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Assorted Carnations

Wedding Flowers at Wholesale Prices
DIY Wedding Flowers

  • Whole Blossoms Carnations are amazingly priced!

  • Their name originates from the Greek, meaning, God's flowers.

  • Fresh Cut Carnations symbolize fascination, love, admiration, and memorability.

  • This assorted selection comes to you in a rainbow of beautiful colors to brighten anyone's day.

  • Grower's color choice on this selection.

  • Carnations are one of the most resilient flowers available in the market today.

  • They could last up to a month with proper hydration, care and handling.

  • FREE SHIPPING on all Wholesale Flowers!

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100 Stems$96.99             ( $0.97 per stem )
150 Stems$116.99             ( $0.78 per stem )
200 Stems$117.99             ( $0.59 per stem )
250 Stems$147.99             ( $0.59 per stem )
300 Stems$186.99             ( $0.62 per stem )
350 Stems$182.99             ( $0.52 per stem )
400 Stems$209.99             ( $0.52 per stem )
800 Stems$399.99             ( $0.50 per stem )
1,000 Stems$499.99             ( $0.50 per stem )
1,600 Stems$779.99             ( $0.49 per stem )
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Name: Standard Carnation Flower

Colors: white, pink, yellow, red, green, orange, bicolor

Vase Life: 10-15 days, depending on care and handling

Availability: Available year round

Length and Packing: Standard Carnations measure 17-21 inches long and come in bunches of 25 stems.

Arranging Tips: Carnation flowers can be used alone or complement a wide range of flower including roses, alstroemeria, lilies, dahlias, and gerberas. When combined, carnations are used in wedding centerpieces, bride's bouquets, and floral arrangements.

Carnations are one of the longest lasting flowers available in the market, surviving up to a month with proper hydration, care, and handling. Carnations are sold in large quantities as wedding flowers. Carnation head sizes vary from standard to fancy to select grades. If you are looking for large headsizes, choose select carnations for your event! Standard sized carnations include average sized heads, while fancy represents the second largest bloom.

Carnations symbolize fascination, love, admiration, and memorability. They make a great flower for any occasion, event, or celebration.

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