases 7 to 10 inches tall with an opening of 3.5 to 5 inches wide. If you prefer short arrangements, we recommend getting vases 4 to 6 inches tall with an opening of 4 to 5.5 inches wide. If you want to adjust the width of your centerpieces or bouquets, they can be tighten on top of the stems close to the flower heads. To enhance your centerpieces or bouquets, add crystal beads or lighten beads to the water, sliced lemons or trendy vegetables around the stems will also give your centerpieces a stunning and unforgetable look.

Arranging Tips: Whole Blossoms bouquets are delivered ready to be used and showcased. Whole Blossoms bouquets do not need to be arranged upon arrival since they are designed and arranged at the farms. Our bouquets are individually packed and sleeved to ensure they are protected during shipment. For floral centerpieces, simply cut the stems to fit the vases selected and surmmerge them in water with floral preservative.

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